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nohumbug 29th Nov 2007 10:05

VB November Interviews-
Has anyone who has had a November interview had "the call/email" yet ?

knightflyer 29th Nov 2007 17:31

Next week, meeting today to decide who gets what from november.
Good Luck to all

Dookie on Drums 29th Nov 2007 17:46

Next week eh?

I hope so. Have been waiting 3 weeks now and it's killing me :ouch:

Best of luck to everyone :ok:

SQUIZZY 30th Nov 2007 05:09

Has anyone heard they where not successful from November ??

SQUIZZY 3rd Dec 2007 05:35

Anything???, Anybody????

Toluene Diisocyanate 3rd Dec 2007 06:22

Well Squizzy if youre the Squizzy I think you are I hope you've got a crisis plan for Eastern's.
A shitload of captains were interviewed in Nov and if they're successful youll have fun doing the roster in Jan/FEB :}
Fatass Kumar sits back at #42 in denial. He reckons he's got enough cadets to cover things. WRONG!!!!!!!
Most of the capts would stay if QF looked after them with a career progression. That'll never happen. AIPAs too late.
Virgin's got it sorted. Jungle Jets due to start in Feb on Eastern/Sunnies routes. Hire all the Qantaslink pilots and they've got no way of fighting back with their "saturation bombing campaign".
The answer is so simple. Kumar should've stuck to dry cleaning in Fiji. Bevan's parting comment was "you've got a fukcwit running Qantaslink now".:D

SQUIZZY 3rd Dec 2007 06:32

Actually I have no idea what you are talking about!! But to add fuel to your fire there were two eastern guys being interviewed same day as myself

tipan13 5th Dec 2007 05:11

Does anybody know of anybody that is 738 endorsed and current getting a jungle jet gig?
I have an interview next month and im worried I could end up on the 170......

Ang737 5th Dec 2007 07:10

Tipan... Whats your problem with the 170 ???? :confused:

Ang737 5th Dec 2007 07:59

Anyone got a start date from the Oct round of interviews for the E Jet yet...???

Ang :bored:

tipan13 5th Dec 2007 10:58

Ang 737,

I have no issue with the 170, however I do have an issue with paying for a type rating on another jet when im already flying the 737....and getting 20% less for the privlidge!!!!!!!!!!

airbusa330 5th Dec 2007 11:25

Calm down ladies.
If you are currently operating the 73 it would not make sense to put you on the ejet(thats what they said to me)unless they have an operational reason i.e no 73 crew required.And since that is not the case,rest assured that you will get the 73.

tipan13 5th Dec 2007 11:28

Cheers Airbusa:ok:

Dookie on Drums 5th Dec 2007 19:14

So has anyone heard anything yet from the Nov round? Yay or nay?


SQUIZZY 5th Dec 2007 20:09

Heard nothing, dont know if this is good or bad

Spanwise Flow 6th Dec 2007 00:36

G'day Ang, had interview in Oct, got the yes about 3 weeks later, still waiting on further details, none as yet.

Dookie on Drums 10th Dec 2007 23:43

Giddy up
Got the call this morning;

B737 and SYD Base.

To say I am happy would be an understatement:ok:

Good luck to all waiting!!

nohumbug 11th Dec 2007 02:08

Well done dookie ...i hope your at the local, throwing them down..

when was your interview??

Dookie on Drums 11th Dec 2007 02:13

Thanks nohumbug,

Throwing them down at home actually :}

Had my interview early November.

nohumbug 11th Dec 2007 02:18

Well done!! I bet they are going down a treat

I feel a bit better now. My interview was mid to late november and sweating on getting any response.

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