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Kharon 28th Apr 2014 04:55

Farewell and Godspeed.
Didn't want to start a new thread; but I couldn't find a suitable platform for this 'note' published – Here- by Proaviation. It's poignant, worthy of a read and a moments quiet contemplation.

Phelan – "In a brief note to supporters of his quest for responsible, ethical and proactive safety regulation, Mr Shane Urquhart, father of Constable Sally Urquhart who lost her life in the 2005 Lockhart River crash, has withdrawn from further public dialogue on the matter. So many people in aviation have been supportive of Shane’s untiring efforts to examine the various governments’ actions and interactions relative to the tragedy’s aftermath, that Shane’s letter may not have reached them all; and he has agreed to ProAviation publishing his brief letter in full. It speaks for itself":
To all:

I have decided to stand away completely from the issues that have been going on (for me) since 2005.

Unfortunately I have had to come to the conclusion that these bastards in the government aviation agencies have their processes and shite so ingrained, that they will never be properly brought to account.

My interest will be now as an observer only, unless something radical occurs….sorry, but I won’t be holding my breath any more. The Lockhart River victims and their families, along with all the others who equally suffered, remain cast aside as simply an inconvenience.

To all of you who have provided outstanding support, information and how to understand and present it, you have my family’s heartfelt thanks. What towers of strength you have been. Of course, I still have to believe that if whistleblowers come forward in enough numbers, they will not be able to be treated as individuals usually are. No-one has done that during my time of involvement.

Best wishes to all.

Shane Urquhart

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Shane has, despite his personal loss been unstinting in his support of those who have lost loved ones in air accidents. Providing advice, solace and the benefit of his hard won experience; a honest, honourable man carrying his own burden, yet able and willing to shoulder those of others.

It has been a long innings for Shane and although you cannot score runs in the pavilion, no one could begrudge him the right to a wee rest from the fray. There is lot's of wonderful quotable words which could be used; but I'll just say, take it easy mate, enjoy the respite and the family with full honours and the respect of those of us who will never allow Lockhart River to be forgotten.


004wercras 29th Apr 2014 07:32

Absolute travesty
Shane has been an inspiring example of someone who is dedicated to finding justice for his deceased daughter. After 9 years of being shit on, fighting successive incompetent, arrogant and corrupt Australian government cronies, being stonewalled with his FOI requests and receiving no morally bound justice I am not surprised that he has opted for a rest. I hope that somehow, somewhere he receives the justice he so rightly deserves, and these disgraceful individuals who call themselves public servants and are paid for out of our blood, sweat and tears, are called to account.

Shane; Very best of luck for the future and regardless of your 'rest' period, never give up the fight. You are a tough and tenacious individual and you can be proud of that.

To the bureaucracies; Hold your heads in shame you weak, gutless parasites who hide behind protective structures. May your consciences one day activate and your hearts be racked with pain and guilt. One day the Ferryman will collect you. Remember that.

thorn bird 29th Apr 2014 08:29

it disturbs me greatly that our political masters love to hold Australia up as a place where a "fair go" is sacrosanct, when in reality its diametrically the opposite.
I have the greatest admiration for your tenacity and courage in seeking the truth, and I understand why you need to step back.
The wheel will turn its full circle, fear not, ultimately, those unscrupulous bastards at CASA and the ATSB will face their maker.

Ultralights 29th Apr 2014 11:12

what we need is an Aviation Ombudsman

Sarcs 29th Apr 2014 12:20

Tribute to Sally!
Shane (aka Justiceseeker),

Sad time of the year for you mate (approaching the ninth anniversary of the Lockhart River tragedy), will miss your 10pm phone rants and your posts/PMs as JS (and your other more illustrious alias..:ok:). Perhaps my post from the infamous (original) Senate thread highlights your tenacity for seeking Justice for the growing list of victims of FF..:{:

Coveted members of the “IOS”!

Well said 004 and Kharon….:D:D


The Urquhart's and the Hare's are real people. What they have had to endure is a disgrace, it is a cold blooded squeeze on their spirit. It is a disgrace that so many other people can see these travesties for what they are - Senators like Fawcett and Xenophon, the Warren Entsch's , the experienced aviation folk, honest justice seekers and truth promoters like Paul Phelan and Ben Sandilands and the list goes on. Are all these people wrong? Are all these people actually what McCormick refers to as 'ills of society'? Are these fine individuals merely a manifestation of tautology, a pest to be dealt with by Government employees delivering sharp verbal jabs and soul destroying blows?


In trying to discover the reason why and arrive at an acceptable understanding, the intelligent part of SU discovered that the death could have been prevented, that the investigation was compromised, the regulator was quite happy shuffle off their part of the blame and that the insurers would happily use any or all excuses to save a few bob. Fury generated out of natural grief and anger, fed by pain created the iron will and determination to expose, what has now been proven to be a system populated by some who are devoid of any form morality and live, happily disconnected from reality. The rest is, as they say, history. History does repeat and now Samantha Hare joins the ranks of those who had enough to deal with before discovering what lay in the murky depths.

In a tribute to Mr Urquhart’s relentless efforts to seek justice for the victims of a severely compromised aviation safety system please find the following links (supported by a ‘PAIN birdsong’ or two).

[YOUTUBE]Shane Urquhart IV - YouTube


Shane you probably saved your best to last..:D..with your interview in the Samantha Hare episode of Australian Story - The Men Who Fell To Earth ...:ok:

Cheers mate keep banging those drums...;)

yr right 29th Apr 2014 23:44

It's unfortunately the truth and another white wash is about to happen whit the the dromadra wings not only that DAMP is a joke. Those who no me also know what I'm taking about now. No obs needed a royal commission is what is required. And some of these people require a goal term may be then they conduct themselfs in an honest way in the furture.
Sad it requires people to losse their life's to get to this point.

PAIN_NET 30th Apr 2014 00:06

Bravo that man.
Shane Urquhart will always retain the moniker P372 - a.k.a. Treble cleft. We all hope you find some peace in your music, some solace in the cabin of that train and time to enjoy the hard won ability to rest quietly. Well done, that was a selfless, long, difficult, frustrating well fought campaign; you may feel you lost, but you were never beaten. The tragedy of LHR, through your efforts will not disappear. Enjoy the rest, you know how to get in touch.

P1. a.k.a. P1.

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