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Dogs and airports

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Doing flood relief in the Pork Chopper in the Colo Valley north of RAAF Richmond in the early 80s, had to winch a dog handler and his pooch off a cliff face. They had been tracking some lost people, but got stuck themselves in the slippery and steep conditions in the rain and low cloud and luckily we were in the area. The pooch was a little reluctant to be hoisted, mainly because the dog harness for hoisting was about to be invented after this exercise, and he was just wrapped in the handler's leather jacket and grasped to his chest. All good, hound on board.

Heading for Richmond with minimal fuel on board, I made contact with the tower.
"Request Pee Oh Bee" she says.
"We have 4 pee oh bee and one dee oh gee."
"................say again?"
I repeated, and she got the idea.
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I had some engine trouble between Tennant and Alice about 10 years ago. School holidays, lots of traffic on the Stuart Highway including caravans and road trains and I wasn’t keen on landing on the bitumen.

Called Melb Centre

Me: MC, Auster BYM with some engine problems location, etc, etc

After a long pause, female controller came back

MC: BYM how many PoB

Me. One person one dog

MC: BYM say again

Me: One person and one dog

With voice up an octave

MC: Is the dog alright?

And she kindly handed me off to Alice TWR who cleared me 1000 higher than usual just in case.
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Fieldmouse, yes I'm sure that the Airport Operations Manual (750Mb .PDF) has a 10-page section on Dogs. Why ? Well, why not !
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Can’t seem to find the photo of Reg Ansett getting out of his helicopter - with. unrestrained labrador sitting on the back seat.
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Originally Posted by The Wawa Zone View Post
Fieldmouse, yes I'm sure that the Airport Operations Manual (750Mb .PDF) has a 10-page section on Dogs. Why ? Well, why not !
You have found a serious shortcoming in our local airport documentation. I will propose a blanket ban on dogs until they can convene a dog control implementation team to commence a detailed review of the process. I hope CASA and the insurer don't twig. This thread needs to be deleted.
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Fieldmouse. There also needs to be a dog breed approval committee - for example Irish Setters should never be allowed near an aircraft, ever. Labradors should only be allowed to fly single engine aircraft - Border Collies can be safely allowed to fly twins, IFR.
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Certified Aerodromes are required by MOS139 to have an animal hazard plan in place as part of their AD manual. That usually includes how the AD operator controls/deals with dogs airside.
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