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sgenie 7th May 2014 22:47

Preferred plane
What would be a preferred plane to handle 3-4 passengers with average load (say, a hunting party)?

aviator's_anonymous 7th May 2014 22:49

I would say a Conquest or a Caravan.

Suffolk Lad 7th May 2014 23:08

A hunting party would suggest landing maybe made in the bush so STOL capabilities and big wheels might be a good idea. Modernish designs that might cater for that requirement are Zenair's STOL CH801, four place Bearhawk, C182, If you want a bit of spare capacity then a classic DH Beaver or a Helio Courier and if you really fancy taking the Elk or Bacon home with you then a Pilatus Turbo Porter or a DH Otter.

If you want the minimalist 3 seat approach then a classic Auster or Super Cub might work for you.

sgenie 7th May 2014 23:24

Thanks. One of the requirements is up to 4 people on board, which discounts a number of good machines, like 182.

Ultralights 7th May 2014 23:27

Turbine sherpa. 8 seat, 200Mph cruise, land in 100 mtrs.



Critical Reynolds No 8th May 2014 01:09


FokkerInYour12 8th May 2014 01:26


C206driver 8th May 2014 01:28

Trusty old 206?
Plenty room for beers... Oh and of course bags, weapons, tucker:)

airwolf117 8th May 2014 01:36

I'd say a 206 is the way to go. Good performance, and designed to land in the bush!

I like a cherokee six, as they have great performance, but I wouldn't want to land it off runway too much! If you will be using runways, this would be my choice. 4 people, plenty of space!

sgenie 8th May 2014 03:15

Sounds like 206 is the winner - I guess this one is easier to find in Auckland and around than Cherokee six...

Thanks everybody, very useful suggestions all around.

TowerDog 8th May 2014 03:24


C-185s are good, more power per pound, but less room.

Got bunch of hours in both as well as C-207s, C-180s, C-182s, C-210s, C-Whatever.

The C-206 would best meet the above requirements, but for personal toy plane the C-185 would be my favorite: Raw power, macho machine..:cool:

sgenie 8th May 2014 03:30

Well, since I need this for the private flights, I would chose something that can be available at short notice and I am either rated on or can get type rating on. Since I reside in Auckland, this would be my next questions - where can I get 206? Does anybody know anyone with 206 available for rent in Ardmore or North Shore? What kind of rate will I be looking at?

Pontius 8th May 2014 04:06

Does anybody know anyone with 206 available for rent in Ardmore or North Shore? What kind of rate will I be looking at?
Tricky thing that Google search machine :hmm:

sgenie 8th May 2014 04:09

It is, actually :) people tend to avoid publicising availability information - I found a number of them in the CAA register but it has nothing about whether the planes would actually be available.

c100driver 8th May 2014 04:10

Currently no C206 available at Ardmore and I suspect not at North Shore as well.

Hire rate for a C206 would be in the order of $400 plus

Landing fees for a C206 at Ardmore are over $30 and would be similar elsewhere.

I do know that one private machine at Ardmore has occasionally been used for a type rating but chances of borrowing it is nil.

ChaseIt 8th May 2014 08:47

Caravan is the way to go! Had no issues dropping off the flash packing hunters and all the gear plus the range!

SIUYA 8th May 2014 09:01

When I was working in the Arabian Gulf in the late 90's, the 'preferred plane' to handle a hunting party of the locals (ruling family), complete with Falcons, guns, ammo, camping gear, food, assorted hangers-onners, etc etc was the ever-reliable B727-200.

Probably a bit out of scope though for your needs though sgenie. :8

Blueskymine 8th May 2014 09:14

Airvan would be the go.

evilducky 8th May 2014 10:03

+1 for airvan. easy to fly, 500-600kg load with full fuel. If you can find one to hire that is.

sgenie 8th May 2014 10:16

Thanks, Siuya - somehow I have troubles imagneing a 737 landing in Turangi :ok:

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