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Mick.B 26th Jan 2008 04:13

Hornets over Melbourne
Just got back from the city and I recon I saw one of the coolest flypasts of Hornets. I was up on the Eureka Sky Deck and 4 Hornets first come from the North down ST Kilda Rd at 500 ft agl, then out over the bay and back again. That was ok but after getting back down on ground level about 40 minutes later, while walking along the Yarra at South Bank, the 4 F-18s came back in line, F****G low, maybe 4-500 ft following the Yarra River to its every curve. The 4th one really didn`t look to miss Crown Casino tower by a long way. They were awesom. Great to see an unpredictable display. Thanks guys if you read this. :D:D:D:D

JaseAVV 26th Jan 2008 04:31

yeah they came in low over Geelong around midday as well. Must've been on their way to you!

Mick.B 26th Jan 2008 04:42

They were back over Melbourne about 12.15pm. When they left Melbourne the first time they headed South along the East side of the bay low level and then may have gone coastal along towards Torquay before coming over Geelong.

VH-XXX 26th Jan 2008 05:00

Well in actual fact they arrived from the North of Melbourne and proceeded to conduct fly-bys as low as 200ft AGL including south Melbourne at 11:35am for several minutes. They then departed via Brighton, Moorabbin zone then south VFR coastal at no more than 1,000ft for a clockwise orbit of the bay and over Geelong then back to Melbourne. Heard it all on Radar - callsign COBRA.

CrazyMTOWDog 26th Jan 2008 06:04

Was this for the tennis, and was it a practice run for the mens final tomorrow?

gezza182 26th Jan 2008 06:11

They were doing flypasts of Australia Day celebrations in Melbourne.

I saw the Royal Vic Formation team out this morning also, so I guess they may also have been doing flypasts too.

Does a formation of four F18's compare to a formation of Warriors?

CrazyMTOWDog 26th Jan 2008 07:54

Ah yes, I forgot about public holidays:O

Only if the Warrior's are being flown inverted.

VH-XXX 28th Jan 2008 07:37

Yeah man that Royal Vic warrior fly-by formation really goes off!! giddee up.

gezza182 29th Jan 2008 07:07

Apologies if my earlier posting seemed a bit cynical, because I actually "dips me lid" to the RVAC formation teams.

They do it all at there own cost, practice regularly, and put on great tight displays over a range of functions.

The drone of four to six warrior engines flying over an aviator's funeral has brought a tear to many an eye. It certainly has to mine.

Keep up the good work folks.

Naked_recommiting 29th Jan 2008 08:54

The 4 ship of Hornets was one of the many taskings for Australia Day - Melb, Syd, Adel and the central coast. The Melb flypast you mention specifically was tasked for the parade on Swanston St (1135) and the Shrine (1138). No doubt some nice work on behalf of the boys involved to have auth'ed a trip around the Bay and back up the Yarra!

Naked_recommiting 30th Jan 2008 00:17

More info -

Cobra = 3 SQN from Williamtown

Eureka Tower = 957', Cobra = 500'AGL within 1000' of the Tower

Did anyone take note of their formation flying? Any good? Loud?

Mick.B 30th Jan 2008 05:28

Excellent formation of 4. Very load when they burned up the Yarra. Quite sure they had the burners kicked in. on that pass.

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