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Wallsofchina 28th Mar 2015 07:30

The Credit Card loading and an extra $22.00 could be a real holiday killer for some people, but if you wanted to travel at 7 a.m. next Monday morning from Brisbane to Melbourne, it would cost you $115.00 on Jetstar.

Qantas Red e deal would cost you $236 - an extra $121.00
Qantas Flexi would cost you $435.00 - an extra $320.00 or 178% more
Qantas Business Class would cost you $959.00 - an extra $844.00

Slippery_Pete 28th Mar 2015 08:01

You get what you pay for.

Pay peanuts, get monkeys.

Buy cheap, buy twice.

Any others people wish to add?

Read the terms and conditions and suck it up.

Probably bought a $49 Jetstar sale fare (plus a $25 booking fee, plus a $25 credit card fee) to avoid buying a $99 VA or QF fare. Stupid b*%#+.

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