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Pirrex 12th Jul 2014 22:24

Job hunting in PNG with EASA CPL
Good evening folks,
I'm a 250 hours EASA CPL/IR holder with an FI rating and I will be heading over to Australia on vacation soon, and was thinking about doing a trip to PNG for a couple of days to go knock on some doors.
I saw online a few PNG companies hiring, but they seem to want "CASA/NZ license ONLY". Can somebody tell me about my chances of scoring something over there with my license and experience, before I go and spend all the money on the trip?
Will also head over to Indonesia in the end of my trip with the same purpose. Doesn't really matter what I would get to fly, I just hope to find something in this part of the world, as it seems to be exactly the kind of flying I want to do.

Unusual-Attitude 12th Jul 2014 23:18

I'd say you'd be extremely lucky to get a start anywhere in png with less than 1000 TT.

ersa 13th Jul 2014 00:09

Your wasting you time and money travelling to PNG or INDO.

With your hours, get you EASA CPL converted to a CASA CPL.....you will pick something up in the northern part of Australia......

Getting a visa is another story all together !

wishiwasupthere 13th Jul 2014 00:14

you will pick something up in the northern part of Australia......
Not if he doesn't have the legal right to work in Aus.

tail wheel 13th Jul 2014 04:59

During my two plus decades living in PNG we had pilots from all four corners of the world. Canadians, Yanks, Kiwis, Poms, Aussies and from a smattering of other European and Asian countries.

But none had only "250 hours EASA CPL/IR holder with an FI rating". Any irresponsible PNG operator that gave you a start with that little experience has no rightful place in the PNG aviation industry.

With those hours you won't get a hearing and are wasting your time and money going to PNG.

Brian Abraham 13th Jul 2014 05:56

Candidate for here perhaps. Cessna 208 F/O position

1. Minimum total hours of 250.

2. at least ICAO CPL SEL / IR (Current). FAA mother license is preferable.

3. 1st class medical (current), no restriction except for corrective glasses.

4. Free from any form of color blindness - Indonesian authority only accept the Isihara Color Blind Test.

5. Minimum of level 5 ICAO English proficiency test.

Susi Air -Your Complete Air Transport Solution for All of Indonesia-

Pirrex 13th Jul 2014 14:17

Thanks for your replies, I will take your advice and stay out of PNG until further, and go surfing instead. Am I to expect the same in Indonesia, with Susi air being the only option? Can't seem to get an answer from them, but I'll keep trying.
I'll also look into the possibility of instructing in Australia with a work&holiday visa, as was discussed in another topic, maybe my license would come in handy if that would be possible.

Brian Abraham 15th Jul 2014 02:00

Can't seem to get an answer from them
Should have read what they say

We are receiving applications at any time of year however it never necessarily always followed by interview and course intake. The occasion will be based on company’s demand and Susi Air hold the exclusive rights on how and when to announce it.

All job applications must be submitted via email to r e c r u i t i n g @ s u s i a i r . c o m (altogether, without spaces). We are not responsible for lost documents if submitted in other means. All job applications that we received will be kept for our future interest.

We will contact you if your application piques our interest. If no news after six weeks, please consider it to be unsuccessful.

Do not make a visit to the office for a walk-in interview.

Pirrex 15th Jul 2014 03:28

Should have read what they say
Oh trust me, I have. Probably read everything about Susi air a hundred times. :p Have been applying every six months for the last two years, but until now I've been a bit short of 250h, which seems to be a minimum for them at the moment.
I'll head over to South Asia forum regarding Indonesia, but of course if someone here has some information about expats with my experience scoring over there other than at Susi, I would be more than happy to listed so I can make a decision whether to go or save my money.

chimbu warrior 15th Jul 2014 04:22

Pirrex I must compliment you for at least being prepared to get away from the major cities and look for a job in the bush. Persistence always pays off; not necessarily overnight, but if you are persistent you will succeed.

Regarding your original question, as long as you have any CPL from an ICAO-member state you will be okay. Whatever country you score a job in, you will need to go through the local licencing process (or in rare circumstances get a validation). It therefore matters little whether your CPL is EASA, FAA, Australian or Armenian (Armenia scored better than Australia on the ICAO USAP audit).

You are on the right track, gathering info and asking questions. There are a few posters on here whose blood is triple negative; don't be deterred by their comments, keep at it and you will find a job.

Good luck.

Brian Abraham 15th Jul 2014 06:23

don't be deterred by their comments
Forgive me if I came across that way. I assumed for a number of reasons that you had been on the phone following my post. Know a lad who spent a year with them, and a lass who turned down the job she had been offered.

Concur with chimbus comments, and good luck with it.

Unusual-Attitude 15th Jul 2014 08:03

Not negative...realistic. Fane or Tapini with 250...even 750 hrs...on an 'average' day?

Not with any of my family on board...:eek:

But he'll get there if that's where/what he wants to do.

Thought about Maun on the Okavango, Pirex?

Pirrex 15th Jul 2014 14:40

I appreciate the encouraging replies!
I have been reading A LOT about Maun as well, but it has changed a lot in recent years, and seems to be a waste of time without 500TT. Another small problem is hanging around at the delta probably for months, I can't afford it at the moment, as just the repayment of my CPL loan and rent is at 2500 euros per month.
Also the aviation in my country is pretty much dead, with 13 CPL classmates and not one of us finding a job now over 1.5 years after graduation, even instructing seems to be impossible to find. I was crazy to go integrated and finishing with big debt and only 150TT, and apart from my FI course, all the hours I've gotten is from doing scenic flights with my aero clubs c172. The market is starting to be saturated, and I won't be able to find enough "customers" to reach 300TT this way.

pilotchute 15th Jul 2014 22:30


That is a huge debt burden you have. I must ask, what sort of job did you think you were going to get on graduation?

The market hasn't become saturated in the 18 months since you finished, it has been saturated in Europe since about 2008. Unless you were on a tagged scheme you chances of getting a jet job on graduation were almost zero.

I must also ask how you get a CPL ME/IR with only 150 hours in the airplane and 100 of the that being command?

Pirrex 15th Jul 2014 23:48

It's actually not as bad as it sounds, I've got 65k euros left to pay back and a 15k car I'm about to sell, and if I don't find a flying job (lower salary), I'll be done with it in three years.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting to find anything too soon, but determined that I will sometimes get a job, as I'm not too much into jets, I just want to fly, and I don't care too much about staying in my home country. I know now when I'm older and slightly wiser, that an untagged integrated course wasn't the right way to go for me, or anybody else for that matter. As a 20 year old, I was just too worried to do my training in a school i didn't know, as my cousin lost a lot of money years ago, when "his" FTO went bankrupt.
I had as my plan B though, which is what I'm doing right now, not a nice job, but I'm paying back more than double than i was expecting to do.

The requirements of 200 hours can be reduced to 150h on an approved course, which means that I finished with 150h TT, 100 PIC and 64h FNPT2.

meggo 16th Jul 2014 01:09

Good Luck to you Mate
What a well spoken young man. You sound very realistic and determined. Keep at it. :ok:

captboeing737ng 16th Jul 2014 02:10

Job hunting in PNG with EASA CPL
Hi Pirex

Unfortunately Susi Air is the only major operator that will hire a fresh CPL/IR, in Indo. Indonesia has a 250hr on type rule for anything in part 121. So the only options for expats in indo is companies like Susi air, and a lot of experienced guys are trying to get in.

Good luck, keep trying and with some persistence you'll get that first elusive job.

Thought about South America, too?

Pirrex 16th Jul 2014 13:14

As a matter of fact I have! I just got back last month from a trip to Peru, Colombia and Brazil(even though a foreigner can't get a license in Brazil). The problem with South America is however the Spanish language, and without that skill, it seems completely impossible.

On the bright side, I'm getting the staff travel benefits thru my girlfriend, so I can keep doing this :p

lilflyboy262...2 16th Jul 2014 14:41

Good luck Pirrex. You do have the right attitude for it.

Sorry I can't be of any assistance for you for Botswana. There is still the odd guy sneaking through with less than 500hrs. That tends to be with Delta air or Major Blue. But thats it. Its a big gamble to go there for a long time with just those two companies.

It's not just Susi thats hiring expats on vans in Indonesia. There is a few other companies around that are hiring or will be in the next 12 months so.
It wouldn't be a terrible idea to head over to Jakarta and then hop on a lion air flight to Papua (Jayapura/Sentani). You will be amazed at the amount of aviation that is happening out of that small town.

Off the top of my head, I can think of 7 different van operators in Sentani.

Good luck in your search!

Pirrex 16th Jul 2014 22:54

You can't possibly be if more assistance when it comes to Botswana, than your Maun-thread. :p
I'm under the impression that you are currently flying somewhere around Indonesia, maybe even Papua? If you really think with your experience there might be even the slightest opportunity with my experience to get an FO job on a van in Sentani or similar, then that's what I will spend my money on!

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