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Its Broke 20th Dec 2010 11:47

Unique Conditions in Perth?
Gday Guys,
Just out of interests sake was there a unique set of conditions in Perth this evening?
I noticed a number of Perth bound aircraft approaching from the South, tracking between the coast and YPJT at around 5000 feet at a guess. Many of them dropping the gear approximately abeam Fremantle.
Having lived in the area for years I have never seen aircraft following this approach. Do we have a set of conditions in Perth tonight that we rarely experience?

Fred Gassit 20th Dec 2010 12:22

There was a strong easterly wind today.

Perth airport was using runway 06 for landings for the 2nd half of the day, which is fairly unusual.

My guess is the guys you were seeing were on a right base for that runway.

ZK-NSJ 20th Dec 2010 13:14

we quite often get heavys flying over the workshop in henderson, before turning left on final, and we are a good 10-15km south of freo

lk978 20th Dec 2010 13:39

Perth is a very unique experience for every pilot. No where else will you be able to get the enjoyment of:

- Minimum speed on descent and then max speed from 7 nm
- loose 6 minutes in a 100nm sector and then be asked to cross the point at 250kts in a jet without using reverse gear
- becomming aware that slot times are just a series of numbers you get each day that dont actually mean anything just like powerball

all this while you watch an empty runway from the 10nm circuit because there is a A320 passing through FL130 30nm away.

Yes truely you get the experience the world's second best air traffic controllers, second only to everyone else.

flightfocus 20th Dec 2010 16:36

lk978, I think that you need to step outside your little world and consider the big picture here.

PH is constrained at almost every turn. You have the RAAF claiming great swathes or airspace to the north and south of the airport. You have YPJT and YPEA to within 15nm to the south and north respectively.

Unlike our eastern cousins, there is no radar everywhere you want to go. Everyone either enters or leaves procedural airspace. This requires increased spacing and associated restrictions.

The majority of flights are to or from the east with the other great chunk going to the north or north west. All of these things create problems - ever tried backing out of the drive when the wife is trying to drive in??!!

Then the aerodrome is run by an organisation that is more interested in car parking and felling trees to build supermarket superwarehouses than invest in any aviation related infrastructure that we need.

If you bothered to visit an ATC unit and observe what controllers do and understand why, you may realise that you comments are unfounded and show your lack of understanding of the "system".

None of what you complained about is done for fun or controller entertainment. All of it increases workload - and there is already a significant amount of that.

So please contact a controller and arrange an educational tour so that you can appreciate the professionalism, dedication and hard work that goes into making sure you don't bump into the other tube of human flesh also moaning that he isn't number one.

Its a team game - your either with us or against us.

Awol57 20th Dec 2010 23:00

lk978 you obviously have never watched the runway between 0500 and 0800 local on a weekday. As was mentioned we can pump you guys off the runway far quicker than the procedural sectors can deal with you.

I just enjoy the fact that an A330 going to the domestic terminal will have to make at least 2 runway crossings to get there. Brilliant.:ugh:

Capn Bloggs 21st Dec 2010 00:03

It's Broke,
They were probably doing these:

Yes truely you get the experience the world's second best air traffic controllers, second only to everyone else.
I'll be a little more direct. This is a professional pilots rumour network. Rank amateurs raving on about subjects that they don't have a clue on should stick to playing Flt Sim. Where'd you get your jet ticket; in a weeties packet?


ADSB Mandatory airspace
It's coming. :D Joker 10 and Frank are the Implementation officers. :}

Its Broke 21st Dec 2010 00:31

Thanks Bloggs.
Itís been a while since I had to interpret one of those but the closest match would have been the traffic coming in via Bibra. Though even then I would dare say they where another mile or 2 to the West of that point.

sisemen 21st Dec 2010 01:41

... not to mention the vicious effects of an easterly over the Darling Scarp.

PS Just why do the RAAF claim such a vast amount of airspace so close to the metro area when we live in the most sparsely populated State?

Chief Wiggam 21st Dec 2010 02:28

Because the base C.O. wouldn't want to live in Exmouth I suspect

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