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Macarthur 'Mac' Job

Old 6th Aug 2014, 11:31
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Macarthur 'Mac' Job

Sad to report that renowned air safety writer and true gentleman Macarthur 'Mac' Job passed away this afternoon, Wednesday 6 August 2014. Mac had been battling cancer for several years.

I visited him a bit over a week ago and he was quite philosophical about what was to come. He was not in pain or suffering, although feeling very tired.

There is a biography of Mac on the CAHS & Airways Museum website - Airways Museum / Civil Aviation Historical Society

Goodbye Mac - you will be greatly missed!

Mac holding a model of the Southern Cloud, 24 October 2012.

(Photo: Maurice Austin)
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Old 6th Aug 2014, 11:34
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Irreplaceable talent and nobody to fill the void.

Makes all my "crash comics" somehow special and priceless.

farewell mentor.
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Old 6th Aug 2014, 13:01
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Absolute travesty and it came far too soon. An intelligent and analytical man who left a positive mark on our industry. With his passing, aviation becomes a poorer place.

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Old 6th Aug 2014, 13:03
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Twas inevitable, as is to us all but nevertheless..

Goodbye Mac Job. You will be missed in Australian Aviation, far far more than you would have ever realised.

Makes all my "crash comics" somehow special and priceless.
They always were, but now even more so!
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Old 6th Aug 2014, 13:55
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Vale, Mac Job.

I will forever wonder how many private pilots would not be alive today, were it not for learning valuable aviation lessons from you.

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Old 6th Aug 2014, 16:46
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Sad news indeed......To 'The Man', to whom 'our' generation will ever be grateful....
Glad he had a 'peaceful' journey.
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Old 6th Aug 2014, 22:17
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The passing of another Australian aviation icon to whom many of owe a vote of thanks.

Sad news indeed.
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Old 6th Aug 2014, 22:31
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Never had the pleasure of meeting him; but through his advice in the 'crash comic' he saved my sorry arse and various other body parts, I feel I owe him a great, unpaid debt. Too late now, I regret.

Safe journey, to a guaranteed job in heaven; very few of the angels have a blind clue about airmanship, carby ice, crosswinds, scud running, weather wisdom and all the other extraneous bits and pieces you taught us. Nice to think of Mac Job schooling a bunch of newly winged innocents.

Farewell and thank you.
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Old 6th Aug 2014, 22:43
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One of my favourite aviation authors. A huge loss to aviation, not just in Australia, but world-wide. RIP.
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Old 6th Aug 2014, 23:17
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Wishing you Blue Skies, Mac, and No Dud Landings!

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Old 6th Aug 2014, 23:30
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Simply a brilliant guy, a great loss. A great technician and author, he'll be long remembered and respected.
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Old 7th Aug 2014, 00:05
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A great man, with an enduring legacy.
Now even more this should give added impetus to digitise the whole of the Aviation Safety Digest for posterity.
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Old 7th Aug 2014, 00:55
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I have read everything of Mac's I could get my hands on. I'm sure his lessons have kept me alive, whether I was aware of the fact, or not. I had the good fortune to shake his hand once, Oz aviation owes him a great deal.

Thanks Mac.
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Old 7th Aug 2014, 02:08
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What a legend... timeless words of wisdom over so many years indeed...
Fair skies now....
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Old 7th Aug 2014, 03:08
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The man was an absolute gem of a person.

His legacy is a couple of generations of old pilots that can truly say "Thank heavens we listened to him and took notice"

This one hopes that one day the ASD's will be reprinted and distributed to the new bunch of hopefuls before aviation rises up and "smites thee"

Thanks Mac.

A sad Tipsy
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Old 7th Aug 2014, 03:17
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Sad day for aviation, he has left us all a great legacy
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Old 7th Aug 2014, 05:32
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So sad to hear this, i have many fond memories of Mac and had the pleasure of flying with him many times as kid in UUL. A first class gentleman who contributed a great deal to aviation in Australia and air safety world wide.
you will be missed alot.

could someone pm me the funeral details when they are known?
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Old 7th Aug 2014, 09:04
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A true gentleman

I had the privilege to know him over these last 5 years and his beloved wife Esma and even built a basic flight simulator for him to practice on.

In his later years he enjoyed a wonderful life in Olinda up on Mt Dandenong and I know many people will miss his wealth of experience and that amazing ability he had to write so descriptively.

I have all his books and he will live with me, via his written word, for the rest of my life.

Thanks Mac for just being you!
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Old 7th Aug 2014, 10:26
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Funeral details

Mac's funeral will be held at 1pm Tuesday, 12 August 2014 at St Matthew's Anglican Church, Monash Avenue, Olinda.
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Old 7th Aug 2014, 12:05
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Another sad day, another legend lost. I had the pleasure of sitting across the isle with Mac in the good old Goony bird VH-SBL piloted by another legend Capt. Jack Curtis on our way to Launceston for the Air race back in the '90s.
I had the most enjoyable conversation with Mac on the way. What a knowledgable true gentleman he was.
I will be dusting off all the books written by him in my collection and read them all again for his memory.
Farewell Mac and thank you for your wisdom......
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