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PCX Brisbane parking is free, the shopping centre / bottle shop ect is just across the walkway
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The preamble says:

The Australian Government is improving the integrity of the ASIC and MSIC schemes
What a joke! The only benefit is financial, and strictly limited to those who issue the ASIC cards. If somebody wants to disrupt aviation in Australia they certainly won't bother applying for an ASIC, so it's us compliant mugs who fork out a couple of hundred bucks and every 2 years have to prove who we are to a much greater standard than our passports, which last 10 years. Both my Passport and Driver's Licence are good for ten years, but if you send the same photo from your previous ASIC renewal it won't be accepted.

It might make the public feel good, but it won't make them any safer from someone intent on harm. Melbourne now has concrete blocks strategically located around city landmarks, which do two things. (1) somebody is making a lot of money selling overpriced concrete blocks to gullible authorities and (2) anybody intent on harm will seek out a location without them. Same with ASIC - an impost without purpose or benefit.
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FYI Everyone-

I just spoke to Emily at Aviation ID Australia who was most helpful.

The cost will rise from current $235 to $257.

Yes we will need an original copy of a full birth certificate.

The process is basically the reverse of what it is now.
However it will be massively inconvenient to many people.
WTF they changed it for who knows. They dont!!

You fill in online form, print out and mail with pics and ordinary uncertified copies of all your documents for processing and card production.

You inform them of the nearest security airport closest to where you live ( on the app??) and they will inform you where there closest agent is and this is where they will mail your card, ie direct to their agent.
They are still determining who where their agents will be.!!

You then (make an appt??) go in, show all your original docs for verification and they give you your card and take your old one.

Current processing time is 3-4 weeks.

Obviously the old method was far easier in that anyone on authorised occupation list to certify docs could do that anywhere you live and then when mailed in they sent it direct to you registered mail.

Our complaining here will do no good whatsoever, phone calls. emails to our federal MPs might get this changed or the ability to at least use a passport superceding the need for a birth certificate.
Complaining to make these cards valid for 5 or 10yrs should probably be mentioned too!!! Hope that info helps .

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We should be getting rid of ASICS, not making them tougher.

Jobs for the boys
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And they will not accept your about-to-expire ASIC as any kind of ID, despite having obtained it by jumping through the same hoops.

Astoundingly stupid.
Yep. ASIC is not a valid form of ID. Go figure

Which then begs the question what is the point of it, if it isn't a valid form of ID???
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I don't know what you read, but a valid ASIC can be used as ID.

Category A – evidence of the start of the applicant’s identity in Australia (e.g. Australian Citizenship/Naturalisation Certificate, Australian Birth Certificate, Australian Visa);
Category B – a Government-issued document that provides photographic proof of the applicant’s identity and includes the applicant’s signature (e.g. Driver Licence, Proof of Age/Photo Card, Passport (Australian or foreign));
Category C – evidence of the applicant’s use of the identity while operating in their community (e.g. Medicare card, ASIC or MSIC, PAYG Summary); and
Category D – evidence of the applicant’s current residential address (e.g Utilities Account/Bill/Invoice, Bank Statement/Account Confirmation, Tenancy Agreement).
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If they are going to make the ID so much more betterer and more secure and whatever else they want to claim then surely the period of validity should be increased as a logical consequence of forcing people to jump through more hoops for questionable benefit??

5 years sounds not unfair IMHO, suppose 4 years would be better than no change.

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Dreaming of a day where every airside worker just stops paying............
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what is the US equivalent? anyone know the lead time and cost?
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Originally Posted by Supermouse3 View Post
what is the US equivalent? anyone know the lead time and cost?
For GA there is no such thing
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[QUOTE][Awol57's AvatarAwol57
I don't know what you read, but a valid ASIC can be used as ID./QUOTE]

Ever tried to use it as ID? No one outside of a small part of aviation has any idea what it is. It's not accepted as ID except in select parts of primary airports
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I don't know what you read, but a valid ASIC can be used as ID.
Thats a change theyve made since my last application.

Looking at what you have posted it is only a secondary form of ID anyway. So if the Police pulled you up in an airport or airside you would have to go and get some other form of ID to prove your identity. Which is utterly ridiculous considering how many checks and supporting documents you need to get one
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Thats a change theyve made since my last application.
Yes mate this requirement only comes into effect from 01 Aug. A lot of people probably aren't aware but these changes have been about 5 years in the making as a result of an ANAO audit that identified significant deficiencies in the ID verification process.
So don't blame the Dept for this. The Govt swallowed what they were told by ANAO.
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Two things are going to come out of this:
1. You are going to have to arrange to go to an ASIC IB to have IDs checked.
2. Depending on who your ASIC issuing body uses for ID checking, it could be quite a hefty extra slug.
Check here for a your nearest provider.
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the use of a drivers licence for Identification purposes other than policing road traffic laws is not intended or authorised.
Interesting then, when I collected my new passport recently, I had to show my drivers licence before they'd hand it over.
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Ok I'll take the ****ing bait!
What a disaster. Another $257 on top of all the other bloody gouging in aviation. What member of parliament should we be complaining too again?
Who the hell can afford all this extra time, expense and pointless bureaucracy ?
Then again maybe that was the whole idea: like gun fees that are exorbitantly expensive for gun club members or 'safe skies are empty skies' ideology?
Is it true that the U.S. doesn't bother with this crap? (the so called 'terrorist' main target)
I am honestly so over this convoluted circus shit show.
we spend all ***king day at airports and has anyone ever felt 'safer' because of a stupid plastic tag adorning our gouged necks?
If they keep ****ing off so many people they'll have more terrorists as a result!
Who wants to blow up CASA?, who's with me ? , we can storm Furzer St on the 14th July!!

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I'm sorta sure that Senator Pauline Hanson will get it all sorted if you contact her. Failing that, perhaps try Senator Cory Bernardi?
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No requirement for ID cards for private pilots in Europe either. At the bigger GA or airline destinations ,you might be asked to show your a pilot licence or Passport before proceeding airside.
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NZ has it easy it would appear. No AVSEC card required for private pilots at most airports, a couple that have scheduled services you might get asked to show your licence or some such to get airside if going through the terminal access otherwise that's it
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Welcome to Australia, the worlds petri dish for Nanny State ideas.
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