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Brainy 4th Nov 2014 06:59

Director of AvMed announces resignation
From an AvMed mail out today, Dr Navathe has announced his resignation.

Changing of the Guard

I have decided that it is time that AvMed is led by a different leader. As we get a new Director, it seems appropriate that we renew this area of CASA as well. Accordingly I will be moving on from CASA in the new year. More details about the arrangements of CASA AvMed are being finalised and I will provide more details in the next newsletter.



Not sure what this all means for the crusade against the colour vision impaired like me, but one is feeling suddenly slightly optimistic... Perhaps the green light that Pooshan thought he had to run roughshod over us all has abruptly turned out to be a red one after all.

Chadzat 4th Nov 2014 07:12

About time! Good riddance!

thorn bird 4th Nov 2014 07:40

Don't bang the door on your way out.


Tidbinbilla 4th Nov 2014 08:12

This has to be the best industry news in quite some time.

kaz3g 4th Nov 2014 08:25

Oh good. I have to renew my medical in a few weeks and the discussions above were starting to worry me.


BPA 4th Nov 2014 08:26

Can he take most of the FOI's with him.

Capt Fathom 4th Nov 2014 08:56

Can we get Rob Liddell back?

This has probably been posted before....

Just so frustrating to have to suffer a regulator that is so out of touch with reality! Here's hoping.

Aussie Bob 4th Nov 2014 09:01

Perhaps he will get a job where he actually has to see his patients in person.

Let's hope he is replaced by someone better. A nurse perhaps?

Here we have had a doctor who won't see or talk to his patients but will overrule the opinions of doctors who do.

Good riddance.

alidad 4th Nov 2014 09:02

He might come back to haunt us from an Optus call centre.......:D

gerry111 4th Nov 2014 09:16


Or perhaps from 'The technical department of Telstra'? ;)

Angle of Attack 4th Nov 2014 09:39

First time I have heard any good news out of CASA for about......30 years?

Manubada 4th Nov 2014 09:46

Well overdue departure...........
No need to re apply.................can l help you pack your bags...........careful the door don't slap you on the a*s on the way out....................................


Keg 4th Nov 2014 09:46

Hmmm. I wonder if Ion Morrison is available? He was an awesome doc when in charge of the Medical Branch at Qantas.

Soteria 4th Nov 2014 09:58

More blood needs to be spilled
Good riddance Poohshan. You obviously and finally received a giant sized pineapple surgically implanted in your rectum :ok::ok:
Now, may I kindly, and selfishly, ask that those who supported Poohshan's abhorrent decision to inflict untold and unethical damage on our pilot industry - the other two members of the DAS trio, Ferret-a-day, LSD and others also be given their marching orders. The farcical CVD issue was a huge decision and unleashed on industry after many internal high ranking executives jointly agreed to the decision. The pineappling of Poohshan should be just the starting point in this issue. More blood should yet be spilled.

I am guessing there was some really sound financial litigation heading towards the Miniscules lap, it's the only time these pathetic Government parasites act is when they are going to be relieved of some serious money.

C206driver 4th Nov 2014 10:33

Let us all take a moment........ to rejoice!
Good bye & good riddance PN you arrogant, dispicable associate whatever it was you claim to be.

From the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of all other pilots you grounded to satisfy your own ego, may you choke on your cornflakes in peace.

Ladies and Gents who could be next???

Clare Prop 4th Nov 2014 11:06

My letter about CVD, which I thought stood for Cardiovascular Disease, went straight in the bin. Good riddance.

Ex FSO GRIFFO 4th Nov 2014 14:05

I wonder IF we will ever get back to the situation where the 'Designated' APPROVED Medical Examiner - Doctor - will be able to submit his opinion that we, the great unwashed, are actually 'fit to fly'...????

And 'We' are issued with the medical certificate, unhindered...???

"To dream or not to dream, that is the question......"
(Apols to Young Bill....)


outofwhack 4th Nov 2014 14:54

Best news I've heard in ages! Let's hope Fereday and Joe Rule are next!

windforce 4th Nov 2014 16:20

something tells me he's been pushed to go... and i wonder if this latest CVD court case was THE nail in the coffin for him.


Anomaly0 4th Nov 2014 18:23

This is great! I hope people the world over see what's happening here. CVDPA - money well spent!

(I have to take my FAA Light Gun, Operational Color Test / Medical Flight Test in the coming months to get my Waiver.. Hope I pass this "color naming test" which has nothing to do with flying.. but at least it's not the CAD.)

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