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mcoates 27th Oct 2014 19:23

HOAX ?? Plane crash Sunshine Coast 3 lost ?
Listening to live ATC tonight from Europe and there was a terrible loss of a plane with 3 POB.

Really strange calls from the pilot sounded like super drunk or stressed slow, slow calls, really labored voice.

Structural damage to plane from 'hitting a foreign object' VH-TLV call sign.

ATC did a good job under real stress. You can download the audio from the internet, its just terrible...

Pilot trying to talk himself up, 4,000 hours local area, former military pilot etc.. He goes into absolute overload, cant work out simple tasks or calculations as stress shuts him down.

Ask ATC to tell his wife he loves them etc...

Fire warning, hydraulic loss, dutch rolling, sets off fire extinguishers, cant see panel through smoke, then calls 900 feet, opens windows, all quiet, crying, cant see, cant see, all quiet again.... Calls "were gone" about 6 times, then its all over.

flywatcher 27th Oct 2014 19:59

TLV given as c185 ex Wynyard, Tasmania, no hydraulics, no fire warning equipment ????

mcoates 27th Oct 2014 20:18

Dont shoot the messenger.....

wishiwasupthere 27th Oct 2014 20:22

Dont shoot the messenger.....
So where's the link to these ATC recordings?

There's nothing on any of the news websites.

mcoates 27th Oct 2014 20:26

go here ATC Audio Archives | LiveATC.net

select 27th date then BNE Gnd/Twr/App/Dep then select time 1330-1400 Z for most of the action but it goes over a few hours, just chilling !

Creampuff 27th Oct 2014 20:56

Oh the humanity :rolleyes:

mcoates 27th Oct 2014 21:10

mmm starting to sound sus to me after listening to more tape. Now listening to 14.30 to 15.00

Apparently a wedgetail from Williamtown was scrambled before the crash and they came up the coast without Data link or Transponder operational ? The guy they were speaking to sounded like the pilot of the downed plane and certainly not a professional airforce search and rescue operator. Brisbane couldnt get a radar fix on the wedgetail (which is a big plane) and then rescue 500 was searching and given info about how it could be hoax ??

If its a hoax someone needs to go to jail !

wishiwasupthere 27th Oct 2014 21:26

Definitely a hoax. Wedgetail is not even a SAR platform. You might want to change the thread title too.

yr right 27th Oct 2014 21:47

He was using super top secret stealth mode. That's why he could not be seen !!!

CaptainEmad 27th Oct 2014 23:55

Our 'Wedgetail at FL410" Sounds like a bogan on drugs with a hand-held.


Capt Fathom 28th Oct 2014 00:39

No doubt now salivating on pprune to read of his exploits!

Maybe the Original Poster might consider deleting the thread ??

Squawk7700 28th Oct 2014 00:47

I can't help but think that the controller / ATC knew that he was a fake and strung him along (keeping in mind there's a remote chance that it could have been real) and then alerted authorities to head to his suspected location. I know from the past that AirServices have personnel that they can engage to track down dodgey transmitters. At a guess you'd need the Dornier or HEMS to track him down from the air. What an absolute tosser.

I'm happy for the thread to stay. Perhaps we can talk about how he should be sentenced.

The poor ATC guy was starting to sound like the "pilot" after a while.

Some strange comments from the "pilot." He certainly is creative.

"We are casting for up and coming events in your city."

Then he pretends to be the Wedgetail pilot saying: (seemingly he has convinced the female ATC)

"We have a particular piece of equipment that can devise a laser map of underwater topography."

"We have to return to base."

"We have got contact of interest, a boat, and are watching it very closely."

"Well fitted out, appears to be white, although we are looking at it through infra-red so it's hard to know. (it was) loitering in the area before the incident."

- After all that, she simply acknowledges the calls from "Wedgetail 07."

Rescue 500 then comes on the radio acknowledging that it could be a hoax but they are treating it that it could be real.

I hope they send him a big fat bill when they find him. Tosser.

tipsy2 28th Oct 2014 00:59

If there had been a situation as described occur on the Sunny Coast then the local fish and chip wrapper that masquerades as a newspaper would have gone into salivating overdrive. It would have trotted out the work experience kiddies to write various articles for them.

As there is no word from that particular journalistic edifice, either the story is not true or they haven't woken up yet.


wishiwasupthere 28th Oct 2014 01:05

There was a young fella in Perth that pulled a stunt like this a few years ago. Eventually the Feds caught up with him. Not sure what sort of punishment it was, probably a slap on the wrist considering our poor excuse for a legal system.

RatsoreA 28th Oct 2014 01:08

I do wonder how exactly they would find such and individual though?

Anybody with a computer can buy a hand held airband iCom?!

CaptainEmad 28th Oct 2014 01:27

These kind of individuals usually can't help themselves - they have to tell one of their equally deranged mates what a legend they are. He will be caught.

So to the pond-scum that devised this 'joke', the Rescue guys had to launch at night on a SAR.
It's hazardous work, it costs big dollars, it stresses ATC.

It's not their [email protected])<1ng HOBBY.

Username here 28th Oct 2014 01:55

Listening to live ATC tonight from Europe and there was a terrible loss of a plane with 3 POB.
Just happened to be sitting in Europe listening to Brisbane Centre's midnight feed did we?

If I was the Feds you're the first chop I'd be looking at...

fujii 28th Oct 2014 02:17

The OP did not say he/she was in Europe, just listening to a link from Eurpoe. OP's location shown as Australia.

Squawk7700 28th Oct 2014 02:28

That is funny :rolleyes:

The op is the biggest aircraft importer into Australia. He has better things to do :ok:

Stikybeke 28th Oct 2014 05:11

Maybe this A grade F###wit has moved to the East Coast....As you can see he's got form for this and as we all know, old habits etc etc....



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