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approachchecks 22nd Apr 2015 08:09

Class 1 Medical - auckland area
G'day guys and girls,

Anyone out there who can recommend a medical centre or doctor that can renew an expired class 1 medical?
Hopefully a doc with some personality and easy going?

Thanks to you all.


c100driver 22nd Apr 2015 08:43

Dave Powell based at Ardmore is your best bet. Pilot, aircraft owner, nice guy. Knows what is like to lose a pilots licence.

approachchecks 22nd Apr 2015 09:05

C100 driver - Cheers for that
Top man c100 driver. You don't have contact details or where is situated?:ok:

Cheers again.

sgenie 22nd Apr 2015 09:19

I use Remuera Doctors, Dr. Batt - Parnell Medical Centre, 82B Gladstone Road

In general, you can check this: Medical Examiners Directory - New Zealand

They are all pretty much the same

c100driver 22nd Apr 2015 19:38

Dave contact details are the top of the list on the CAA website. Link as per above.

No parking or traffic issues at Ardmore.

wantobe 23rd Apr 2015 00:03

Take this with a pinch of salt. But I have HEARD dave is on the expensive side.
Of course if thats not a problem for you. Then sweet :ok:

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