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Arnold E 10th Mar 2014 00:18

you're shaping up to be a total tosser warren.
And you were expecting something different ?????

dubbleyew eight 10th Mar 2014 02:05

well I was prepared to give truss the benefit of the doubt since he is a fairly straight shooter. it seems that once a security briefing is given to the ministers all common sense vanishes.

decades ago on an overseas exercise we were given all manner of briefings about tropical diseases, the locals, all sorts of things. all tending to lead to a similar level of apprehension as we see in the minister.
decades later and many trips overseas I have realised that the security briefings we had were all utter bullshit.

one of the things that governments need to do is dismantle all the paranoia mechanisms. has any of australia's overseas spying ever actually delivered a benefit to the country? I doubt it.

maybe one day soon Truss will realise that his briefings are all just playing on his fears and are largely baseless bullshit.

megan 18th Mar 2016 13:22

A story I find interesting.

Friend has just received a please explain a few days ago as to why he didn't return his old ASIC upon renewal, now get this, in 2008!!!!! It's taken the bureaucrats eight years to realise that they have an unaccounted for ASIC they know not where. Has to fill out a stat dec blah, blah. Renewals since then to today have gone through no problem.

I've never held, or even applied, for an ASIC, but what should turn up in the mail box (about eight years ago) from Merimbula. You guessed, an ASIC, but the address name was someone I'd never heard of, but had my address. These fools have any idea what they're doing?

BEACH KING 18th Mar 2016 13:52

Why do you need to renew an ASIC every 2 years? What a joke.
And why do you need to provide a certified copy of your Birth Certificate EVERY 2 years to renew?
How the hell do you get born again every 2 years!

josephfeatherweight 18th Mar 2016 13:54

Yes, the renewal every two years is a pain in the proverbial...
I don't understand why I have to prove who I am every two years - the ASIC team know me, they gave me one of their special cards two years ago?!?!?
Maybe it's the $200.50 - that's always money well spent! T0ssers!

Arm out the window 19th Mar 2016 08:58

When I applied for my original ASIC when they first came in, I sent off the certified copies of everything to CASA, no action for months, chased up through the system numerous times with a different answer each time - finally pinned them down to admitting my stuff had been lost somewhere between them and the security checkers, they didn't know where it was and I would have to resubmit the lot.

Having no option, I did that and 'successfully' got my ASIC, but there was not a squeak of apology out of CASA or any mention of where my original bundle of identifying documentation might be.

Probably in Nigeria now! What a great scheme it's been.

YPJT 19th Mar 2016 09:33

CASA proved themselves time and again to be the most inept issuing body ever to be given ASIC issuing approval. Avoid at all costs.

AOTW, there was anecdotal evidence in the early days of a whole heap of CASA issued ASICs in envelopes stuffed into a broom cupboard in the Perth office. It was then they realised they were not up to the task.

Lead Balloon 19th Mar 2016 09:57

It's a very effective financial security system for aviation administrators and the hangers on in the security system in Australia. :ok:

YPJT 19th Mar 2016 10:29

given the costs associated with AUSCHECK clearances, card producing materials, postage and time following up incorrectly or incomplete applications I very much doubt anyone is making a killing on these things. The reason a lot of organisations hang onto their IB approval is that it is more cost effective and convenient to do it yourself.

Lead Balloon 19th Mar 2016 11:47

Nobody said they were making "a killing". They are making a "living".

I, like many Australians, would like to make a "living".

Great if you can make a living out of being a bloated leach on all of this "security" stuff. :ok:

YPJT 20th Mar 2016 05:13

Well in that case you could apply to be:
An ASIC issuing body,
Aviation Screening Officer,
Airport security manager,
OTS inspector
The sky's the limit so fill ya boots:ok:

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