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YBMK Tower 22nd Aug 2010 05:58

Vale Chris Kelly - AKA Binoculars.
Just a quick post to advise that Chris Kelly aka Binoculars is in the Mackay Mater ICU in a coma. This is a result of liver/kidney disease complications. The prognosis is not bright.

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to his family , especially his daughters.

YBMK Tower ATC's

The Voice 22nd Aug 2010 06:07

oh my goodness me ..

I'm really sorry to read this news .. I enjoyed numerous chats/debates about all sorts of things with him over the years ..

Thinking of his family at this difficult time ..

GoGirl 22nd Aug 2010 06:53

Chris and I go waaaaaay back and I'm so sad to hear this - especially given recent events with my own father.
My thoughts are with his girls.
Please keep us posted if you can, thank you

GG :(

compressor stall 22nd Aug 2010 06:56

Oh - sad news. I too enjoyed many chats with him on here around 10 years ago, back when the chatroom was a laugh a second.

Please pass on my best wishes to him and family if you can.


no oil pressure 22nd Aug 2010 08:05

My thoughts are with you and your family Chris. :(

Horatio Leafblower 22nd Aug 2010 12:21

I too had many a bout with Binos in Chat - I was flying into MK regularly at the time.

Tailwinds. :(

redsnail 22nd Aug 2010 12:39

I am genuinely sorry to read this. He's definitely one of the characters that made this board.

My thoughts are with him and his family. :(

Ex FSO GRIFFO 22nd Aug 2010 13:59

Very sorry to hear this about Chris.

Once described as 'The First of The Longhairs' - (Chris wore his hair in a ponytail, back in those 'heady' days of early/mid 70's...)
by a certain 'gentleman' (BVR) in SY FSC, who went on to say,

But he's 'alright though'......as high a praise as was ever given by this particular chap.

Hope you pull thru OK Chris, thoughts are with you.

All the Best,

MK Guys, please pass on if able.......:ok:

tony draper 22nd Aug 2010 17:33

Very sorry,one had a few tongue lashing of Mr Binocs a great pruner.:(

vulcanised 22nd Aug 2010 18:10

Also had some sparring sessions with Chris in JB and missed his presence there.

Hoping for a full recovery.

Radar66 22nd Aug 2010 18:17

Crossed swords with Binos many times, both off and on the board, but never would've wished this on him. Hope he pulls through.

con-pilot 22nd Aug 2010 20:28

We had the great pleasure of having Chris coming to our home and staying with my wife and I for a week.

We are very sadden by this latest turn of events and hope for a rapid recovery. If Chris still has the the mental capability, by God he is capable of walking out of that hospital.

God Bless Chris, please get well soon.

Alec and Suzi.

pigboat 22nd Aug 2010 21:03

Terrible news. Hang in there buddy, I'll be pulling for ya. :sad:

lexxity 22nd Aug 2010 22:28

All my best wishes for a speedy and healthy recovery Chris. My best to your family too. x

timmcat 22nd Aug 2010 23:05

Thats really bad news - a colourful stalwart from the earlier days of PPRuNe and I seem to recall I may have banned him from my own forum once... I do believe he considered that yet another badge of honour and didnt take it personally.

Really hoping for a positive outcome from this.

OpsNormal 23rd Aug 2010 00:35

Was very fortunate some years ago to happen into MKY during one of his shifts and subsequently invited up the tower for a coffee, where we had a good laugh about a stoush we'd had here somewhere around 99/2000ish (my previous incarnation before this one).

I for one certainly hope that Chris pulls through this.



Metro man 23rd Aug 2010 01:14

A most worthy opponent to cross swords with on this forum, as we did on more than one occasion. I hope he recovers and starts posting again soon.:sad:

SoulManBand 23rd Aug 2010 01:32

Sorry to hear, hope you recover, Binos.

Buster Hyman 23rd Aug 2010 03:42

Well, I was going to post about how I didn't always get on with Bino's, in a political sense & other areas, but it seems it wasn't just me! :ok: He has obviously created a polarising effect on people and, on a bulletin board, that is not necessarily a bad thing.

I think he is best summed up by a post he put in my "Almost Bought the farm" thread. We had been sparring quite frequently up until that point, and I think this sums up a man that can argue quite vociferously with and then...

Haven't checked in for months, Buster, but serendipitously here I am tonight. Wars of words over politics or anything else are reduced to nothingness when the family safety is at issue. My best to you and your family. Hope everything turns out ok.


Or health Bino's, or health. Take care mate & I hope you get back on here & abuse me for being a sissy or something!!!! :ok::ok::ok:

Atlas Shrugged 23rd Aug 2010 06:25

Get well soon Bino's

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