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Block Fuel - help wanted

Old 1st Oct 2018, 08:23
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Block Fuel - help wanted

Good morning all,
This thread was in tech log and it was suggested I may have some luck down under, as there are B717 operating as well as a few other types I have not been able to find!
Was wondering if turbo prop/jet pilots could help with their block fuel?
As part of a university project I am undertaking research into how the pilots make sure a company offered fuel load is acceptable: What gross error checks are used?
  • Fokker F27
  • DHC8 (all types)
  • ATR 42 and 72
  • CRJ200
  • B717
  • DC9 ( all types)
  • A320- A321
  • A330 200 and 300
  • A330 NEO (800-900)
  • A340 300 and 600
  • A350
  • B757 200 and 300
  • B767 200ER and 300 ER
  • B777 all series
  • B787 900
All replies and all turbo prop and jet aircraft types, not just those listed are appreciated!
Thanks in advance
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Old 2nd Oct 2018, 06:50
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A320 2400kg/hr
A321 3000kg/hr
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Old 2nd Oct 2018, 09:34
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6kg per air nm typical.
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Old 2nd Oct 2018, 13:10
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A330 and A350, both roughly 6000kg/hr
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Old 2nd Oct 2018, 20:54
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•Dash 8 300/100 approx 500kg/hr and 1100Lb/hr respectively.
•717 approx 2200kg/hr

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Old 2nd Oct 2018, 23:08
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On the A330-200 we can press the fuel planning key to see what the aircraft thinks is required after we have put in the flight plan data and weights.

I use it as a gross error check before I put in the actual block fuel we have.
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Old 3rd Oct 2018, 00:14
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ATR 42 600kg/hr
ATR 72 680kg/hr
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Old 3rd Oct 2018, 00:52
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Originally Posted by bazza stub View Post
•Dash 8 300/100 approx 500kg/hr and 600Lb/hr respectively.
•717 approx 2200kg/hr
Dash-8 is about 1200lbs/hr
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Old 3rd Oct 2018, 01:14
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747-400 10,000kg per hour
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Old 3rd Oct 2018, 01:48
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Originally Posted by 717tech View Post

Dash-8 is about 1200lbs/hr

1050 lbs / hour at 1500 feet and 185 knots
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Old 3rd Oct 2018, 03:12
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B717 2200kg/h as above, or
2000kg for the first 20 minutes, then 2000kg/h thereafter, or
3000kg for the first hour, then 2000kg/h.
Based on MTOW departure.
May be significantly less at lower weights.
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Old 3rd Oct 2018, 07:21
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ERJ 175 - 1500 kg/hr
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Old 3rd Oct 2018, 20:50
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Dash-8 is about 1200lbs/hr
Doh! Duly corrected, I had 1100/hr in my old book, but it was a gross error figure.
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