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MAF - Missionary Aviation Fellowship - Flight Simulator in PNG

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MAF - Missionary Aviation Fellowship - Flight Simulator in PNG

Old 11th Aug 2019, 22:11
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@Johhny, that's the one.
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Old 12th Aug 2019, 05:29
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It always amazes me how PPRuNe threads wander off track. We started off talking about a sim,then MAF aircraft in Mareeba and now we are on to SIL and Catholic aviation

There have been a number of claims and inferences about MAF on this forum so I contacted them. I am not employed by them and never have been although I have a number of friends who have. My interest in them as an organisation is purely an observer of how people in this mercenary world can still put their money and time where the beliefs are.

These are the facts from MAF office an hour ago.

There is NO US money in the Australian operation

They are standardising on C208s and the C208s sitting around (1 now) are in the process of being prepared for P2 operations.

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Old 12th Aug 2019, 05:50
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Thatís fantastic but where did the 30 mill for the last half dozen Caravans come from?
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Old 12th Aug 2019, 06:20
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Originally Posted by wheels_down View Post
That’s fantastic but where did the 30 mill for the last half dozen Caravans come from?

I am not a conspiracy theorist and I don't think that it came from the Caribbean.

If they are standardizing on one type, I imagine someof the purchase price at least will come or has come from the disposal of the GA8s. To me going away from a mixed fleet, if it can still meet needs is just good business.

Having aircraft standing around for conversion,especially if they have to meet specific fitouts or changes for P2 rego is normal. Also normal to fly out hours on the GA8s if they have to be overhauled prior to sale?

The Australian arm of MAF has been running from just after WW2. They would have access to all kinds of legitimate funding.
Why are you suggesting their ops are anything but legitimate?


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Old 12th Aug 2019, 07:13
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Not to many operators in PNG are willing to go to bush strips these days. Not real sure Jesus & friends are wanted at many of them but the cargo is..

MAF have always been a charter company that doesnít pay tax etc.

Sim sounds like a waste of money but so does religion to me.
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Old 12th Aug 2019, 12:15
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Flying into Nalca..
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Old 13th Aug 2019, 08:20
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For all of you ready to criticise MAF ( and neither SIL or Adventist or NTM do any charter work of any scale) or those who have donated money for them to buy aircraft, there is plenty of parts of PNG with no flights at. I am sure all these airports that now almost never see a flight would welcome you to put action ahead of your typing by setting up an operation to provide rural air services

MAF is not nowadays competing really anywhere in PNG with commercial operators , rather they are the only operator providing any air service at all to most of the rural areas in PNG. There are a very small number of commercial air operators left but where they are able or willing to operate, almost always MAF is happy to use its limited resources somewhere else in PNG crying out for a service

Perhaps if you had donated to MAF for the new aircraft, or even if you worked for them you might have a basis to question the parked Caravan. Otherwise we should all simply give them ( and their donors) thanks for providing a service to the rural people of PNG that almost no one else is willing to provide any more, and under trying circumstances that most of us would not accept
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Old 13th Aug 2019, 09:25
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Was supporting a helicopter supplied drill rig out of Tari a while back and I heard rather than . watched a MAF Cessna takeoff in fog with viz 10 feet.I asked the chief Okanagan pilot how the they managed when our helicopters were grounded. He explained that there were rules about viz. IFR,VFR and IFJ,,turns out IFJ is I fly with Jesus
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Old 14th Aug 2019, 01:58
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Last time I read the rule book (CARs not the Bible) charging fares & freight = charter operation.

More then happy to be corrected.
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Old 14th Aug 2019, 02:07
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MAF is a highly respected outfit that provides services throughout many countries in the third world, particularly Africa, I don't really understand why some of the dills on PPRuNe would want to stick it to them.
As for "charter" etc., just let us say that the further you are from Head Office, the more "appropriate" are the interpretations of the "regulations".
Indeed, there is a Chinese proverb that very roughly translates as: The sky is blue, the sun is shining and we are a long way from Beijing.
Tootle pip!!
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Old 14th Aug 2019, 02:14
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To bring you all up to date MAF is now one organisation through out the world. Support comes from many different country organisations.
In the past it was very territorial i.e. Australia did PNG and parts of OZ, USA did Indonesia and South America, England mainly Africa.
Now they have all combined so resources can be used more efficiently.
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Old 14th Aug 2019, 12:46
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Yeah, MAF are nice people. They put me up in their house overnight once when I got stuck in Telefomin. Just remember, wait to say grace before you get stuck into dinner!
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