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The value of general aviation

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The value of general aviation

Make a wild guess as to the country in which a court judgment was delivered with these reasons among others, with my bolding:
[Named mystery airport] is a general aviation airport. The [mystery national regulator] defines general aviation (GA) as operations of aircraft not covered by rules that govern air carriers or charter aircraft. Our national system of airports, heliports, and seaplane bases was developed to provide communities with access to a safe and adequate public system of general aviation airports.

The nation’s general aviation airports focus mainly on more specialized services that airlines cannot provide. In 2009, nonairline operators at these general aviation airports spent over $12 billion, flying an estimated 27 million flights for emergency medical services, aerial firefighting, law enforcement, and border control, agricultural functions, flight training, time-sensitive air cargo services, business travel, and scheduled services.

Federal, state, and local governments have invested in a system of general aviation airports since the beginning of the 20th century. This airport system is interconnected and interdependent and was included in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems because these locations were deemed important to the federal system and are open to the public.

Having such a well-developed system of general aviation airports throughout the country supports commerce while also providing a safety net of airports to support emergency aircraft diversions when necessary due to mechanical issues, medical emergencies, deteriorating weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. [Mystery airport] is one such example, and serves as one of only eleven reliever airports in the state.

Not only is general aviation important to the national infrastructure, but it serves a critical role as the cradle of aviation. The security and economic vitality of the [mystery country] depends on this laboratory of flight where future civilian and military pilots are born. Airports such as [the mystery airport] blossomed in an era when local young men turned their dreams of barnstorming into air dominance in World War II and led this country into its golden age. These dreams still live in our youth, and general aviation endures as the proving ground for future pilots from all walks of life.

Finally, there is a certain freedom that defines general aviation. Men and women throughout history gazed longingly at the soaring effortless freedom of birds, pondering release from the symbolic bondage of gravity. Only here can a man or woman walk onto some old farmer’s field and turn dreams into reality. As Charles Lindbergh once said: “What freedom lies in flying, what Godlike power it gives to men . . . I lose all consciousness in this strong unmortal space crowded with beauty, pierced with danger.”

Thus, general aviation airports serve a myriad of public purposes. The record substantiates the importance of general aviation and [the mystery airport's] role in particular. The Defendant offered documentary and testimonial evidence, which this Court found persuasive in its determination of public purpose. The objective evidence demonstrated that general aviation generates over a billion dollars in revenue and creates thousands of jobs across the state. It has a substantial economic impact on communities and contributes directly to local business transportation capability. The evidence also demonstrated that [a mystery state's] general aviation infrastructure provides many health, welfare, and social benefits: emergency medical services, schools, fire and emergency services, law enforcement, tour operators, and traffic surveillance directly benefit from general aviation airports.
Clue: It's not Australia.
For those who can't guess, here's a link to the judgment:
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The good ole USA
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Of course it's not Australia. Regrettably, the powers that be in Australia are not sufficiently enlightened.
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But the USA is a First World Country.
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Don't make the mistake of thinking CASA aren't aware of what a thriving GA could do for the the Australian economy, they're well aware I'm sure. The fact is that they just don't care! They don't want to actually have to do work, they want to ride the gravy train for as long as possible and make it as easy as possible for themselves along the way.
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Unfortunately for us , we dont have the same open thinking of indivirual freedoms that US Democracy has.
The authoritarian bums in our little d democracy re too busy scribbling regs to detail how you are going to live your life, by their edicts
Just look at this crap about ..write us an 'exposition' of what you want to do and we will have a look at it and decide. And for make work piss -around...knock it back and ask for a re-write
.There should have been a revolt against this BS years ago.. but having got the GA Industry by the nuts, and your economic well-being at risk, either play their games or go and do something else.

Get yr rrat sen submissions in... and maybe something gets done.
AS I've said before...... You can have a fat and costly CAsA,,or a viable GA industry... but not both
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