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Flyer517 4th Nov 2012 08:58

Grumman Goose At BK?
Hi All

I saw what I think is a Grumman Goose at Bankstown today, parked near the Air Ag hanger. Pretty airplane.

Am I right about the identification and does anyone know anything about it (who owns it, why it's at BK, etc, etc)?

I couldn't spot a rego anywhere.

Thanks in advance.


b747heavy 4th Nov 2012 09:20

Could well be wrong, but believe its owned by Geoff Hunt from DRW? And believe it was going through a rebuild of sorts...

SmoothCriminal 4th Nov 2012 09:48

Hey B747Heavy.., How's it hangin :}

It can't be the Hunt one, his 'tross is still in a hangar with an arm missing, will crack a bottle of bubbles if that ever fly's again ! , unless he's got a Goose ! :E

If this one is a Goose.,., dunno

But recently a radial Mallard has migrated in and bumming around based out of Qld

Smoothie ....:ok:

goin'flyin 4th Nov 2012 10:27

747 is correct. GH purchased the Goose. At that stage it hadn't turned a blade in years. I believe it is getting close to be ready to fly home to Darwin

Flyer517 4th Nov 2012 10:32

Thanks gents.

If only I had some lazy $$$$$ lying around.:)

Engineer_aus 5th Nov 2012 12:38

N121GL was the old rego, photo in Australian Aviation I think it was.

Trojan1981 12th Nov 2012 22:50

It is absolutely beautiful too. GH, whoever that is, is a very lucky man :ok:

weloveseaplanes 14th Nov 2012 02:32


A Goose flying downunder.

Any idea what he plans to do with her?

Timber 14th Nov 2012 07:07

He could try flying it, or landing on Lake Argyle maybe?

Flyer517 15th Nov 2012 01:48

Yes definitely a gorgeous airplane. Had a closer look inside over the weekend and I could easily see myself island hopping around the south pacific in that thing. Lucky man.

weloveseaplanes 15th Nov 2012 21:33


Any other Gooses flying in OZ?

Flyer517 16th Nov 2012 03:30

Shouldn't that be "geese"? :)

Capt Fathom 16th Nov 2012 03:47

Any other Gooses flying in OZ
Lots! :E

havick 16th Nov 2012 04:02

Anyone care to post any pictures of it on here?

weloveseaplanes 17th Nov 2012 23:19

Shouldn't that be "geese"?
Nope. Gooses is correct.

Refer :

The Flying Boat Forum from www.seawings.co.uk • View topic - Hall PH 3

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The Grumman Goose is a classic aircraft, but what's will take the aging plane's place? | Alaska Dispatch


We all have to learn sometime ;)

Flyer517 18th Nov 2012 22:33

If it's still there over the weekend Havick and I get a chance I will snap a few pics and post them here.

tail wheel 18th Nov 2012 23:33

Anyone care to post any pictures of it on here?

If only I had some lazy $$$$$ lying around.
You would need far more than "some lazy $$$$$" to keep that 68 year old amphibian in the air! Like lots, and lots, and lots, until you have no more tears to shed!

Nice to look at, not at all nice to own..........

Trojan1981 18th Nov 2012 23:45

Nice to look at, not at all nice to own..........
Due corrosion? I have some understanding of the painful nature of maintaining old aircraft with shallow pockets, but are these worse than others for this reason?

They are very nice to look at. In my dreams I'd be cruising the Pacific in a PT-6 powered Goose... in my dreams :( .

T28D 19th Nov 2012 00:59

There is a N registered Grumman Albatros at YPJT now that is a real sea plane definitely not a lake plane.

Trojan1981 19th Nov 2012 01:44

There's a Catalina in YWOL, and it's got guns; now that's a seaplane! :E

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