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Centaurus 8th Oct 2017 11:00

Aviation Safety Digests now available Digital
Just came across this link. At last; Aviation Safety Digests are available in digital form. Thanks to someone special who has done the hard yards to complete this wonderful achievement. Fill your boots:ok::ok:


Checklist Charlie 8th Oct 2017 11:28

What an absolute gold mine.

Thank you to the responsible person/people.


Ixixly 8th Oct 2017 11:46

For anyone wondering, the entire download is 1.65gb, well worth it I think! Thanks heaps Centaurus.

Pinky the pilot 8th Oct 2017 13:09

Duly downloaded and placed in 'storage,' to be viewed at my leisure.

Thanks to whomever was responsible!:ok::ok:

However, I will still continue my quest to locate and purchase the original hard copies, wherever I find them!:ok::D:}

RodH 8th Oct 2017 21:08

Great stuff
Thanks for the link Centaurus. This makes fabulous reading and is a nice break from some of the crap that's on this web site at times.
Perhaps this should be in the Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific forum as it would be very popular amongst the veterans who prowl there.!!:ok::ok::ok::ok::ok::ok:

IFEZ 9th Oct 2017 02:10

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it was a poster called Frontal Lobotomy who managed to put all this together (with help from many other contributors sending missing copies etc).

Anyway, a big thankyou to all involved, your hard work is much appreciated..! :ok:

Centaurus 9th Oct 2017 07:20

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it was a poster called Frontal Lobotomy who managed to put all this together (with help from many other contributors sending missing copies etc).

IFEZ. You are dead right. Username Frontal Lobotomy did the lot and is appreciative of the thanks. More info later.

Biggles78 9th Oct 2017 09:50

Frontal Lobotomy, I wish I could put a bottle in front of you in appreciation of the brilliant job you have done and then shared with us all.

THANK YOU! :ok: (this site is badly missing the :beer: smilie)

These magazines or now called e-zines should be compulsory reading for all pilots especially post solo. Why post solo I can hear the baying mob cry? Because by that stage your brain is now beginning to speed up to keep pace with your now addictive hobby/career path and it is more likely to remember more of the lessons written about in these magazines.

I have no doubt that articles which I read in them helped keep my bag of luck from draining faster than my bag of experience was being trickle filled at.

Pinky the pilot 9th Oct 2017 10:14

Ah yes, of course it was Frontal Lobotomy whose efforts have given us this gift!:ok: What Biggles 78 said.:ok::ok:

FL; Should we ever meet I shall be more than happy to place a bottle of whatever takes your fancy in front of you.....and I won't touch a drop of it!!!:ooh:

Frontal Lobotomy 9th Oct 2017 10:22

Thanks for the positive feedback.

Someone had to do it and I got to read every one of them in the process.:ok:

Hopefully we will soon have a better home for them along with the missing last 15.

Biggles78 and Pinky appreciate the very kind offers.


gerry111 9th Oct 2017 12:44

Most appreciated, F.L. Thank you.

rjtjrt 9th Oct 2017 20:50

Frontal Lobotomy.
Thanks. It must have been a daunting task.
You have really made a lasting contribution to aviation safety.

ventus45 10th Oct 2017 00:33

Bloody brilliant - and bloody well done.


triadic 10th Oct 2017 02:22

I wholeheartedly endorse the comments above. Well done FL.

It is sad that for the final 15 copies approval for copyright from CASA must be obtained and it is sad that the legal folk therein put that in front of the distribution of some of the best safety related articles ever published in this country.

One would have thought (??) that somewhere in the bowls of CASA or other government agencies there would be room to store and publish these priceless publications on the web.:ugh::ugh:

Well done FL, well worth the effort.:ok::ok:


Frontal Lobotomy 10th Oct 2017 03:23


I meant to mention in my last post this would not have happened if the originals were not loaned and in one case given to me.

So :ok: to Centaurus, Capn Bloggs and his mate Harry, Norman Wells,Triadic and a couple of my mates.


DynamicStall 10th Oct 2017 03:26

Incredible. For many years I have read numerous posts on this forum giving huge credit to the old Aviation Safety Digests from years gone by. Being a somewhat younger member of this profession I was unable to ever come across an old copy or was around during its heyday.

I can now see why these publications have been held in high regard for many decades.

Thankyou very much.

Sweet Surrender 11th Oct 2017 00:22

I would just like to add my thanks to all those above.

When I started learning to fly over 40 years (:-( ago, the Safety Digest was always devoured from cover to cover. Once I had an engine failure and had to carry out a forced landing. All the way down I was remembering an article about trying to stretch the glide and stalling the aircraft. I maintained my speed all the way down and walked away from it. The article may or may not have saved me but I am definitely better off for having read those articles.
Thanks again FL.

jonkster 11th Oct 2017 03:18

Those magazines were gold and still have great relevance today.

I am wondering - what is the story about copyright etc? Reason I ask is I wonder if it might be possible to set up a web site that can provide easy (and ongoing) access to all the articles - they are such a great resource.

I would envisage a free site with some search facilities. It would be solely as a public service not to make money and to hopefully make the information available widely, easily and in a permanently ongoing way.

I would be happy to assist in setting that up if the material is not restricted by reproduction rights, not stepping on anyone's toes and if people see it as worthwhile.

Flying Binghi 12th Oct 2017 01:10

Originally Posted by Frontal Lobotomy (Post 9921369)
...After making enquiries last year to Trove,...

I'm surprised Trove didn't run with the project. I would have thought it were entirely under their remit..:confused:

Home - Trove


Frontal Lobotomy 12th Oct 2017 08:50

Yes Binghi. It was not on their list last November.

Looks like the full collection is headed for https://www.canberra.edu.au/research...ctingthenation

The temporary link will remain until this is confirmed.

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