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Cessna CJ Series 1 pilot or 2


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Cessna CJ Series 1 pilot or 2

Cessna CJ Citations/Mustang are designed for the owner/operator private pilot type. Single pilot operations. The AFM lists minimum crew as 1. So where do these stand with CASA.

Does CASA consider them as 2 pilot aircraft because of turbojets with a single pilot authorisation add on. Do you have to do a 2 pilot endorsement first, as well as MCC course, and hold a class 1 medical, then do the single pilot endorsement.

Does CASA accept training/endorsments provided by Cessna that comes with the purchase of a jet, is it a simple validation from FAA licence to CASA.
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Hi, Hidden away in Part 61 and CASA's list of "Prescription of aircraft and ratings" is the details.

(Or on rereading that sentence, perhaps it should be "The details, in part 61 and CASA's list of "Prescription of aircraft and ratings", hidden away, is."

You can do a multi-crew type rating for the Cessnas, and then you can operate as part of a 2 pilot crew (and you'd need an MCC course). The captain would also need to hold an ATPL.

Or you can hold a single pilot (SP) rating for some of those types (500,510,525,550,560) and operate it by yourself, we do. I imagine (following CASA's normal "logic") that if you wanted to do single-pilot and multi-crew, you'd need to hold both type ratings!

The medical required depends on the operation - private (class 2) or commercial (class 1).

CASA does accept foreign type ratings; not sure about the process or restrictions but I know it's not always simple or obvious.
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This should help;
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It is all written clearly in Part 61 Regulations and the AFM (Aircraft Flight Manual)
The C525 series, commonly referred to as the 'CJ's' are a Part 23-Title 14 manufactured and certified aircraft and the AFM allows Single Pilot Operations with a C525(s) Type rating. These aircraft (CJ,CJ1,CJ2,CJ3,CJ4) are covered by the common C525 type rating. The (S) for single pilot is an addition to the C525 rating under the new Part 61. The CJ series can be flown Single Pilot in Private and Charter Operations. (again Part 23 Certification)
The legacy C-500 series, C500/550/560 are certified as a Part 25 aircraft and require two pilots. You can train and pass a flight check for the FAA 4050 exemption which permits single pilot operations in the Private category of operation. CASA recognise the FAA 4050 exemption/flight test. (or at least they have done in the past -I have one) Some USA based organisations can issue the FAA waiver but unless conforming to the FAA 4050 check, the "in-house" waiver offered by some training organisation may only be valid in USA airspace. Read the small print very carefully.
The C501/551 are variations of the Citation I and Citation II (C500/C550) and have a reduced weight and are certified as a Part 23 aircraft. the AFM states they can be flown by one pilot, and this means private and Charter Ops.

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Thanks to the responders, I have looked at all the regs, and am still no closer to understanding. Any reference to charter or commercial ops is not applicable to me. I'm done with professional aviation, flying now is just for me, just for fun, just for personal satisfaction........well more fun than spending squillions to chase a golf ball round a course.

On my last trip to the States, I rode a few times in a friends Mustang. What a blast, so easy to fly. Subjectively, one third of the workload compared to a Chieftain., or anything with pistons for that matter.

CASA/Oz seems determined to put people off personal aviation. It's completely different in the US, C210 owner wants to upgrade to a CJ4, sure why would't you not want to, "we can train you to operate it problem". The whole industry is encouraging, aim high and reach the top of your potential. Nothing like that here.

Maybe I should just by a boat instead.
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Didn't Dick Smith fly his CJ3 solo, hopefully he can chime in?

PS: for the cost of a CJ you'd get one hell of a nice boat. I'm thinking a nice 50-60ft leopard Catamaran or similar that you can live on in the Caribbean or Med for 6 months of the year, assuming you have a desire to return to Aus. Running costs are surprisingly around 10-25% p/a, arguably more than an aircraft! (but with less regulation)
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