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YPJT 16th Sep 2009 12:30

How many Flight Safety magazines can you read?
Well it appears that CASA has doubled up on this months Flight Safety crash comic and sent two copies out to every ARN holder. :ugh:

the wizard of auz 16th Sep 2009 12:33

Yup, I got two as well........ also got a bill for $480 for my AOC, no change, renewal.
thieving skunks. :mad:

Staticport 16th Sep 2009 13:13

I only got one...unlucky!

Cessna Capt 16th Sep 2009 13:17

CASA has the time to send out 2 mags, but it takes them months to send out my licence after a CIR renewal which i've payed for. Maybe they might send me 2 licences

VH-XXX 16th Sep 2009 13:17

I don't know of anyone yet (other than those here) who got 2. Perhaps they are trying to tell you something...

kingRB 16th Sep 2009 13:38

I feel left out, I only got one :(

Bla Bla Bla 16th Sep 2009 13:45

Anyone know what Casa stands for I bet there's loads I have not heard.

c#$%s against sensible aviation, is the only one I know, there must be more.

kellykelpie 16th Sep 2009 13:57

I got two and I live in Singapore! Both sent up here and arrived the same day.

PyroTek 16th Sep 2009 14:57

only one here, unless the kids next door stole the other copy!:}

YoDawg 16th Sep 2009 15:28

Some of the articles on engineering aspects of GA are worth reading.

As for the rest, do they still fill it with "interesting" articles on cabin trolley accidents and galley dramas?

Some time ago, it went from a straight-forward "Crash Comic" to being full of touchy feely articles on cabin tray-table mishaps, trolley brake overheats, quizzes and too much other miscellaneous crap to cover adequately here...... did I miss anything?

"What is the Safety message to be inferred from this photograph?"

Followed by this week's best five inane attempts at Gary Larson humour by private pilots, none of which, none of which is actually humourous or related to safety. Best entry wins $50 worth of CASA "safety products".... wtf??? Does he mean a case of Flying Frangers? Now that'd be handy.

The Flight Safety mag used to be full of accounts, state by state, on all the latest accidents including injury/fatality count and a good description of what happened, if they knew. You could learn something about flying by reading them. The current mag is a sad shadow of its former self. In describing it, I'm tempted to use the word "gay" but it's so un-PC these days... :rolleyes:

Awol57 16th Sep 2009 15:33

Ha, you all got ripped off. I got 3.

The postie struggled to jam them into the letter box.

ad-astra 16th Sep 2009 21:43

My shredder will be working overtime.
The FS magazine arrives, I rip the address page off the cover and shred it, and turf the uselss piece of advertising in the bin.

alphacentauri 16th Sep 2009 22:40

Geez AWOL, now you are going to have to split your time equally between reading 'Flight Safety' mags and conquering Guitar Hero 5..!!! hahahaha :E:E

Awol57 16th Sep 2009 22:56

Guitar hero everytime, come on you know me!!

Bla Bla Bla 16th Sep 2009 23:20

I got just the one copy and feel quite bitter about it, I mean four copies is a matching set of place mats!

Towering Q 17th Sep 2009 00:04

2 for me as well. Always a good read with Weetbix in the morning, assuming there's no newspaper or Target catalogues lying around.

Led Zep 17th Sep 2009 03:48

I got two of the darn things!

Icefire 17th Sep 2009 04:35

I got 2 as well. Very handy though. One for the inside bog and the other for the outside bog.

Jay Bo 17th Sep 2009 05:56

:{:{:{ Where's mine:{:{:{
CASA doesnt love me anymore

brns2 17th Sep 2009 06:44

I was mailed 2 also! At least i can read it twice

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