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"Majority of Australians say CASA doing good job"

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"Majority of Australians say CASA doing good job"

Old 28th Oct 2014, 22:32
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"Majority of Australians say CASA doing good job"

This is the headline in AA which highlights the reason that Inquiries, Reviews and individual protests simply don't get any political traction. The only reason people surveyed think CASA is doing a good job is that passenger planes are not falling out of the sky.

ďThe public generally believe Australia has a good safety record and attribute the low number of aircraft incidents to CASAís efforts and believe there are good regulations in place,Ē the report said.
Of course the report was commissioned by CASA so the results will be in its favour but it does indicate that aviation policy will only change when the general public don't feel safe to get onboard an Australian registered aeroplane.

Four per cent of respondents said CASA was doing a poor or very poor job.
Most of whom, including me, spend far too much time on PPRuNe.
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Old 28th Oct 2014, 23:05
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So only four percent of respondents were pilots? Poor show.

In other news, 98% of Guatamalans think that Canadian health care is wonderful. Who do these people survey?
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Old 28th Oct 2014, 23:31
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Well you see, here indeed is the problem.

Our skies are safe - demonstrably so
Our skies are regulated by CASA - as the safety regulator

Ergo, CASA is doing a good job.

The problem is that we, the insiders, know that is only being achieved by CASA regulating aviation (other than by very large players) out of existence.

I suspect that the general public would, on its face, like to see CASA doing more not less to cut down on all of the terrible GA accidents that they constantly read about in their newspapers.

I am not sure what the solution is (i know that is not helpful) but I know that I have very long term friends, who are not risk adverse at all, who baulk at getting into a small aircraft (737's are OK but A380's are better) and certainly wont let their kids come with us. Every time a GA plane goes down somewhere in Aus, there is always at least one or two who will ring up for a 'chat' - no particular reason offered.

On second thoughts - scratch the last paragraph - maybe that's just me - and they might be right!
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Old 28th Oct 2014, 23:47
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"Majority of Australians say CASA doing good job"

Bovine manure

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Old 29th Oct 2014, 00:12
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A classic Casa move with a known outcome
The Aus public wouldn't have a clue and Casa knew it
Play with the questions and you have a guaranteed result
Then spruce it to all to prove how good are we

Just another example of how low they will go
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Old 29th Oct 2014, 00:13
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"Majority of Australians say CASA doing good job"

Also ones posted that gough was a great pm.
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Old 29th Oct 2014, 00:41
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And in still more other news, Kim Jong-un's popularity among his people has fallen to 137%........
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Old 29th Oct 2014, 00:51
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CASA might indeed be doing a good job...........of trying to destroy General Aviation!
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Old 29th Oct 2014, 00:56
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There are two simple reasons why Australia has a relatively good (but far from the best) aviation safety record and CASA has nothing to do with either reason:

1. Mostly benign weather
2. Mostly responsible people fixing and flying aeroplanes.
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Old 29th Oct 2014, 01:05
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Itís so Australian. A good outcome must be the result of government regulation of what would otherwise be dangerously criminal mayhem.

I must set myself up as the Australian Fresh Air and Sunshine Authority and ask everyone to tell me how well Iím doing.
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Old 29th Oct 2014, 01:54
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3rd thing is that if you fly over 8000 feet your not going to hit anything.
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Old 29th Oct 2014, 01:56
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Before I became a pilot, I didn't know who the fark CASA was and nor did I care. Even now, none of my friends or family have any idea who CASA is or what it does.

I doubt the general public has any idea, either.

(In fact, I'd like to see the results of a survey asking one simple question: "Have you ever heard of CASA and do you know what it does?")

But one thing we all knew then and now is that good pilots and engineers make safer skies.
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Old 29th Oct 2014, 11:19
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"Have you ever heard of CASA and do you know what it does?")
Centre Against Sexual Assault...helps people who have been violated.

There's irony or something there.

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Old 29th Oct 2014, 11:31
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Irony indeed
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Old 29th Oct 2014, 11:39
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Wonder 'where' the survey was conducted? Perhaps in bogan country towns, old age homes, McDonalds stores and most back alley crack dens around Sydney's outskirts! Surveys are biased and most who participate are dumb enough to fall for it hook, line and sinker. Governments have been manipulating its citizens for centuries
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Old 29th Oct 2014, 14:13
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Survey my arse. PR stunt alignment?

The pathetic survey breakdown:

Our population: Over 20million
Survey number (n)- less than 1500.

Whether Qualitative or Quantitative, the (n) at least needs to be exceptionally larger and the participants informed of the REAL issues. General population who have no idea of what lies beneath (not informed of the incompetences from the Aviation Industry. (n) not adequate and the folks in the street are certainly NOT the correct targeted individuals to pass comment.
The survey is just that. A survey.
What questions were asked?
Were they leading?
How many actually knew who CASA were?
Could they break down the acronym of CASA?

Unprofessional, rushed and bias, maybe.
Yet all so very well timed to smoke and mirror the introduction of a new DAS, release of reports near five years on etc. How appropriately and down right sneaky, to deliver this to the so misinformed public/voters.

Low act: Section PAR2014-Mk. Quick fix. Not for safety or industry. For votes and stuff ups.

*A decent size STUDY was completed with a significant number of the PEOPLE of the industry and others that have MEANINGFUL, PRODUCTIVE feedback
*A qualitative study presenting the systemic problems that are most definitely just re-cycling throughout the years. Published. In full, no edit
*A quantitative study, large numbers and the right people with a P>000.1 indicating that all is good. Published for all to see.
*The timing is impeccable to deflect from the core problems with the industry. Very quick to perform and spit out. Once again

Not a professional survey.
Considering the seriousness of the ongoing safety and sustainability of a fair future for GA in Australia.

So. The survey can be delivered accordingly, but NGA report, five years next month.
Still waiting. Hmmm

It's so very sad that our country started to develop only over two hundred years ago. Dear oh dear, what a mess already.

Good one MrDak. I'd like to sit face to face with this man and challenge him, without bloody notice, recorded as I sit with the survey in front of me and question him.

My question time. Truth needs no rehearsal MDak and co.

Wonder if he is up for it? I was not even piloting the aircraft, yet still battling the SYSTEM that failed. Thanks for the help Gov, bunch of highly paid institutionalised minds, who play a game that is just plain/plane dangerous.

A challenge to perform a survey which encompasses the industry needs to be completed before they put such ridiculousness to press (of course, only BS to the sensationalised media).

What a disgraceful, uneducated performance with the so called triumph that all is good.

Next victim please...could this be Industrial Dis-ease. You bet.

Only problem is, how can one challenge our Gov/Big Brother?
I don't believe the word accountability is in their vocabulary. Can say it, but certainly do not understand the concept.
Hear hear...blah blah! Who says that. Uh, it's 2014, not 1930.

The Game of Clones continues....

"Take that on notice"
"Wasn't aware of that"
"I'll, get back to you Senator"

If you do your job correctly and are being paid very, very well. The piss-poor excuse of "Notice" is beyond fathom.

Was all this information given when asked that CASA is just fine? I'd say no.

It amazes me how reports can be spat out of the House when timing calls.

Can they spit out the truth from the reports pending release. No.
But a survey, possibly equivalent in numbers to that of CASAs Christmas Party is just fine and dandy.
The people of our country have been fooled again.

Such a pity.
Such potential
Such a disappointment

The steps backwards when the opportunity to move forward is ripe, seems so absurd.

Survey. Absolute Piffle!

Retract and re-do the correct way, then some RESPECT may come from the industry that is been smothered by bullshit.

MrDak and co, hang your heads in shame for what you have done not only to me personally, but YOUR homelands' Beloved Aviation industry.

One day, I hope, they will reflect as they sit in their rocking chair, comfortably with a great pension.
When or if they grow up.

Fly safe people.

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Old 29th Oct 2014, 22:18
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Well, now that we have established that the people queuing at the suffer-market checkout assume CASA are doing a great job. Perhaps we should ask them about the ATSB. The same carefully, guaranteed answers, from the same folk should help restore the world's faith in Beaker; particularly when his vast, expert knowledge of matters aeronautical amazes the confused world with his answer to WTF is our Triple 7.

What a load of carefully massaged Bollocks.

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