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Jburgess95 8th Jun 2014 02:42

ATPL Credit Points?

I am currently In second year doing the Griffith Bachelor of aviation, I am only doing the aviation stream as I am flying out of the gold coast now to get my PPL then using fee help to get my CPL. After I finish this year my plan was too defer for 6 months and get my CPL as I would have my PPL by that time. I was wondering if anyone had any info if ATPL's have credit points that can count towards my degree as I would rather take a 9 week ATPL course and get the credit point's for it and finish my degree than Do another year of uni AFTER I have my CPL.

helopat 8th Jun 2014 05:59

The simple answer is to ask Griffith! Your degree programme advisor would have the best idea whether ATPL would count for credit toward your degree.

Jack Ranga 8th Jun 2014 06:16

I wouldn't be touching ATPL's until I had definitive advice on how the Part61 [email protected] in September will affect your credits. And wouldn't trust any uni's advice if they are taking money off you, they've got form :cool:

Oktas8 8th Jun 2014 12:11

Actually Jack, a uni advisor should be able to point to the paragraph in the academic Calendar which says "external credits may be gained through the following qualifications..."

If it is in writing, it's good advice. JBurgess, ask the uni. But get it in writing.

Jack Ranga 8th Jun 2014 12:40

Oktas, you are right, they should........., I know a couple of fellas that got pretty average service from the uni they did their ATPL's at

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