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Jack Ranga 23rd Jan 2014 09:17

One look from Al will have the perps cowering. One hour of ICUS with Al will have the perps begging for police action.

If the local filth can't work out who this was they should be transferred to the Cross. I reckon if someone paid my wages for a fortnight I could work it out. When I found out who it was I would use the doods that are very effective at debt recovery, they ride motorcycles.

lilflyboy262...2 23rd Jan 2014 09:23

Holy sweet jesus.

Do none of you realize that you can move overseas?

Heck, I'm not even in Canada anymore.

Jack Ranga 23rd Jan 2014 09:26

No they don't flyboy. Why would you move from the epicentre of world aviation? Worlds best aviation practice here mateyboy ;)

Skydiveandy 23rd Jan 2014 10:18

Capn Bloggs & Kalavo
Do you both think that because my current location is Indonesia, that I must therefore be an Indonesian citizen..

Guys, please don't assume you know who or where someone is from or their background for that matter..

I am currently sitting in my room in Nabire, West Papua (Indonesia). I have over 200 hours on that actual aircraft VH-UMV,

You know what they say when you ass/u/me something ;)


cowl flaps 23rd Jan 2014 11:16

Seems at least two people involved. Two different styles of handwriting and (to my eye) different coloured paint. The paint on the windscreen wasn't sprayed either. Maybe a leftover can one of the germs had in the shed.

Hempy 23rd Jan 2014 11:29

Frequent Coarse Language

The best bit is about 00:20 sec mark, you can hear another one in the background :}

p.s just to lighten the mood!

Ultralights 23rd Jan 2014 11:35

that was awesome! despite having signs around everywhere, warning of aircraft noise, they still complain.

I lived in sight of the salt ash range when at williamtown, loved the friday morning shows! and sounds..

SgtBundy 23rd Jan 2014 12:15

I used to drive to Tyagrah most weekends as a teenager (16 odd years ago) so my sister could go horse riding up there. Last time I went through there I recall a much wider and faster highway now runs through the middle of the area which I would bet makes more noise constantly than any aircraft. From google maps the area is just as isolated as it used to be and the only nearby properties are all rural.

I would wager its some new resident expecting to move into hippy town and is upset they can't hear the whale songs they expected while lit up.

Maybe some Rhino drivers could do some practice airfield attacks on the way back from Evans Head, show them some real aircraft noise.

Hempy 23rd Jan 2014 12:23

Maybe some Rhino drivers could do some practice airfield attacks on the way back from Evans Head, show them some real aircraft noise.
Pigs (RIP) used to show more than just noise at Evans Head, they rained some destruction as well!

envoy 23rd Jan 2014 12:30

That recording was awesome! Took me back to my days at a base in Queensland where I had the (brief) responsibility for fielding noise complaints from tax payers. I have copped similar spray over a telephone line, and it is quite a challenge to maintain composure.

Some of the complaints were genuine, occasionally heartfelt and on one or two occasions, very sad. Most of the time, you were a focus for stress relief, and once they had let off steam they were generally pretty happy.

Once in a while there were some pearlers. One new local who had recently purchased property (at significant discount) directly under short finals wanted us to re align the runway so arrivals and departures would avoid his farm. "Steer her into the wind, cap'n!"

Another sincere request came from a woman who assured me that her son was very knowledgeable about aircraft, and therefore knew full well that they could fly at 30000 feet and "even higher". Why, then, did they have to come in and land so low?

Sorry for the topic creep... back to the studio!

Edit: Hempy's post shows a flyover of the Range Hut at Evans Head... the damage was NOT part of the annual operating budget...

j3pipercub 23rd Jan 2014 12:55

I would be starting my line of enquiry with this person:

Aircraft noise an issue at Tyagarah - Echonetdaily

then acquire all noise complaints dating back 3 years

500N 23rd Jan 2014 13:24

She runs commercial self catering apartments so has a vested interest.

See the names listed as hosts.

Julians Apartments | Byron Bay - NSW Accommodation | Drive Australia

cowl flaps 23rd Jan 2014 13:30

Maybe someone very local has acquired the services of some local scum bags,- rewarding them with grog and/or a bag of dope to do the deed.

cowl flaps 23rd Jan 2014 13:37

Host(s): Madelyn Devlin, Julie Rhodes & Susana Gardavsky.
The plot thickens !

onetrack 23rd Jan 2014 13:53

The ANO has an excellent write-up about aircraft noise - and I feel the general line he is taking, is that too many new housing developments are being pushed by unscrupulous developers, in areas where aircraft noise is highly discernable and at a conversation-ruining level - and that these developers quite possibly are not making it clear to buyers, what the aircraft noise levels are likely to be.

He also points out that Council information about aircraft noise is also likely to be generalised and not informative enough for many buyers.
He mentions the pertinent point, that many people are capable of coping with high levels of aircraft noise, whilst others have a very low level of discomfort.


500N 23rd Jan 2014 14:09

Can airports put caveats or whatever they are called on surrounding land
to pre warn any buyers that the airport is there and that is it.

I seem to remember quite a few years ago people getting up in arms
about Melbourne and the Gov't clamped down. I know it is a different
scale but was wondering.

Fantome 23rd Jan 2014 14:21


SgtBundy 23rd Jan 2014 14:30

Pigs (RIP) used to show more than just noise at Evans Head, they rained some destruction as well!
Yup - did a cadet visit to that range and stood on that portable building for a flyby like that, although I am guessing that one was not subsonic :)

Wallsofchina 23rd Jan 2014 19:26

I think Capt Fathom provided a good clue. Not only would they have had to know where the tanks were, but what sort of tool to bring along to puncture them. If any workshop paint was used that's also a clue.
I wouldn't rule out an inside job - angry employee etc.

500N 23rd Jan 2014 19:40

Just a comment re the Nazi symbol, albeit a very bad one.

Firstly, it looks to be a bit of an after thought.

Secondly, it is not something you see much of in Aus.

Thirdly, some people below a certain age I doubt would
know what it is.

So does that lead to someone older ?

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