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audiogram problem

Old 13th Mar 2019, 07:35
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audiogram problem

Just got the bad news that one ear has damage generally above 3000 khz.
At the last audiogram I passed 100% on one ear but the other was down to just over 90% words spoken but
its obviously getting worse with time.

I use a Boise A20 head set, and am wondering what hearing aid works the best with
a Boise A20 or alternatively if another head set is more suitable.

It appears one ear needs like a spectrum graphic equalizer to boost the frequencies that are down.

Any advice from anyone who has been through this would be appreciated.
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Old 14th Mar 2019, 03:21
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Hearing Aids

I have hearing aids and find ths Bose A20 work well with one hearing aid but the other one squeals a lot so I take it out and just adjust the volume on the controller.
Buy the top of the range hearing aids as they can be fine tuned to compensate for the individual ears loss.
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Old 14th Mar 2019, 03:54
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The squeals you hear a lot, is "feedback".

Yes, I agree a "not of the range hearing aid"
but its not easy sorting through the selections on Ebay
and the audiologists don't seem to have a clue
when it comes to Aviation and suitable hearing aids.

I'm looking for a "Noise Cancelling Hearing Aid for a single ear"
I love my Boise A-10, take and make phone calls while training,
but its passing the audiogram and or ensuring that I get
comprehension from both ears and not just rely on the one
good ear.

You also have to train your brain.
If you use the phone handset on your weakest ear,
it makes you listen more carefully or use that part of the brain
that does not get used as much.

The other tip I was given was to use ear plugs for a day prior to the
audiogram as this helps your score improve.

My left ear is "normal" but only the right ear is deteriorating and I expect an issue in the next 4-8 years.
I will only need one hearing aid.

It appears that this is one subject that is not given much attention
as the number of older age pilots is small percentage.

Feedback appreciated.
I would like to hear of any recommendations or ideas that have worked.
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Old 14th Mar 2019, 21:32
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Yes you are correct it is feedback which is only on left side because the insert in the left ear is different to the right.
My situation is that I have very little hearinging in the left ear caused by an acoustic neuroma. Actually was lucky the surgeon who removed the neuroma was able to save any hearing for me in that ear.
My right ear is pure industrial deafness brought about by noisy aircraft and cheap/no headsets.
I had to to undertake a practical test with an FOI to regain my class 1. Did a follow up 1 year later but none in the 15 years since. Provided the pure tone trace does not change too much I can keep going this way.
My only tip to all pilots is to always use the best ANR headset and hearing protectors when doing walk aroundor using any noisy device. Never heard of the ear plug trick but was told to avoid noisy environments for at least 24hrs prior to audiogram. Same thing I suppose.
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Old 15th Mar 2019, 06:54
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I don't have a hearing issue (although my wife would disagree), but one of the electronics magazines (Silicon Chip) here has done reviews of a number of units made by a local company. May not be useful to you in the U.S. but may be worth looking at finding a local distributor:
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