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Publicity For Your Fun Flights

Old 9th Sep 2018, 08:33
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Publicity For Your Fun Flights

Be warned (yet again) about putting your GoPro or whatever videos on social media.

One who knows about these things tells me that CASA is aggressively "auditing" Youtube and similar for evidence of non-compliance with aviation law. There is a wealth of "evidence" on YouTube.

Apparently, this current purge is not limited to "flying" matters, but whether said GoPro or whatever has a valid engineering approval for fitment and operation in an/the aircraft.

I guess it is all a practical manifestation of the "new" CASA approach announced by Mr. Carmody, or more likely, a reaction by the "Iron Ring" to any suggestion by Mr. Carmody that enforcement and penalties should not be the first/final and only answer to non-compliance, whether inadvertent or not.

Tootle pip!!
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Old 9th Sep 2018, 09:13
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Helmet mounted is a good idea for some of us
and for those who imported an airplane from the USA then, per FAA rules, it would've been approved via a simple logbook entry as a minor mod so it would've been like that when it arrived in this country.
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Old 9th Sep 2018, 10:00
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One who knows about these things tells me that CASA is aggressively "auditing" Youtube and similar for evidence of non-compliance with aviation law. There is a wealth of "evidence" on YouTube.
I guess if you sit behind a desk all day you only have two motivations in your working life.
- achieving your daily quotas.
- getting up for a coffee and a donut.

This is pretty sad, however many speeding convictions using motor vehicles have been prosecuted by police in much the same way.
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Old 9th Sep 2018, 10:59
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Trolling through YouTube is easy KPI’s for a desk bound bureaucrat with nothing better to do!
All in the name of Safety of course!
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Old 9th Sep 2018, 11:12
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the joys of experimental.
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Old 9th Sep 2018, 23:19
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Been watching this young fellow over in the US for quite a bit of time now....if he was here, wonder how long before the fun police came knocking on his door. Good meesage to be heeded but how can you do something similar here without breaching a strict liability regulation.
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Old 9th Sep 2018, 23:33
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Trent does the trifecta. Aircraft mounted multiple cameras, drone footage and trending youtuber.
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Old 10th Sep 2018, 00:35
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Trent posted in one of his videos on how he was ďcounseledĒ by an FAA FOI equivalent. He didnít have written permission to land somewhere, but from memory had a verbal from someone, but not the land owner. Thatís got to be a big risk for the type of flying that these guys do.

I like it how he does an aileron/barrel roll in his opening sequence, in a Kitfox! Iím guessing he has to be careful with his flying as he flies commercial drones for a living.

The trouble with having fun and or being successful... people get jealous of the fun your having and or the money your making... so they complain to the fun police because they have nothing better to do. A bit like the maggot on here that complained to my employer about what I had been writing in here, even though it had nothing to do with my employer, nor was it illegal or in breach of any rules etc. Just jealousy.

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Old 10th Sep 2018, 00:58
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Great use of CAsA time , resources and taxpayers dollars...because they always claim delays are caused by shortage of staff, being underpaid and overworked , poor dears.
.All in the name of "safety" of course
Not just sad ..pretty disgusting. Video off the net was used to destroy Mr Quadrio...and with a whole chain of buggery from CAsA persons as well to gild the phoney lily..
So much for CAsA's BS "Just Culture"
And the Head of 'Legal' doesnt believe in the Rule of Law what hope does anyone have.
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YouTube Channel Steveo1Kinevo got into trouble with the FAA and he was very professional and a fine example to Private and Pro pilots alike. A every educational and professional channel. However he become big on YouTube and the FAA came and threaten him with enforcement action over sterile cockpit rules. If the FAA are behaving like that to law abiding citizens then who knows where CASA will go with this. I can't see anything like the video posted above passing muster with CASA. Even more so if it's making you decent money which in this case it would appear these blokes are sponsored.
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Thanks very much for that post, I hadnít seen that in his videos as they are quite long and I donít always have the patience to watch them through.

His videos are different because heís vlogging and providing a full commentary, whereas Trent doesnít really do a vlog generally from his cockpit whislt piloting, but sort of does sometimes. In my case I do a commentary with my passenger(s). Food for though, thanks again!

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I'm not worried that the GoPro will be the weakest link in the chain actually: Felix Baumgartner exceeded Vne with his GoPro:
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EFB and GPS mounts will also get the attention of our beloved inspectorate.

Things like Garmin portable yoke and suction mounts together with RAM mounts for EFBs Iím referring to.

They are hot on this stuff if the installation isnít EOíd or STCíd.

CASA really should publish educational material on this as most pilots donít know what they can and canít use, particularly when they see pilots hook anything to an aeroplane which is legal in some other countries.
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