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Pashine 29th Aug 2013 03:41

Flight training
Hi, I'm new to this and am looking for a bit of advice, I'm currently in Australia working to save up enough to get my ppl, I've overstayed my visa doing this and am wondering is it possible to still do the training without visa. Or is it too much risk and better of doing it back home in Ireland/ Europe. It just seems better value for money here, but don't know if I can do it! Thanks. Any help or advice would be appreciated

NZScion 29th Aug 2013 05:18

If you've overstayed your visa I would strongly suggest you notify immigration ASAP, and come to an arrangement with them with regards to your status in Australia. This may result in you staying to complete your training legally, or you may be able to leave the country amicably with no "black marks" on your record.

If you try and surreptitiously remain in Australia, they chances of you getting caught are high, and would probably involve long term consequences for you. Also bear in mind that you will have to leave eventually, and may have one or two questions to answer prior to your departure.

no_one 29th Aug 2013 06:29

at some point you will need to apply for an ASIC and one of the thinhgs that will need to be established is immigration status.....

ravan 29th Aug 2013 06:43

You will also need to make an application for a Student Pilot Licence (which, along with a medical, you will need to complete the solo flight component of the syllabus)and one of the many fields to be completed asks questions about your citizenship.

You be brave indeed to tell furphies on this question.

nitpicker330 29th Aug 2013 08:01

Nice little village in Nauru or Niugini waiting for "illegals" like you.

Nick off.

We're coming to get you..

peterc005 29th Aug 2013 09:33

Maybe see if flight training will qualify you for a Student visa.

Would training for an RAA license avoid the need for an ASIC card?

Aussie Bob 29th Aug 2013 09:57

Irish, first post, a windup?

nitpicker330 29th Aug 2013 13:05

Windup? Maybe.

I'm pretty certain that WHEN the Dept of Immigration and Citizenship catches up with him he WILL be deported and not allowed to apply to return for a number of years........ :eek:

The AFP have a nice big computer in Canberra looking for people just like him!!

Anthill 29th Aug 2013 22:49

Pash, you are 31 years old and can't organise your life to ensure that you have the right to stay in the country. The position of professional pilot is one that carries great responsibility; you don't appear to possess this. I suggest that you think carefully if you intend progression beyond a PPL.

triathlon 30th Aug 2013 04:58

Bet he regrets his post now!

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