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Bendo 11th Oct 2007 22:35

Offloading your Jepps?
If any of you guys are moving on to QF/ANZ/CX and have a spare set of Jepps, PM me and I might be able to take them off your hands :ok:


apache 13th Oct 2007 08:01


gimme a call after 24th October.... you can HAVE mine.

got some amendments for you to do though.

sub valid till Nov22.

Bendo 13th Oct 2007 10:10

Okey baby I have DAP, but I have looked at the costs and Jepps are actually better value, not to mention the fact that the whole lot is in one or two binders in your flight bag, not four!

Apache mate I don't care what they said about you in that interview I went to, you're NOT an animal.

Anybody else looking for Jepps drop a line here, there are a couple of other guys out therewho have current sets and are prepared to offload.

Nice work, team :ok:

AirlinePirate 13th Oct 2007 13:49


I be expressin' my interest in ther Jepps, if there be any buried treasure!


MACH082 14th Oct 2007 08:35

ill put my hand in aswell for jeps, need to get away from these darn aps, i have a full set of daps with about 10 months left on the subsription, if i can get jeps ill offload the daps!

MR. PROACH 14th Oct 2007 09:53

If there is any chance for a set of Jepps, I'd stand a beer or two. Pesky IREX thingie to do next month.....

Can anyone give any tips for the IREX exam? Yes, I'll try and dial in the correct freq etc - but if you know any tidbits etc the ATO's look for I'd sure appreciate it.

And apologies to all for having to listen to my yankee accent........:)

apache 14th Oct 2007 22:29

Bendo, Bendo, Bendo.....

I thought WE sorted that out a few years ago over some scraps at the dinner table and some spilt red wine? (which you LAPPED up!)

besides, I have become more "refined" in my old(er) age .... Just ask a couple of special people whom I have hand selected to answer that question.

why you need Jepps all of a sudden ? you off to a REAL airline ? or just setting a company standard?

I can even hand deliver them 1/2 way for you!!!

Bendo 14th Oct 2007 23:34

Scone Races 1999
Yes well.... THAT WAS THEN. **bangs table for emphasis**

I am actually doing both the things you suggest, but must do one before I can step off to the other.

... although the unkind might suggest the standard set would be higher if I left! :D

ZK-EBC 15th Oct 2007 00:29

Jepps wanted
...looks like ive got to join the queue. Also after a set of Jepps, so if you have a set to offload please PM me.
cheers EBC

apache 15th Oct 2007 00:40

... although the unkind might suggest the standard set would be higher if I left!
methinks that that would be an entirely seperate thread.... which may run to several pages, Bendo.

Glad to hear of "career progression". Is "the handbrake"in full accord? does she understand exactly what debauchery you are in for?

Roller Merlin 18th Oct 2007 10:31

Ill join the queue - after a set of Jepps too. Please PM me if are interested.

Cap'n Arrr 18th Oct 2007 11:59

I be expressin' my interest in ther Jepps, if there be any buried treasure!
Arr, there might be. I be burying mine at the minimas for the GNSS at YBAS, but be warned, if ye dig past the minima or dont dig within tolerance, ye be having to conduct the missed approach, which be to track direct to the plank on descent to Mean Sea Level:E

marbig 21st Oct 2007 22:24

If anybody is looking for a set of Jepps, mine is available, PM me if your interested.

DCH 25th Oct 2007 21:45

Hello everyone I am a newbee here.

I have started my flying training and would like to know if anyone has some Jeppersens to sell me.


av8trflying 26th Oct 2007 03:37

Looks like I can add my name to the ever expanding list of people who would like a set of Jepps. PM me if you have a set that is current.


apache 26th Oct 2007 05:31

Bendo.... I lost your number. If you want the jepps, give me a call.

yogiphil 29th Oct 2007 05:40

I too am looking for a set of Jepps. PM me if interested in offloading them.

Hans Solo 29th Oct 2007 12:43

Crikey you [email protected]*K%^s,

This is Bendo's JEPP's bludge, so rack-off and start your own JEPP's thread!!:}
Kind Regards To All


corowacomet 29th Oct 2007 12:56

You guys do realise that Jeppesen is a company that still exists? They actually still sell things as well. The way you're all going on it seems like there is a blackmarket trade in Jepps! Try calling them it worked for me.:}
The Comet.

Bendo 29th Oct 2007 13:11


I have my bludged set of Jepps, cost me a carton :ok: - if this thread facilitates "thignifficant Thynergies" or even blatant bludging and humbugging.... good!:D


That is a LOT cheaper than buying a whole new set from Jepp and adding in a subscription.

...add to that the fact that NOBODY is going to keep their Jepps up-to-date once they're working for a major and we have a win-win situation... you get $100 (or a carton of the good stuff or whatever), your Jepps go to a good home (yes you will need to find something else to hold your dining table level) and a GA dude gets one step closer in prepping himself for the big stuff.

Isn't that all good? ;)

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