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ATC Ignorance...Aircraft Type Designators

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ATC Ignorance...Aircraft Type Designators

Old 31st Mar 2017, 00:25
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Originally Posted by TwoFiftyBelowTen View Post
.... if the aircraft type is included in any transmission, it might as well mean something to the target audience...
that would be good.

Doing circuits in a Husky at a towered airport a few months ago the tower referred to us as a high wing single so I thought that I'd add the type to a couple of the standard calls. The guy in the tower said that he knew the type but didn't use it as other pilots would not know what he meant. Incidentally, the ICAO code is HUSK so not very useful to another pilot.

A few Decathlons, Super Decathlons, Scouts and Citabrias around, all look very similar with various ICAO codes CH7A, CH7B and BL8 (BL30 is coming for the Super Decathlon, I believe). From the Type Certificate Data Sheet there is another set of indecipherable characters (eg 8KCAB, 7ECA, 7GCBC which is good to write in a narrow column of a pilot logbook). If someone asks me the type then that is what they get from me as that is the only identifier on the Type Certificate Data Sheet. Some were made by Champion, some by Bellanca and some by American Champion. If, for example, one of my students in a Super Decathlon on final approach hears the tower tell another pilot to follow the Bellanca on final then he/she thinks there is another aircraft on final too. "What is a Bellanca?", they say, as they have never encountered that type before. It actually works if the tower calls us a Cessna, even better just white high wing.
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Old 31st Mar 2017, 01:06
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Interesting djpil, I fly a Scout and have tried calling it a BL8 only to get repeated "say again aircraft type" I have tried "Scout" which often means being identified as a rotary wing but "Bellanca Scout" works every time even though the aircraft is made by American Champion :-)

On a completely different note, my radio has for ages been great for receiving but not so good on the listening end and I am eternally told readability 2 - 3. Well, at the current annual we discover that the transponder aerial has been connected to the VHS and vice versa.

Looks like even great radio tech's can sometimes get it wrong. The transponder still worked too ....
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Old 31st Mar 2017, 01:24
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Originally Posted by Aussie Bob View Post
we discover that the transponder aerial has been connected to the VHS and vice versa..
So did it make a video tape of your transponder output?
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Old 31st Mar 2017, 02:18
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I could never get a transponder to tell the correct time...
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Old 31st Mar 2017, 02:31
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Originally Posted by Capn Bloggs View Post
Agree 250<10. WTH is an AC95?? TD80, don't be a drongo.
AC95 is a Gulfstream/Rockwell Turbo Commander "AC695"...came across them as "Bird-dog" fire spotters over summer
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Old 31st Mar 2017, 11:13
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Beta's better.

Got told this arvo to "give way to the light piston twin". Chuckled. Was going to say "would that be the B58" but thought whoops, isn't there a B55? Then the FO replied to ATC "giving way to the Baron"!!
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Old 31st Mar 2017, 11:50
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Could be possibly an issue of general knowledge both ways here too.... Pilot type knowledge isn't that great anymore either. I've been asked by a pilot to describe a Cessna 182. The pilot that asked was in a Cessna 172.

Sometimes it may be easier to just say the twin engine piston, rather than have someone ask what a baron is.
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