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Cloud Basher 2nd Apr 2015 07:01

Aircraft down near Camden, Nattai NP
Just caught then of of a news flash. Aircraft down near Camden in Nattai NP. Aircraft ditched in the river, both pilot and pax ok and winched to safety by Air Ambulance Rescue Chopper.

Couldn't see what type the aircraft was other than high winged.

Glad all are ok.


Hydromet 2nd Apr 2015 07:04

News report as above, with a/c in the water.

Cloud Basher 2nd Apr 2015 07:06

They just interviewed the pilot.

"Complete engine failure at 3500ft, aimed for the swamp and put it down in the trees/river."


drunk_pilot 2nd Apr 2015 07:18

Another bloody Jab!

tipsy2 2nd Apr 2015 07:37

Another bloody Jab!
Not according to the ABC newsite, they reckon it's a "Jamaroo"


Captain Sand Dune 2nd Apr 2015 07:53

Naaah....all light aircraft are Cessnas, dontcha know:E

Squawk7700 2nd Apr 2015 08:22


Ultralights 2nd Apr 2015 08:28

its a Jab.



If your going over tiger country, dont do it in a Jabiru, if your going to have an engine failure over tiger country, do it in a Jabiru.

Squawk7700 2nd Apr 2015 08:31

Jabiru J160D. Not good news for Jabiru. I hope the passenger had signed the waiver!

An absolute testament to the strength and crash worthiness of the Jabiru.

spinex 2nd Apr 2015 08:48

No Cookies | dailytelegraph.com.au

Bugger, I see for once someone has been doing their homework, para at end about CASA's restrictions on Jabs and why.:hmm:

sms777 2nd Apr 2015 10:44

Poor Jabirus. It's about time for a PT6 upgrade. Unless it was just a simple case of too much air in the fuel tank?

Alloverit 2nd Apr 2015 10:57

Wonder if it's " another raa" wonder if it's another jab ?? Just wondering ,,,,,,

Mimpe 2nd Apr 2015 11:24

Ultralights...thats very witty...! I'll remember that one.

kaz3g 2nd Apr 2015 13:22

Couple of small repairs...good as new!


Walking Ballast 3rd Apr 2015 04:26

Bit of polish, that'll buff out.......

Ultralights 3rd Apr 2015 04:53

A rotax 912, in a J120 airframe, would possibly be the safest aircraft in the skies..
As much as their engines are given a lot of bad press, the same cant be said for their airframes, almost indestructible.

The name is Porter 3rd Apr 2015 05:06

Are there any Jabs with Rotax in them?? I'd love to have a crack in one if there is.

Ultralights 3rd Apr 2015 05:15

there are a few, but all homebuilt. with the new regs regarding mods to homebuilts and factory RAAus aircraft, you might see a few factory built rego Jabs no undergoing a few mods to change engine type.

The name is Porter 3rd Apr 2015 05:24

A Jab with a Rotax seems to be a no brainer. I'm amazed at how robust the airframes of these things are :ok:

zanthrus 5th Apr 2015 06:40

Not so robust going by the pictures above. It looks pretty faarrkked to me.

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