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Herky Turkey 13th Oct 2009 10:30

CPL Human Factors & TEM
With the recent addition of Threat & Error Management to the CHUF exam, I am eager to find out what others think about the updated ATC and Bob Tait Human Factors text books. Were they sufficient in preparing you for the exam? Did you get any unexpected questions regarding TEM in the exam? Is one book better than the other when it comes to this new addition of TEM?


Jazzy78910 13th Oct 2009 10:48

If you haven't already, I would recommend you gain a copy of the TEM text from CASA. I believe they'll send you a kit for the cost of postage (or so I've been told).

...Having just sat a PPL exam yesterday I must admit, I'd never even heard of it until the question popped up in the test!

AVIATOR1982 13th Oct 2009 13:30

I did mine a couple of months ago, studied both ATC and Bob Tait and to say the least they were way off the mark, I passed but got a few that I really had no idea about. Having said that still being a relativley new addition at that point I don't really think anybody knew what to expect, I think CASA have now issued some material explaining exactly what needs to be covered so get your hands on that and you shouldn't have any problems.:ok:

RWD5 13th Oct 2009 14:54

here's what you need: CAAP 5.59-1

some of the document is about teaching TEM, the rest should cover what could be asked in the exam regarding TEM. my Bob Tait text didnt cover the stuff at all.

Orion Delta 14th Oct 2009 04:06

Hi I just bought Bob Tait's "Human Factors" as I am about to do the exam in 3 weeks time. It looks like there is alot of information in, this is why I chose his books over ATC books.

Did you just "scrape in" or was it o.k?

soseg 14th Oct 2009 04:29

I have heard that the Bob Tait book doesnt cover it as well as it could...
friend of a friend just sat the CPL chuf exam and failed it even after reading all the TEM stuff in the bob tait book... so no clue

I am studying ATPL chuf atm and have been given a copy of the updated bob tait theory on it but am not relying on it... and have little to no idea on what else I should read... apparently a good dozen questions on the exam are on TEM... so I'm gona at the very least try get 100% on all the other stuff as I am not expecting to score well in TEM

john_tullamarine 14th Oct 2009 05:10

You could do a lot worse than do some searching on the CRM Forum and, indeed, google search. The amount of stuff on the net is wide reaching.

tmpffisch 14th Oct 2009 06:34

I did ATPL HUF a week or two ago, Bob Tait barely covers TEM and not sufficiently for ATPL. Look at the CAAP and the ATC Human Factors book, along with CASA's Safety Behaviours package.

ules 15th Oct 2009 04:07

does anyone have a pdf copy of TEM notes by anychance ?ive got an old book of ATC which doesnt have it. ive got the bob tait ones but now im scared it wont cover it all.. thanks.

wishiwasupthere 15th Oct 2009 07:54

I did the commercial Human Factors exam today and passed with a decent score. I used the Bob Tait text and the CAAP and got 4 questions wrong, 1 of which was a TEM question. There were about 8 TEM questions all up off the top of my head. I think if you have a good read of both Bot Taits book and the CAAP it should give you enough knowledge to pass the exam. Sorry, can't comment on ATC books.

Having said that, most of the TEM stuff seemed like common sense with fancy names attached. :ugh:The key is to try and remember what names apply to what common sense. Thats my 2c anyway.

AVIATOR1982 15th Oct 2009 08:48

Thats interesting that you only had eight TEM questions, perhaps they have changed the weighting of the exam back to actually include the rest of the subject:ugh:. I did mine about two weeks after they first started including it in the exams and 16 of the 40 questions were TEM. Either that or its just completley random how many you get on any exam sitting.

ules 15th Oct 2009 13:43

yeah same here i sat it 5 weeks ago without knowledge of the new tem subject added. i got 12 questions from tem and failed by 1 mark. :{
damn TEM. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

trashie 16th Oct 2009 02:39

To all those who are undertaking flight training, it is important that you pass these exams; however, I get the feeling in some cases that this is just another tick in the box exercise.

Without wishing to stand on a soap box, HF and TEM are not just about commonsense, because common sense in some instances is un-common. HF and TEM helps us identify those individual factors and influences that can affect our decision making and situational awareness. It is also about self assessment and willingness to learn from our mistakes and importantly our attitude and behaviour.

Those lucky enough to here Tony Kern who CASA brought out from the US will relate to how we should continuously be looking out for the mistakes we make and how we can address them.

DH 200' 2nd Nov 2009 11:25

As others have said above, the addition of Threat and Error Management to the Human Factors exam really does require a firm understanding.

For the future benefit of others who are about to sit this exam, ensure you:
a) Are completely satisfied you understand Bob Tait's Human Performance and Limitations book.
b) For what it's worth, ask Bob for a copy of his TEM notes if you haven't purchased the new book already. (ATC won't provide you with a free copy so don't bother)
c) Get your hands on the Safety Behaviors kit available from the CASA Online store (you only pay for postage) This contains helpful information in regards to TEM and also has an extract from CAAP 5.59

Having said that, if you have a firm grasp of everything in the syllabus bar TEM, (and you're a little lucky) you should be able to pass regardless.

Art of Flying 20th Nov 2009 05:15

Did Human Factors today and had 10 TEM Q's. Q's worded very ambiguously. Failed by 1 Mark also. Clearly the student needs to be up to speed with TEM and try to obtain as much information regarding the specifics to the sub-components of each area. This is what I have learnt from today.

Pro777 20th Nov 2009 08:02

Originally Posted by Art of Flying (Post 5327950)
Did Human Factors today and had 10 TEM Q's. Q's worded very ambiguously. Failed by 1 Mark also.

Sorry to hear, 1 mark is a little rough!

As mentioned above - even if you have the updated Bob Tait book with TEM, unfortunately there's not enough information. Particularly on the different types of countermeasures (planning, execution & review) that you'll likely have to know for various questions.

These are summarised in the CAAP though there's more thorough examples in the Safety Behaviors kit.

planning countermeasures: including flight
planning, briefing, and contingency planning;
execution countermeasures: including
monitoring, cross-checking, workload and systems
management; and
review countermeasures: including evaluating
and modifying plans as the flight proceeds, and
inquiry and assertiveness to identify and address
issues in a timely way.

Art of Flying 26th Nov 2009 04:28

Cheers Pro777,

That's a great help and madly reviewing the info.

Have been doing some searching also and found the Powerpoint presentation of LASO from University of Texas.

Have booked exam for Bankstown though it a very popular venue at the moment. Had to write to ASL to open more session as the remainder of the year had been booked out. The kindly obliged to add more sessions.

Also downloaded syllabus to understand the examiners direction of questions.

Happy travels!

Power 26th Nov 2009 19:48

The last 2 questions of my PPL exam were on TEM. I had no idea that TEM had been incorporated into the syllabus until about an hour before my exam lucky my instructor showed me the CAAP notes!

Track5milefinal 28th Nov 2009 00:53

The last 2 questions of my PPL exam were on TEM
SO were mine, about undesired aircraft states had no idea:eek:

glekichi 28th Nov 2009 01:40

Did AHUF on the 24th.
About 10 questions, maybe more, on TEM. Most of those were on countermeasures.

The information given in the CAAP regarding countermeasures is nowhere near enough to complete the picture and figure out which answer they are looking for with the questions. The questions and answers were ambiguous, as somebody else has mentioned.

I passed the exam but, wow, Human Factors, traditionally the easiest exam, is now the lowest score I have got for any of the exams!

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