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fencehopper 25th Mar 2015 11:08

JetStar carry on baggage
I was reading on social media site were a passenger had a bad experience with J* coming back from Ballina. They where weighing all pax bags on check in and this pax bag was just within the new limit. She was then asked to place her purse on the carry on bag and the two were weighed together and came half a kilo over the limit. She was charged for one kilo extra. No halvies apparently.
So while back i read that j* reduced the weight of carry on bags from 10 to 8 KG and said it was because of limited room in the overhead bins. So how does reducing weight improve the amount of room available in the bins? Seems they should stop telling porkies and just say it is a fuel saving exercise. Train looks better mode of transport more and more these days.
Modern air travel is the most constrained form of transport since slave ships!

Captain Nomad 25th Mar 2015 11:52

About time they got serious about the ridiculous amount of carry-on baggage that people drag along.

A lower limit is only a problem if you're trying to be cheap and not purchase check-in bags. :hmm:

Di_Vosh 25th Mar 2015 12:04

Is there a point to this thread?

I read the same thing (I think) on FB the other day.

So what? She had to pay another $22.00 or so on what would probably have been a sub-$100.00 one way trip. Ballina to Melbourne, IIRC. Still pretty cheap and still probably cheaper than the taxi fare to anywhere south of the ML CBD. (Assuming I've got MEL as the correct destination :})

J* do this kind of thing regularly at ML. A flight will be selected and they will check the weight of all the carry on bags. Some flights give J* around $3000.00 in extra revenue, which isn't too bad considering that there are only around 180 pax on board.

Modern air travel is the most constrained form of transport since slave ships!
Please! These kind of constraints come about due to the public desire to pay an unreasonably low cost to get from A to B. This gives airline incentives to find out ways and means of making an unsustainable "base fare" to become cost effective. This gives rise to the "Plus Plus" costs of things such as paying surcharges for pretty much anything, and introducing ridiculously low check and carry on bag limits in order to gain some revenue from people carrying what would normally be considered to be typical bag weights for a holiday.

If you're wondering why the add on costs are so sneaky and pervasive, look in a mirror.


fencehopper 25th Mar 2015 12:10

10 was acceptable but dropping it to 8 is just being a scrooge. If you come in from overseas with just a carry on at their acceptable 10 you get screwed over by jet star trying to finish your journey. if it happened to me i'd hold the check in line up while i unpacked my bag and put on ten t shirts and 3 pairs of jeans to get the weight down. then i'd go warn every one else in the queue and tell them to go slow getting to there seats.
BTW i weigh in at 56kg were is my 34kg of credit?

Oktas8 25th Mar 2015 12:26

Fence hopper - their T's & C's are on the booking website. If you don't like it, don't book with them. Simples.

With legacy carriers, you pay for safe + convenient travel.

With loco carriers, you pay for safe travel only.

Everyone gets what they pay for.

ForkTailedDrKiller 25th Mar 2015 12:35

You get what you pay for in this world - and in the case of J*, that ain't much!

Not my first or second choice of airline - and wouldn't be my third choice either if there was an alternative (fortunately the PussyCat doesn't fly anywhere I want to go).

Dr :8

cowl flaps 25th Mar 2015 13:04

Correct me if I'm wrong,- but the physical dimensions of the luggage didn't change, - just the maximum it could weigh.

Policing the physical size of the carry-on would be more pleasing to me than it being a few hundred grams overweight.
It's so annoying queueing at the boarding pass check and seeing punters with blatantly larger bags and also more than the allowed number of pieces. That is the real piss off.
Wouldn't save them much kero, but would more align with their locker space porkie pies.

gerry111 25th Mar 2015 15:43

The handsome and pretty young people flying J* to Ballina for a Byron Bay holiday will soon work it all out.
Just like some of us old grumpies out there did many years ago.
You only get at best, what you pay for. And that's only if you are lucky. :)

IFEZ 25th Mar 2015 23:01

You get plenty of opportunity to take up the 'checked baggage' option when booking tickets. There's always some who try to push the limits and get away with saving a few $. I'm glad they've cracked down on it. It was getting ridiculous the size & amount of items people were trying to bring on board. Agree that they need to concentrate on physical dimensions of bags too. It really p**s me off when you get to your seat only to find the overhead locker filled up already :ugh:.
As for the weight issue, well it does seem unfair to be pinging a 70kg person for an extra 1kg when the fat bloke next to them weighs 70kg more and is effectively an extra person!! How you solve that problem without copping howls of protest from various groups about discrimination and being 'fatist' is beyond me.

NIK320 25th Mar 2015 23:03

Why is it always Jetstar that gets slammed for cabin baggage limits?
They have the largest limit of all the domestic carriers in Australia (Even after the change) yet get called scrooge.

Squawk7700 25th Mar 2015 23:04

Jetblast, seriously.

morno 25th Mar 2015 23:17

Originally Posted by NIK320 (Post 8917140)
Why is it always Jetstar that gets slammed for cabin baggage limits?
They have the largest limit of all the domestic carriers in Australia (Even after the change) yet get called scrooge.

I think you'd find until Tiger changed theirs the other day down to 7kgs, Jetstar did not have the largest limit. Now they are the same.


Lookleft 26th Mar 2015 00:02

The problem was one of the airlines own making. They wanted to screw the passenger by charging them to check bags in, then they found that people would just carry it onboard so the passengers were screwing with the airlines OTP. Now its back to the airline by screwing the passenger again by charging them for excess weight with the carry on bags. Weight is much easier to measure than the size of a bag if you are looking for the logic. When you have 220 pax coming back from the Goldie or even just SYD-MEL it was creating all sorts of problem with the amount of carry on baggage and where to stow it. At least the travelling public is learning and there are no longer any calls from the cabin "can we get ground staff to put this bag underneath".

Squawk7700 26th Mar 2015 00:08

The US have it sorted, they just throw the oversized ones or second bags down chute at the boarding gate. No extra charges when that happens. Sure you have to pick it up at the carousel, however it doesn't cost you.

Lookleft 26th Mar 2015 01:29

just throw the oversized ones or second bags down chute at the boarding gate.
Qantas has that too but we are not talking legacy carrier here.

Andy_RR 26th Mar 2015 02:56

Until they ask each passenger to step on the scales as well, this kg penny pinching is going too far, IMO.

Qantas/Jestar have lost my business to Virgin on two occasions recently despite being a longstanding QFF member mostly due to their misleading pricing policy on their website.

Qantas advertising their cheapest fare as $x and then hand-balling it on to Jestar for them to add all their extra fees to the headline price does not make me feel happy about using them.

IFEZ 26th Mar 2015 08:23

Ditto. Flew Virgin recently MML-BHM-MML and couldn't fault them. Nice new A/C, seats still had that nice new leather smell happening. Only downside was the obvious change in cabin crew recruitment policy where the normal bevvy of beauties were outnumbered by male counterparts. Not being sexist, but there was something to be said for RB's original policy..! :E

Kulwin Park 26th Mar 2015 14:01

Virgin are weighing carry-on baggage in Perth now I see, when you check-in.

Metro man 26th Mar 2015 22:46

Perhaps it's not such a smart move as it will push the cost of a ticket closer to that of a full service airline for those with luggage. A restricted economy ticket on a regular airline can work out cheaper if you can't get a promotional fare with a low cost airline, especially if baggage is involved.

fencehopper 27th Mar 2015 09:43

Oh and don't forget to add the service charge for CC when booking online.

Wallsofchina 28th Mar 2015 08:30

The Credit Card loading and an extra $22.00 could be a real holiday killer for some people, but if you wanted to travel at 7 a.m. next Monday morning from Brisbane to Melbourne, it would cost you $115.00 on Jetstar.

Qantas Red e deal would cost you $236 - an extra $121.00
Qantas Flexi would cost you $435.00 - an extra $320.00 or 178% more
Qantas Business Class would cost you $959.00 - an extra $844.00

Slippery_Pete 28th Mar 2015 09:01

You get what you pay for.

Pay peanuts, get monkeys.

Buy cheap, buy twice.

Any others people wish to add?

Read the terms and conditions and suck it up.

Probably bought a $49 Jetstar sale fare (plus a $25 booking fee, plus a $25 credit card fee) to avoid buying a $99 VA or QF fare. Stupid b*%#+.

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