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Grogmonster 23rd Sep 2014 10:02

Fantastic Red Bull Display
I'm not sure if I am allowed to post a link on here but this is the best Airshow photgraphy I have seen.
Airshow Budapest 2014 Highlights - YouTube

josephfeatherweight 23rd Sep 2014 11:33

That was simply awesome! Thanks for posting.

Draggertail 23rd Sep 2014 11:35

Mate, that's impressive. Clearly their regulator still has some aviation enthusiasts! Thanks for posting.

Stanwell 23rd Sep 2014 13:56

I don't often do a 'me too!' but that was quite a special compilation of clips. Thanks.

the_rookie 23rd Sep 2014 14:11

Wow how do I sign up?
What's the military jet in the display? Red bull loves the aviation side of things which is great to see

le Pingouin 23rd Sep 2014 15:09

It's an Alpha Jet: Historical aircraft - aircraft fleet - Hangar-7

Thanks Groggy, that's amazing :ok:

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