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LambOfGod 16th Dec 2009 07:13

CASA flight crew licence wallets
Hello, dear PPRuners.

It hase come to my attention that I'd like to purchase a licence wallet for my medical and SPL. So, I thought I'd by a good/proper one, and I Googled and up came Casa.
PDF - First link

- $15??

So is that just for the wallet, does it say PPL on it? Seems a little to formal:} Why do they need my ARN? Will that be printed on the front?

Cheers anyone who can help out:ok:

AussieNick 16th Dec 2009 07:19

just rock up to a CASA office, they generally have them in stock.

Mine has Flight Crew Licence printed on it in gold. wallet is green.

bout $15 if memory serves me correctly

The Green Goblin 16th Dec 2009 07:49

Just never update it :ok:

My licence stills says I'm a CPL with no instrument rating, no type endorsements and no ratings whatsoever.

I'm not forking out $25 for a replacement licence every renewal!

pistanbroke 16th Dec 2009 07:50

With any paper that has to be inserted into a plastic sleeve, like the CASA license wallets, lightly rub some talcum powder on the paper prior to insertion into the sleeve. Not only will your wallet smell pretty, the ink will not come off the page and the paper will not stick to the plastic. You will be able to remove and insert all the paper changes (that you are willing to pay for) into your wallet for many years to come. Guaranteed.:ok:

LambOfGod 16th Dec 2009 09:00

Ok thanks alot.

It seems like people realy do hate CASA here... And is it a legal requirement to have all your endorsements up to date. ie, pay the $25?

Just confirming, say I was to purchase it, they post it for free and its only the wallet?

rmcdonal 16th Dec 2009 09:07

You do not need a current licence to fly. All you need is a licence. So if you get a new endo then you can still fly on your old licence as long as your log book is stamped appropriately. Saves $25 each time you get something new. :ok:

737 wannabe 16th Dec 2009 09:32

I did have the cheaper green license holder until recently I upgraded to the more expensive leather Airservices license holder ($50). As has been mentioned here ink sticks to the plastic in the cheaper holder and looks a bit untidy. In my opinion the leather one is worth the money if you're in it for the long term. It looks much more professional.

I recommend Skylines at Moorabbin. Great service and everything you need.

DH 200' 16th Dec 2009 09:44

The Airservices licence holder is the go. Looks better, does the job and is of a lot higher quality than the CASA wallet.

training wheels 16th Dec 2009 10:03

Originally Posted by LambOfGod (Post 5382556)
Just confirming, say I was to purchase it, they post it for free and its only the wallet?

Free postage? I doubt it. The words 'CASA' and 'free' in the same sentence .. never!

And yes, it's just the wallet. If you want a printout of your license, it will cost you $25. Any other places, it would probably cost about 25 cents to print an A4 page but at CASA, it's $25! :mad:

kingRB 16th Dec 2009 10:31

Another +1 for Airservices licence holder.

I think they actually guarantee that the ink wont stick to the plastic pages like other crappier ones

PA39 16th Dec 2009 21:51

:confused:When i was ramped and produced my ink smudged, pages stuck together licence the FOI asked "What is this" to which i replied "Don't blame me you guys made it". I just keep an open page for my medical.

Counter-rotation 17th Dec 2009 00:38

Too many changes
I still have my old "credit card" licence - I just carry that, and my medical (for domestic ops)


Lasiorhinus 17th Dec 2009 00:43

If you iron the pages before you put them into the wallet, it will prevent the toner from transferring onto the plastic sleeves.

LambOfGod 17th Dec 2009 02:44

Maybe I'll buy the wallet from Skylines for $12.. Gotta check shipping first..

The Green Goblin 17th Dec 2009 02:50

Just go to your local pilot shop or CASA office.

They all have them!

LambOfGod 17th Dec 2009 05:44

CASA office?

Local pilot shop.. Well actualy, the closest is probably DownunderPilotShop at Darling Harbour.. But they aint have any according to there site..

longrass 17th Dec 2009 08:11

$25 for a license print out? Since when, went into casa with dad the other day, hasn't flown for 15 years, they printed out his flight crew license for free!

It was complete with SE <5700, B55/58, Dove, Bristol Freighter, DC3, DC4, Constant Speed, but no RG, he questioned it, the casa bloke, who used to work for dad said, oh that can't be right, so went and added it, along with bongo and partenavia without asking any questions!

LambOfGod 17th Dec 2009 09:55

they printed out his flight crew license for free!
My flying school tells/bitches how crappy CASA are and I have always had the best help from them..

And thats a prety old school list:ok: Will he fly again?

Xcel 17th Dec 2009 12:05

iron the back of the licence before inserting it...

ink side down run a warm iron over it and bobs your uncle...

Old Akro 26th Feb 2014 21:48

It seems like people realy do hate CASA here...
That would be an understatement.

And don't forget if the new Part 61 licencing regs get through in September there will be a new licence format with (inevitably) new charges to change to it.

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