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Mick.B 6th Feb 2014 09:55

Taranis Drone at Woomera
Taranis drone: Britain's $336m supersonic unmanned aircraft launched over Woomera - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Who wants to guess what the chase plane is. Look for the shadow at the end of the Vid.

SgtBundy 6th Feb 2014 10:21

Guessing a BAE Hawk.

Edit: on second thoughts, possibly a Eurofighter, but what is that doing here?

Old Akro 6th Feb 2014 11:00

They used an Australian Lear for the chase plane for the first flights at Woomera some years ago. We had to go inside whenever it came out of the hangar, so I never saw the UAV.

alphacentauri 6th Feb 2014 18:44

Profile not right for a hawk or eurofighter. At first glance it looks like a 2 seat F-16....or something similar.
What is it?

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PLovett 6th Feb 2014 20:11

The poster behind the interview with the mission commander shown further down the ABC link shows a Typhoon (Eurofighter). This, however, may be a staged photo but the shadow in the video does have some similarity.

TURIN 6th Feb 2014 20:19

I always wondered if this would ever be explained.

Now I know.:suspect:

Dexta 6th Feb 2014 21:29

I Suspect it is a Sia Marchetti SM211 on loan from someone in SA and flown by a British Air Force Test Pilot call Paul...

in-cog-nito 6th Feb 2014 22:35

I'll second that, Dexta. Looks a lot like a Sia Marchetti SM211.

Capn Bloggs 7th Feb 2014 06:05



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