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MakeItHappenCaptain 22nd Jan 2014 11:26

When noise complaints turn nasty.
Caravan UMV has a new paint job at Tyagrah.
"No Noise" & "F*ck You" have been painted up the side, paint thrown over the windscreen and a couple of holes punched through the tanks.


Old Akro 22nd Jan 2014 11:37

So much for the new airport security arrangements.


sarge75 22nd Jan 2014 12:11

What scumbags.

That drop zone does everything it can to try and limit the noise.

Ultralights 22nd Jan 2014 19:18


mattyj 22nd Jan 2014 20:09

Is that a swastika? Really!?

Someone lend them a c185 with 2 blades while the van gets fixed..that'll show how lucky they are..bloody nimby's

just a dumb pilot 22nd Jan 2014 21:01

Interesting new craze a helicopter and 2 aircraft were tagged at Moorabbin recently.
One aircraft was a jump plane, all were cleaned up within 24 hours.
Security cameras were operational and pictures found.
These D H's wouldn't know the implications of what they did it's a bit more of a fine than wilful damage and I doubt they would have had ASIC's which are a lot like gun licences only the honest people have them to confirm their honesty.
Hope they catch these clowns before it gets to sabotaging the aircraft and some poor ASIC holder gets hurt.

VH-XXX 22nd Jan 2014 21:23

All you would need at Moorabbin to do this would be the 4 digit access code and away you go. Ride past the cameras on your push bike and nobody will ever catch you. It's sad with so much security that it's bordering on useless for someone with half a brain.

Jabawocky 22nd Jan 2014 21:43

Deplorable x1000

I'll bet someone will know and will spill their guts if asked. Just got to find them, and there will be a few more of them as word spreads.


Check_Thrust 22nd Jan 2014 21:46

Someone lend them a c185 with 2 blades while the van gets fixed..that'll show how lucky they are..bloody nimby's
Better yet, give them a BN2 Islander.

Although I doubt it will happen I hope they catch these mongrels and if they do they better enforce the maximum penalties upon them.

Snakecharma 22nd Jan 2014 21:49

The insurance company should seize their assets to pay for the damage if they can find the culprits.

They will likely only have a packet of durries, a half empty six pack and a banged up holden commodore, but if they are kids you could have a crack at mum and dad's house.

Capt Fathom 22nd Jan 2014 21:58

a couple of holes punched through the tanks
Interestingly they knew where the fuel tanks are. It's not obvious to non-aviation people! Unless they have been observing...

Fantome 22nd Jan 2014 22:41


If the fuzz have not already called at every house from which a noise complaint has been made in recent years they are derelict in their duty.

Some highly sensitive residents have rung up to complain about a glider too close overhead. True. The answer for the skydivers might be a couple of Rottweillers. It will never be a security airfield. At least this century.

It has been alleged that some of the C208 pilots have operated the plane
with less consideration than others. But that is only hearsay.

There is a popular nudist beach a mile away. But that is not likely to be related.

The perpetrator or perpetrators are near the very bottom of the food chain.
Their dabs are more likely to be there than not.

djpil 22nd Jan 2014 22:58

Similar incident at Moorabbin recently, I believe.

sarge75 22nd Jan 2014 23:56

Alleged by whom??

They climb out to sea and back again, only in the circuit area for take off and landings.

Unless things have changed drastically, this has nothing to do with the pilots but rather some yuppies from near Byron thinking that the world is theirs and a long established business has no right to operate near them.

God I hope they catch these pricks and throw the book at them

RatsoreA 23rd Jan 2014 00:41

God I hope they catch these pricks and throw the book at them
Couldn't agree more...

On a more disturbing note -

As Capt F alluded to here someone knows more than the average graffiti nut by disabling the A/C for more than just a days clean up value
How do they know that they didn't chuck a handful of loose nuts and bolts and rocks in the inlet of the engine?

You can't protect an airfield. Even in wartime, they knew that. The only thing they have a hope of protecting is the expensive bit, the airplane!

peterc005 23rd Jan 2014 00:47


Interference with crew or aircraft
(1) A person commits an offence if:

(a) the person does an act; and

(b) the act:

(i) interferes with a crew member of an aircraft in the course of the performance of his or her duties as such a crew member; or

(ii) threatens the safety of an aircraft or of persons on board an aircraft.

Penalty: Imprisonment for 2 years.

(2) A person must not tamper with:

(a) an aircraft; or

(b) an aeronautical product that is of such a type that tampering with it may endanger the safety of an aircraft or any person or property;

if tampering with it may endanger the safety of the aircraft or any person or property.

Penalty: Imprisonment for 2 years.

*** In this case the penalty should include sharing a jail cell with a hairy, obese and randy person with same-sex intimate preferences. ***

onetrack 23rd Jan 2014 00:54

Lets get the information straight. This is not simple graffitti or mindless vandalism, it's an immediately identifiable (if poorly-thought-out) protest - and the aviation people in that neck of the woods need to realise their "harmless fun" is impacting on some people lives so largely, that they feel the need to take this drastic action.

If the aviation people concerned don't take serious action to remedy the problem and recognise that our recreational behaviours can seriously impact on other people lives, then it will only get worse, and lives may be lost.

I wonder if the aviation people involved here would enjoy a jetskier blasting past their bedroom 30 times a day when they're trying to get some sleep after having done night shift?
A large % of our society sleeps during the day, and needs to have their requirements of modest noise levels observed.

sarge75 23rd Jan 2014 01:05

One track.

You are right, we should stop all forms of aviation, every airport has noise issues. Those that move next door to an airstrip should have the right to close it down.

All airports should be relocated at least 10 miles from the nearest neighbour.

Problem solved.

lilflyboy262...2 23rd Jan 2014 01:41

Sarge just beat me to it.

You move next to an airport, expect aircraft landing and taking off.

Its like living next to train tracks, expect to have trains going past.

You can't move to a place.... and then complain about the noise of something that is already established there.

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