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Glen Buckley and Australian small business -V- CASA

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Glen Buckley and Australian small business -V- CASA

Old 22nd Aug 2019, 00:54
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It's a "yes" from me and some of my anon aviation friends who do not wish to be named; so get a crowd funding site up and running and we will be one of the first to donate!!!
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Old 22nd Aug 2019, 01:30
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Thanks Porter.
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Old 22nd Aug 2019, 02:24
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Originally Posted by AerialPerspective
Got the magazine today and read it tonight. Great article. Very damning for CASA IMHO.
Yes, but before anyone reads that article I suggest they open the magazine to page 77 and read CASA's Safety Matters page by Shane Carmody: ".... To continue to develop and maintain safety partnerships, CASA must focus strongly on managing its aviation community relationships more effectively, investing resources to maintain open and responsive communication, adopting appropriate technologies and meeting client service expectations." I'm sure Steve put that bit in bold italics for a reason.

I will send both articles to my local MP, Tim Wilson in the context of progress on the Forsyth Report recommendations https://www.infrastructure.gov.au/aviation/asrr/
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Old 22nd Aug 2019, 08:15
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Well written article. That gofundme thing would really play nicely alongside now.
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Old 23rd Aug 2019, 01:25
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The impact of CASA action on my wife.

I intend to call on the public, and particularly those in GA to support my cause.

If I intend to call on the public for support, I want you to understand why, and I will clearly outline the impact of the CASA action on my wife, my members, my children, on me, my staff and suppliers, organisations that wanted to join APTA etc. It will be very open. I have woken up today feeling somewhat "angry". I am probably overwhelmed by the support I have had and somewhat re-energised. I will deal with that when I selfishly get to the post about me.

To the four CASA personnel that I believe are accountable for my current situation.

Those that know me and my family will know that I am blessed with the most amazing (read; patient) wife. We have been married for close to 25 years, and quite seriously had one argument in that entire period. For the record, that was about me not intervening in what my wife perceived as an animal cruelty act. Not by me, but I was in two days of strife because I didn't intervene.

She is a small and somewhat petite lady weighing in with a fighting weight of about 45 kg. Not a particularly strong lady physically, but with a strong moral compass. As she is the sole income earner in the house now she is working 7 days a week, with a couple of 12 hour shifts thrown in. She prepares dinner, and runs the household. She prepares different healthy meals every night for meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans that make up our family. She runs the kids around non stop and never misses a sporting event. She lets home be my refuge, and doesn't make me justify the stresses that this situation has caused.

SHe works in aged care, and as I remind her often, is one of the few people that really love their job. She receives recognition for her care and compassion and her services are highly sought after. She has offers to work off the books and bypass the agency, and double her salary, which is attractive in our current situation. She tells me she doesn't want to do it because she feels like she would be having an affair. i.e. betraying the trust of the agency.

She plays and talks with our young adult children, and I constantly gaze at her in amazement, and reflect on how truly fortunate I am to have her. Years ago we had a treadmill in the bedroom. I would lie in bed watching TV and eating a Magnum. She would be wrapped up in Glad Wrap (????) on the Treadmill. Her nickname for me is "Gu"

She would say "Gu, don't die before me, and I would respond. "Well do something about it, and get off the Treadmill as I bit into another bite of double coated Magnum. Anyway, you get the picture. I reckon she is a pretty good catch for a fella like me.

Simple fact is that above everything else in my entire life, and even above my own children's welfare. Whether I be by her side, or I have departed before her. She must be warm when its cold until,her very last breath. I don't want her in a room smelling like urine, and I want someone to lovingly stroke her all day making her feel loved if I am not around.

When I walked into work at 9AM on 23 rd October, I knew I had achieved that for her. As I walked out the Office that day CMT 3 had initiated a sustained program that has now taken that away from her.

To Mr Crawford, Mr Martin, Mr Nuttall and Mr Lacey. You are the people that I hold fully responsible for this matter, and I intend to ensure that my complaints are objectively and independently assessed. I am not going away I can assure you. I have far too much respect for my wife.

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Old 23rd Aug 2019, 02:44
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Good luck Glen.
Go Fund Me has to be an option.
What a shame the minister here cannot do what his counterpart across the Tasman did and sack the boss of the regulator. Then go through the rest like a dose of salts.
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Old 23rd Aug 2019, 02:47
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The final response from Mr Carmody

I have received the final response from Mr Carmody, attached. Cheers. Glen
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Old 23rd Aug 2019, 04:20
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Bought the magazine, read the article. I think I can guess what Carmody will say, but justice delayed is justice denied.


This needs to go to the High Court to destroy the “safety” argument. The idea that somehow “safety” is a concept that only CASA can interpret is the same as medieval Catholic religious teaching - “no salvation outside the church” The CASA coat of arms should have the papal crossed keys for the same reason.
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Old 23rd Aug 2019, 04:33
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"We consider this matter closed and neither I nor the Chair will enter into any ongoing dialogue with you on the issues you have raised."
What does that mean - "closed"? You're out of business, or CASA will allow you to operate?
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Old 23rd Aug 2019, 05:15
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Sunfish- Safety argument

Hi Sunfish and others.

In actual fact CASA don't even have a safety argument.

For complete clarity for everyone. There have never been any allegations related to safety raised by CASA. The Manager of Regulatory Sevices and Surveillance said repeatedly that "CASA do not see any safety risk". There have been no safety breaches at all. In fact the CASA action demonstrably reduces safety.

That's why this entire thing is so crazy. I was operating my business, as I had been for 15 years, and the last 18 months of that in the new CASA approved format in the APTA model. The exact format that CASA helped me write over two years.

I had a change of CMT from CMT 2 to CMT 3 (the CASA oversighting teams)

As soon as I was notified of the CMT change, I requested a ONE on ONE, ON THE RECORD (not off the record) meeting with my Regional Manager to express concerns that a CASA Flight Operations Inspector (FOI) on my new team CMT 3, may act to bring harm to me and my business. That meeting proceeded.

That same person that I raised concerns about from my new CMT then initiated the action that

placed an "expiry date" on my business of 7 days. Over the last 9 months that CASA issued "approval for INTERIM operations" was as short as a minute by minute verbal approval, and never longer than 7 days.

prevented me from marketing by making allegations of "misrepresentation" against CASR 117, which CASA refused to substantiate despite repeated requests. refer post 222 for details.

prevented me from taking on customers

CASA refused to process tasks such as renew simulator approvals, add on courses and authorisations that we are entitled to deliver and CASA is compelled to approve unless on safety grounds.

The impact of those actions on any business, in any industry in Australia would be catastrophic, as it was for mine, and especially for a staggering 9 months while CASA tried to work out there confusion.

For perfect clarity. That action was initiated by a change of opinion by the FOI in my new CMT. The very person who should be enhancing safety by building relationships with industry. He chose not to even approach me about his concerns, but rather initiate an action on audit results that were never provided to me, and are substantially flawed.

A life long ambition, business and livelihood destroyed on a change of "opinion" . Despite multiple well documented requests, CASA steadfastly refused to justify their action.

It has nothing at all to do with Safety, I can assure you!!!!

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Old 23rd Aug 2019, 05:49
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"The Safety Case!. "safety" the buzz word that allows CAsa to do anything and everything as they see fit, especially if they have a request from a competitor company to 'do something about the competition'

Same in my case SFA to do with 'safety'. It was about 'commerce'
Casa dicks went to clients and collected invoices and cheque butt copies as proof of payments from clients, told clients some BS tru about CHT !! crashes, and a final statement to one client was 'this is not about safety, this is about commerce...but dont mention that in court' I kid you not
Later Casa even lied to the Minister that they had never done so...collected commercial material.
Is CAsA a shit show.?..you betcha. Supreme bastardry and then some.
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Old 23rd Aug 2019, 06:11
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Mr. Carmody invites a “civil” action against CASA. Given that CASA regulations prescribe criminal penalties against pilots, engineers and operators, we seem to have an equity and natural justice issue here..... ...among other things.

I fail to understand how justice, let alone equity, natural justice and procedural fairness has been served here. Let alone how the alleged Government priorities of investment, growth and jobs are being served by this action.

I particularly liked the come on about a lawsuit, considering CASA has unlimited funds to defend itself.

My own, untutored, rude and probably pointless response would be to consider feeding the entire exchange and results to Prime Minister Scott Morrison ...... and tell him to fix it or shove his entire speech of 19 August 2019 to the Institute of Public Administration up his arse. I think that’s the Australian way. ScoMo is a bullshitter if he lets this stand.


I say this because I believe it is your legal right to communicate with Parliament.

......In actual fact, I wonder if it could go to the G-G? They may then be required to refer it to ScoMo. This is just a guess on my part.

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Old 23rd Aug 2019, 06:18
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Can I suggest the saving of a copy of this thread and attachments in case it vanishes for legal reasons?
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Old 23rd Aug 2019, 07:12
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I can barely read much more if this. I don't know Glen or his business, but on a most basic level, the treatment he has received is seven miles beyond disgusting. And for what? Why do they do this? Not to weed out a rogue operator. Just to weed out an operator who is doing things well, maybe differently, all approved, and they personally don't like it? It's not right. Makes me sick, it really does.
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Old 23rd Aug 2019, 10:25
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Good to know that CASA are following this thread.
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Old 23rd Aug 2019, 13:49
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Crowd Funding will not work. CASA has shown their hand. The disgraceful letter from Carmody says it all.

$100 million or more would be burnt up over the length of time CASA were to challenge any Court proceedings. CASA could and would drag this out for 10 years plus, people in CASA would 'move on' and the case would become irrelevant.

The Prime Minister, via a direct approach is the only possible way forward. ScoMo has put all government officials on notice; now it's time to perform.
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Old 23rd Aug 2019, 22:51
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I believe you are correct! There has been lots of good word's of wisdom, from many well qualified sources, the numbers of 'views' is testimony to the seriousness of the matter.
A lot of support has come from people whom are now retired from the industry. People also whom remain gainfully employed, alas a few of them would be an operator as such.

Make no mistake; No matter how much sabre rattling takes place ANY operator that openly supports Mr. Buckley in his attempts to seek justice WILL be dealt with by CASA in an appropriate fashion. They will find intolerable delays in future processing of paperwork allied to their business. CASA will supress the industry and individuals to maintain their place at the pulpit. I know from first hand experience how dishonest CASA FOI's were to myself and my venture and how they lied to protect each other. I walked away in the interest of my health.

I'm actually surprised how quite Dick Smith has been. Dick is normally one to champion a good cause?

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Old 23rd Aug 2019, 22:57
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Reading through this thread one question that pops up time and again is why?

As Glen has argued where is the Safety Case?

Where is the Compliance Case, and Compliance with what?An Opinion?or the Law?

Carmody smugly suggests that Glen is perfectly entitled to go to court, knowing full well that he has practically no chance of achieving justice against the financial might of the government. "The law is for everyone, justice is for them that can afford it" and even if he won the argument, he'd still lose the war.

The shear bloodyminded arrogance of Carmody's reply to Glen beggars belief. A public official snubbing his nose at a member of the public who he is allegedly paid a very large amount of money to serve, with no logical explanation defies belief. The implied threats contained within it, puts us all on notice that dissent nor complaint nor criticism will be tolerated. This is totalitarianism 101.

Is it not the duty of a member of the public to call out any perceived corruption?

In the real world Glen's dilemma would have the media climbing all over it, yet there seems to be nobody with the internal fortitude to pursue the issue.
Has the press been warned off, in much the same manner as Glen has been warned off?

There are laws I believe to protect the consumer, Glen is a consumer, where are the agencies that allegedly protect consumers from unfair practice in all this?

Could one suspect that Glen was mislead by his first CMT, in which case they were at fault, or were the next CMT looking for a brown paper bag?

It may simply be that the upper echelons of CAsA take some perverse pleasure in destroying businesses and lives.

Very little else makes much sense.
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Old 23rd Aug 2019, 23:34
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Originally Posted by thorn bird
The shear bloodyminded arrogance of Carmody's reply to Glen beggars belief. A public official snubbing his nose at a member of the public who he is allegedly paid a very large amount of money to serve, with no logical explanation defies belief. The implied threats contained within it, puts us all on notice that dissent nor complaint nor criticism will be tolerated. This is totalitarianism 101.
I too am surprised at the level of immaturity shown in the DAS’s response. Perhaps I shouldn’t be.
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That response from Mr Carmody is simply mind-blowing from a person holding such office.
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