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50 50 8th Mar 2016 15:33

Aerial Patrol on the rocks?
Widely reported today that the Aerial Patrol has run into a crisis with both staff and funding. Grounded until further notice due to the resignation of their chief pilot, and funding frozen by the main benefactor. The replacement of the board and GM can only be a positive for the dedicated staff that have been shortchanged throughout the years, I hope the young crew can find employment sooner rather than later.

The tight lipped interviews and press releases indicate more drama to come.

I will watch with interest the machinations of the greasy Greek. I'm not exactly sympathetic. HM owes me thousands and Wazza fired me when I asked for the money. Boo bloody hoo.

aviationissocool 8th Mar 2016 21:35

South Coast aerial shark patrol in strife | Illawarra Mercury

Horatio Leafblower 8th Mar 2016 22:24

The word I have received from within is that the media reports are somewhat sensationalised and over-stated. Replace the CFI/CP and all will be well.

....which I offer at face value.

Checklist Charlie 8th Mar 2016 23:47

I wonder if any prospective CFI/CP will also be able to write the job description that only their particular approvals/authorisations/delegations can satisfy to the exclusion of others.


50 50 9th Mar 2016 01:34

Who would be mad enough to join a business that has had its accounts frozen?

The departure of a senior staff member last year came with the release of a long and very detailed account of the internal conflict between Harry and Wazza, and raised plenty of questions as to where the money actually was. All answered with "No comment". It's a house of cards that was bound to fall over eventually.

If Wazza had planned his departure for the end of the month surley there was someone lined up for the job. Bringing the date forward 2 weeks shouldn't be the end of the world.

dhavillandpilot 9th Mar 2016 03:19

Didn't they sell their chieftain recently. Surely the cash from that even to retire debt would have been positive for their business.

WG has been going to retire for sometime, is there a fishing line in the back of his car?????

All the dealings I've had with HM have been reasonable and business like, so what's your problem 50/50.

Like all small GA business it's tough out there and the Aerial Patrol are no different.

zanthrus 9th Mar 2016 03:31

Advertising for CFI/CP yet again. 3rd time in 6 months.
From AFAP site today:

NSW Air conducts operations under an AOC for Flight Training. Chmier and Aerial Work.

The fleet includes basic trainers; C 152, Cl72; intermediate trainers; IFR Warrior 11 , Piper Arrow; and multi-engine aircraft, including Beech Duchess, Partenavia and Piper Twin Comanche.

Our priority is to employ a Chief Flying Instructor and if possible a Chief Pilot. The skills we seek are:

Grade 1 Flight instructor, Multi Engine Instrument Rating and a Multi Engine Training Approval.
50 hours Multi Engine training experience.
250 hours commercial/charter operations - other than flying training.
200 hours Instructional experience as a Grade 1 Instructor.
Preference will be given to applicants having the following experience:

250 hours Instrument rating training experience.
2000 hours total aeronautical experience.
500 hours instructional experience as a Grade 1 Instructor.
250 hours instructor training experience.
Applicants should apply with full details to: Harry Mitchell
[email protected]

50 50 9th Mar 2016 07:46

What's my problem? Did you not read my post? It's fairly clear, Harry owes me money. Won't pay. Not happy. I can't dumb it down any further.

You've never had a problem? Good for you, what does that have to do with anyone else?

Aussie Bob 9th Mar 2016 08:37

Advertising for CFI/CP yet again. 3rd time in 6 months.
I wonder what sort of remuneration I could expect? IMHO it is a job that should pay 150K but I am guessing that is optimistic.

BTW I have no knowledge of this business and don't mean anything derogatory.

Horatio Leafblower 9th Mar 2016 10:10

Aussie Bob,

many would argue that a CP/CFI would be sufficiently "management" to not have the award apply to the position - however - the minimum AWARD salary for the CFI/CP they seek is about $69k incl super, plus about $2k in allowances.

Not much eh?

aviationissocool 15th Mar 2016 02:17

Still grounded or has CP/CFI been found?

red_dirt 29th Mar 2016 08:42

Well mr WG I hope you'll enjoy your retirement.

Cant do any more damage now

Ejector 29th Mar 2016 23:03

"the salary for the CFI/CP they seek is about $69k incl super, plus about $2k in allowances."
Pilots are the only breed of people I see boasting of wages that include Super and meal allowances.

Horatio Leafblower 30th Mar 2016 05:56


I know what you mean but my intention was to make the size of the TOTAL minimum award package crystal clear.

If I had posted just one number then nothing surer, people would ask if it included X, Y, or Z.

Reality is that the majority of pilots in this forum are paid, or have in the past been paid, in accordance with the pilot's award in some form or another. These are the terms they think in when it comes to salaries.

Coal miners and the like also talk about their salaries in terms of hourly rates, production bonuses, travel allowances, overnight allowances, etc.

I don't see anyone boasting about the figure above, considering that it is (rightly or wrongly) the minimum legal amount payable for the stipulated duties under Australian law.

Aussie Bob 30th Mar 2016 10:30

Not much eh?
Nope Leafie, not that much at all. A very sad reflection on our industry. Thanks for posting, but no thanks for the job, the salary is simply not enough even if the flying and lifestyle are tops. As for having to deal with casa as a CP, doubling the wage simply wouldn't be enough.

Wunwing 10th Apr 2016 23:55

The patrol Cessna has been doing runs south of Albion Park for the last few days so are they back in "business"


Cessna Jockey 11th Apr 2016 10:15

The Illawarra’s iconic red and yellow shark-spotting planes were back in the sky on Saturday following a brief hiatus caused by internal turbulence.
The Australian Aerial Patrol (AAP) was grounded last month after the resignation of its chief pilot left the service without the operating licence required by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

The Mercury can reveal a new chief pilot has been appointed and patrols over the region’s beaches were able to resume on Saturday morning.

“We got CASA’s authorisation late yesterday afternoon [Friday],” general manager Harry Mitchell said.

After about a month out of action, the planes will be a feature of the sky over the region’s coastline on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays until April 25.

Mr Mitchell said CASA had “bent over backwards” to prioritise the two-day chief pilot assessment because the regulatory body was aware of “the community angst down here”.

“We’ve worked very hard to get the aerial patrol planes back up,” he said.
“Our commitment to the community is paramount.”
Mr Mitchell described the aerial patrol’s hiatus as a “small interruption”, adding the service had conducted more patrols during the summer 2015/16 season than any previous year.

The chief pilot is yet to undergo a chief flying instructor assessment, but Mr Mitchell said that was expected to take place “in the next couple of weeks”.

The AAP’s descent into an uncertain future began when the organisation’s bank accounts were frozen on March 4.

Two days later, then chief pilot Warren Gengos brought forward his retirement, offering just five hours notice of his resignation.

The bank accounts were reactivated within days and the funds shifted to another bank.

Late last month, Bendigo Bank – the patrol’s then naming rights sponsor – ended its sponsorship deal, which had spanned more than a decade.
The Mercury understands a new sponsorship deal could be announced as early as next week.
SOURCE: Aerial patrol flies again | Illawarra Mercury

Thank god the beaches are safe once again.......for a 2 minute flyby with Dad's Army (provided they're wearing their glasses). A month out of action will really put a dent in their inflated shark sighting figures.

In 2013, 2,209 people died from skin cancer in Australia, 1,617 from melanoma and 592 deaths from non-melanoma skin cancers.
- Skin cancer - Cancer Council Australia

In 2013, 2 people died from shark attacks in Australia
- https://taronga.org.au/conservation/...ralian-shark-0


Horatio Leafblower 11th Apr 2016 10:52

In 2013, 2 people died from shark attacks in Australia
...the patrols are obviously highly effective then! :E

50 50 11th Apr 2016 13:39

The Aerial Patrol conducted more flight in 2015/16 in response to being outed by their former marketing manager in a blanket email, revealing that a mere $14,000 was spent on patrols in the 2013/14 season. Given that Harry publicly claims it costs $500,000 a year to run the service it does not seem like value for money.
I wonder where the $18,000 donated by MP's Gareth Ward and Anna Watson, to repaint the hanger, ended up, because the hanger is still the same poo green colour.


Tinstaafl 12th Apr 2016 06:01

I still remember the stickers that appeared all over BAe/Ansett's Tamworth college when a course finished:

What do you call a man with a rabbit up his arse?

<name of the course responsible>

(I was given one by one of the course members. It's followed me around the world and lives on my fridge here in Orlando, FL)

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