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Abolishment of the CASA Board

Old 29th Mar 2021, 06:01
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Abolishment of the CASA Board

My records show that in 2003, John Anderson abolished the CASA Board. Does anyone know what explanation was given at the time for doing this?

It looks as if Mr Albanese re-established the Board in 2009.
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Old 29th Mar 2021, 09:28
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Here is a copy of the Explanatory Memorandum of the Bill that became the Act that repealed (as it turned out, temporarily) the provisions about the Board in the Civil Aviation Act:

As you will see, the Memorandum says, among other things:
The Bill abolishes the CASA Board and retains CASA as an independent statutory authority, thereby providing the Minister with stronger and more direct control over CASA’s governance and accountability in the areas of CASA’s policy directions and priorities, performance standards, reporting and consultation processes, and stakeholder and industry advisory machinery.
And what happened? Nothing substantial for aviation safety or the efficiency or effectiveness of the regulatory regime and the regulatory reform process.

Please don't tell me that John Anderson's recent announcement of his availability for candidacy, again, means that you're going to try to re-live these pointless political changes again, Dick.

Please, Dick. Please tell us you're not going to fall for it a fourth time.
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Old 29th Mar 2021, 11:48
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Gosh. Rewind the clock Please do it again..get rid of the hopeless bored.. and de- corporatise the place at the same time.
Bring in Sen, McDonald as the Minister for Aviation in the new Department of Aviation
the new agency to get a new nameAviation Agency of Australia or National Aviation Agency but keep the
‘safety’ word out of it.
Give the Department powers to bite the Agency hard if they do regulatory buggery and abuse aviators as they have done in the past with impunity.
Bring in FAA regs
We could be like the USA.. the worlds most vibrant Aviation country
Cut the chains of bureaucrap and let’s us fly free.
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Old 30th Mar 2021, 01:15
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Aroa. Well said mate. I wish it comes true but let me do the math. Nuthin plus nuthin times nuthin divided by nuthin, carry the one ........
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Old 4th Apr 2021, 03:47
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CASA has revitalised and reformulated the very meaning of bureaucracy and has successfully taken it to an altogether higher level. Is there a remote possibility of change.........
This is a 9am to 4:37pm 5 day week organisation presiding over a 24hr 7 day/week industry which is in the bottleneck of thinking this is the only way to do business.

Re-invent it and start again - in time it will happen.
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Old 5th Apr 2021, 06:20
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Good maths Zany. And Dogs is also correct. There will eventually be a revolution but by then I'll be long gone.
We suffer under the bureaucratic boot. The problem clearly stated in this little gem picked up last wee.

"Our leaders are the disease in the heart of our democracy., namely lack of principle and respect for the sovereignty of the individual, which goes with our freedom and prosperity."
"If bureaurats rule...we have tyranny ( we've got it) If the people rule , we have freedom."
Unfortunately for the people, those that we elect supossedly , by the people for the people, just hive it off to the corporatized bunch of trough we are where we are today. Buggered.
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