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UK CAA vs Australian CASA

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UK CAA vs Australian CASA

Hi everyone.
I wanted to know if any of you can tell me the difference between the UK CAA licence and the Australian one. Im particulary interested in the ground school difference in therm of quantity of studing matherial. Thank You all for your help
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Old 25th Mar 2015, 20:53
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Go to this link on the CASA website if you haven't already, tells it fairly well.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority - Converting Overseas Licences
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Old 26th Mar 2015, 00:06
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EASA licence (UK CAA) can, in theory, be used throughout Europe.
CASA licence can be used in Australia.

EASA licence concentrates on systems and theory.
CASA licence concentrates on anally retentive rules & regulations applicable, in a lot of instances, only to Australia.

Depends where you live, what passports you hold, where you want/can work etc and what licence you're talking about but if it's a professional one then you're better off going for an EASA licence. It'll take about the same amount of time and the nav/flight planning is similar but the Oz air law is just dire.
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In my experience (JAR-PPL and CASA PPL) the ground school demanded by the CAA is more extensive and splitting the exams up into the various subjects allows a more thorough knowledge base to be taught. The schooling itself is what you choose to make of it - self learning and sitting the exam was the cheapest way to go.

I've no idea what the transition to EASA has done to this all, nor how this would apply to CPL and above.
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Old 26th Mar 2015, 06:38
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The FAA has the clearest Regs by far.
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And the FAA tell you the exam questions and the answers in advance - no need to understand much at all
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CAA = campaign against aviation...nuff said.
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The Australian CPL exams are easier than the EASA CPL exams.
You get 2 years to complete the CASA exams , there is no ground school sign off, you can sit them when you like.

You can not do the ATPL exams in Australia , without first completing the CPL exams.

The EASA are more in-depth.

You can convert the EASA far easier then the other way round.
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With ground schools, one gets what one pays for. There are very good schools in both the UK & Australia, and there are also do-it-on-the-cheap options.

In terms of knowledge base, good textbooks are available in both countries for those who wish to buy them. Both countries also have good resources for those who just want to pass the exams with minimal fuss.

Having done the EASA ATPL exams, I would say the syllabus is a mile wide (very broad range of topics) but only an inch deep - not much actual understanding required.

The Australian ATPL exams, which I've also done, are more like an inch wide (very narrow focus on out-of-date laws and aircraft types) but a mile deep in terms of understanding required.

Both systems provide a reasonable output of safe & proficient pilots.
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Originally Posted by frangatang
CAA = campaign against aviation...nuff said.
CASA = Conspiracy Against Sensible Aviation.
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And those are the polite versions.
Tootle pip!!
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