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flight examiner

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flight examiner

good day all

i am a 15 000 hr ATPL (9 000 hrs 737) , in addition i held a grade 1 flight instructor rating and was a SACAA approved flight examiner...
in feb 2020 i was declared medically unfit - this is likely to be permanent!
according to regs in South Africa i am able to do instruction on all FSTD but no testing!

what i would like to know is can "flight examiners" who have lost their flight medicals still test on FSTD's / Aircraft? (in OZ and NZ)

thanks for the help
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Old 16th Jun 2020, 13:16
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No, a flight examiner is required to hold a valid class 1 medical.
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I'm sorry to hear your commercial flying days are over on medical grounds, I feel your pain.
In answer to your question sadly it's No. This is because of the fundamental requirement, to be able to exercise the privileges of your licence you must hold a current medical certificate. If you can't exercise the privileges of your licence it follows you can't authorise someone else to exercise theirs.
As you say there is no limitations on simulator and classroom training. You just cant issue an endorsement or rating.
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This relates to EASA (Europe).

The licence / ATPL is issued for life and remains valid irrespective of medical status. Without a medical certificate you cannot exercise the privileges of most of the ratings with the exception of the Synthetic Flying Instructor (SFI) Rating and Synthetic Flying Examiners (SFE) Rating.

Essentially an SFI and SFE rating is the same as a TRI and TRE rating (simulator only) and so you can do training and examining for initial issue type ratings, instrument rating renewals, licence proficiency checks, etc. So within EASA you can certainly examine in the simulator without a medical certificate.

Many older and bolder TREs and TRIs cashed in these ratings for SFI and SFE ratings so as to not have to continually pay the licensing / administration fee changing from one to the other as their medical status changed from month to month.
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Flight Examiner

I retired as an Examiner with a major airline and now work as an Instructor and Examiner without a medical - I only instruct and perform flight tests in the simulator. The point is that you can't exercise the privilege of the Examiner Rating in an aircraft without a valid medical. There is no restriction to do that in the simulator (In Australia). Some airlines only allow current, active pilots to act as Examiners but in theory it can be done by a "ground based" Examiner.
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All the best with it, Iím sure you would be a most welcome asset to the industry here in Oz if you can get through the hurdles. Iím tipping re-currency training will spike once business starts to ramp up.

Might even be worth contacting the simulator training centres in Oz and NZ to get an indication of what the possibilities are with regards to employment, assuming you can get through the regulatory hurdles.

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Ex747 In your case were you an examiner with an Australian Licence and current medical certificate at the time of your retirement and wasn't required to renew it, as opposed to suspended or cancelled. Do you hold a medical exemption. I'm not sure if you can convert a foreign licence without a current Australian medical certificate. Can you renew a Command Instrument Rating when you don't hold one yourself. Is this a recent change in requirements.

The fundamental requirement in Law (not limited to aviation) is that the qualified person must be licenced without restriction.

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Just to clarify.

You can operate in the SIM only without a Class 1 Medical in both jurisdictions. You can also obtain a CAA NZ Flight Examiner approval without the Class 1 but I'd have to double check the OZ requirement (I believe it's the same).

The biggest issue is that both CASA and CAA NZ will not recognised the fact you have been or currently are an examiner outside of their systems. This will mean you will need to convert your licence and then jump through the hoops of obtaining the required instructor rating (D Cat or FIR) before moving onto the FER qualification. Finding somebody to do this process given the time and expense of doing it in the SIM, it's highly unikely you will find an organisation capable of delivering what you are after.

Sorry, probably not what you wanted to hear newcrew
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No, a flight examiner is required to hold a valid class 1 medical.
Class 2 will suffice in some instances.
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In Oz you can examine in a simulator without a current medical. You can examine in light aircraft on a class two medical. But first you need a Part 61 licence, and to get that you will need at least a class two medical for CPL (Aussie Bob correct me on that if I have it wrong) and class one for ATPL issue. Once you have the licence it never expires even if the medical does.
While ICAO licence conversion to the Oz ticket is do-able by jumping through a few hoops, there seems to be NO recognition of foreign examiner qualifications.
As a general rule (with transport category aircraft at least) you can only examine items on which you have been assessed proficient within the applicable time limit e.g instrument rating current within last year to conduct IPC, proficiency check on type within previous two years to conduct Type Rating test etc.
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