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Australian Regulations

Old 26th Sep 2018, 23:48
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Aviation Laws and Regulations have become so complex it is impossible for the average pilot to operate an aircraft without an inadvertent breach. It's a system designed to make every pilot a criminal, and becoming so complex those whose job is to oversee, investigate and enforce will eventually become trapped in the regulatory quagmire we experience daily. Having recently hung up the goggles, I'm enjoying not having the stress of being a criminal whenever I flew.
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Old 27th Sep 2018, 05:55
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CASA is perpetrating a fraud.
They used a "subterfuge" of redrafting, to make it simpler.
Everyone, knows that was a free pass to a make work project
without any accountability.

They alluded that by using FAA numbers like 61 and 135 that
fool everyone into thinking that they had adopted the simple plain english of the FAA regs.

No such luck. CASA increasingly is operating like a weird religious sect that talks in tongues
and you need a professional lawyer employed by CASA to comprehend their greed and narcissism.

The old ANO's were relatively plain english. Now you have to be an expert on CASA terminology and the
language that noone except them understands.

The whole stinking mess alludes that you are stupid if you can't follow their simple stories.
"Jenny is a captain" and on it goes providing only the examples it wishes to provide while
failing to write legislation that rivals the FAA regs for plain english and comprehensibility.
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Old 28th Sep 2018, 09:50
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Lead Ballon...Thank you for you essay on the development and complexities of our aviation law.

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That’s very kind of you, kaz. I suspect that if I’d spent an hour rather than 30 minutes on a stream of consciousness it would be a bit more comprehensive.
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You should do it Lead.
Dont spend an hour, spend a day and make it a real cracker!
Start a new thread with your essay as the first post and generations of pilots to come can read it and glean a slither of understanding where before there was none.
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Yes Please LB, a detailed essay.
His noodleness would approve.
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May you be touched by the Quob’s noodly appendage.

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Ramen to that!
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