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Dick Smith Party??

Old 5th Apr 2015, 22:13
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My opinion, WTF would an ex RAAF anything know about real world economics or procedures?
Jeez mate, nothing, that's how we ran and grew a successful business for 10 years or so when I got out.
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Old 6th Apr 2015, 02:24
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Vote 1 Dick Smith Party

However, if they are going to use my name I will make sure they have a damn good aviation policy...
Bring it on Dick, you'll have my vote.

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Old 6th Apr 2015, 07:30
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Team up with Nick X .
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Old 14th Apr 2015, 02:08
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AHIA strengthens regulatory review capability.

President, Peter Crook, has replaced the long running AHIA Part 61 Review Committee with a more robust AHIA Regulatory Review Team to assist CASA integrating CASR Part 61 – Flight Crew Licensing into other draft legislation. At Avalon Airshow 2015, CASA advised the helicopter industry, “there are 12 helicopter relevant Flight Operational Rule - standards development projects underway at the moment?”

The Part 61 Review Committee advised the AHIA Board new legislation now being offered for comment by the regulator often relied on CASR Part 61 as a foundation. It was further stated if Part 61 was allowed to run with unworkable and disputed elements; then the pending more advanced (and expensive) legislation associated with the heavy helicopter fleet would suffer excessive costs for compliance when no safety benefit can be determined by a cost benefit analysis. The latter is a federal government requirement.

Crook told the AHIA Board industry must be encouraged to be aware of the ‘domino effect’ of faulty overlapping rules. For example, the recent release by CASA of their draft fees was welcome and is still open for comment; the industry needs to recheck other draft legislation to see what efficiencies are lost or gained. The recent AHIA Quarterly Report – January to March 2015, indicated grave concerns for the future of the regulatory processes; which if not reviewed and corrected, will cause a retraction in the aviation industry in 2016/2107. The last ATPL being issued in September 2014 and the associated hiccup with Multi Crew Coordination Training are two examples forcing desperate candidates to seek overseas training facilities.

It is anticipated AHIA Regulatory Review Team will take over from the Part 61 committee on Monday 4 May 2015. More info: [email protected].
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Old 15th Apr 2015, 07:30
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via Dick Smith #31:
...any party with the name “Dick Smith” this will be the major issue. In other ways it will be very much middle-of-the-road as I am. However, if they are going to use my name I will make sure they have a damn good aviation policy including.....
Hmmm... so aviation is but one part. What else ?

The global warming nonsense has cost Australia dearly. What will a Dick Smith Party do to stop the money wasting global warming hysteria ?

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Old 15th Apr 2015, 08:45
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What's with all the RAAF bashing ?

I'm current serving and also small business owner. Just like any organisation there are good people and others that inhibit progress.

In general, the RAAF has very good people in leadership positions. They are just at the mercy of 'the procedure'. Even CAF recently said if he wants something to fail he sends it through the normal procedure; his answer is 'Plan Jericho' which aims to streamline the RAAF into a 5th gen force and use all the new shiny toys properly. A recent govt review has indicated DMO should be scrapped (or rebadged - let's see where that goes).

As for 'know it all', yes mostly it's just misunderstanding. I've heard some massive misunderstandings. For example nobody knows how to operate a piston engine. Not their fault. The reverse also applies. A lot of people I speak to have no idea what the military does and how complex an 8hr anti submarine sortie can get - it goes both ways. People are good at what they're taught. There are smart people in the RAAF and smart people outside. Just because somebody is taught something different doesn't mean they aren't qualified to run another organisation. Maybe they bring a fresh perspective.
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Old 15th Apr 2015, 23:17
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I would welcome the opportunity to vote Dick Smith into a Senate spot, but without "gaming the system" as Lambie and Muir et al did, he would not succeed.

Then again, if he did "game the system" and subsequently win, for ever after he would be pilloried by the leftist press.
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