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Ex FSO GRIFFO 21st Mar 2014 06:06

Broome Helicopter Services v CASA
Perth Radio 6PR reporting this arvo that CASA have withdrawn Broome Helicopter Services AOC....
Reporting some 'logbooks falsfied'.... (allegedly)
They can take it to AAT....

That is all....

No Hoper 21st Mar 2014 07:18

CASA alleges some falsified records relate to a helicopter accident, aiming to prevent the company from being held accountable for non-compliance with safety regulations.
WA helicopter company grounded
They seemed to be a sound orgainisation.

Pappa Smurf 21st Mar 2014 23:57

Was only last week they were done for under paying the pilots.

Horatio Leafblower 22nd Mar 2014 00:34

Just out of interest - Is the named individual the founder of the business, or a subsequent owner?

Without knowing any person involved, it seems odd that an operation No Hoper says

...seemed to be a sound operation
would not only lose its AOC but also get

done for under paying the pilots.
Smoke... fire... etc.

Old Akro 23rd Mar 2014 08:20

Another 5pm Friday fax???

No Hoper 23rd Mar 2014 08:40

Sound from the outside looking in, Horatio, from the inside may be different

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