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"Knowing Your Pilots"

Old 20th Mar 2014, 23:19
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Can't you just see the mayhem at the airport.

All pax have vetted the crew and happily checked in. At the last minute Bloggs trips on the Jacob's ladder spraining his anke, so Fly With Us Airlines calles in two reserve pilots and advises the pax.

They all take to their iDevices and research F/O Mustaffa Abdallah, 5000 Hours on type but what about that name. And the other option is F/O Cissy Cadet, 250 hours just out of cadet school.

So all the pax withdraw from the flight, and are now arguing with the checkin staff that they must get on a flight with pilots that THEY approve of because they have a very IMPORTANT meeting to attend.

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Old 20th Mar 2014, 23:36
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it is all dribble.

when you get into a taxi it is "take me to destination x"

when you board a flight you are using a service scheduled by an airline. you have no choice where it is going.

the relationships are totally different.
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Old 21st Mar 2014, 01:02
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Devil's advocate

I'm not sure of the usefulness of a discussion where everyone agrees with everyone else so...

If I step into a Taxi (a very rare occurrence) I usually sit at the pointy end, next to the driver. I feel that, to a certain extent, I'm in a position to assess and do something about the driving if it concerns me. That might range from thinking 'I've only got another minute 'till I'm there', to mentioning the motorbike in peripheral view that clearly isn't going to stop in time before we reach the intersection, or simply asking the driver to stop the cab please and let me off.

Obviously these things aren't so easy to do when one's in an aircraft (assuming we're talking a reasonable sized machine here and you don't get the chance to sit next to the driver!).

In this case you are entrusting you life to person whom you may not even be able to see, let alone observe how they perform on the job.

Being able to peruse that person's qualifications will not allow you to assess their competency on the day, but it would demonstrate to you that they have passed the requisite training, have nothing to hide, and others have previously assessed their competency. Depending upon the detail it could also allow the more knowledgeable to assess their level of expertise/experience.

Practically this may not make much difference but what's the harm in fully disclosing this information? That in itself could well allay a few issues people may have - the unknown can be a powerful fear in itself.

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Old 21st Mar 2014, 01:11
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Bloody hell!!

Well lady, traditionally an airline pilot was someone who worked their way up through the industry, was a long term part of the industry (with a vested interest) and probably would have been weeded out by that process if they were a complete ****.

Nowadays, every passenger is a f---ing expert and believes we sit there and do absolutely nothing. They also think it is entirely reasonable to climb into a 50+ million jet and fly 4 hours, being waited on hand and foot (or not) for less than it costs for a 20 min Sydney taxi ride.

Maybe instead of "getting to know us", how about you do your job, stand up in parliament and insist they put an end to the race to the bottom.
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Old 21st Mar 2014, 01:12
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Let the bloody nutter travel by boat. She can ask to see the skipper's ticket and I am sure that he will give her personal viewing in his cabin. Especially if it's an Italian cruise ship.

It does not say much for the intelligence of some voters that these people get political appointments. Which the intelligent voters then fund. Argghhhh.

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Old 21st Mar 2014, 01:14
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Ms Lambie's fearless leader, it must be noted, is smart enough to keep his flying machine on a foreign register, probably uses foreign pilots as well? maybe he knows something we don't?
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Old 21st Mar 2014, 01:26
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I think all commercial pilots should be made to wear their current pilots licence on their person, like the airlines do, like an ASIC card. This is less of an issue for airline pilots.

If you get into a taxi and there's no licence there on display, you can demand to see it, otherwise note the details, take a photo and head to the Taxi Directorate or Police. It should be no different for a pilot.

Would the situation have been different if Barry Hemple was made to wear an ID badge (he wouldn't have had one)?

I know of pilots that have taken fare paying passengers without a CPL.

When an electrician comes to your house, you can request to see their licence.... it's no different really.
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Old 21st Mar 2014, 01:40
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That might work if the license was a single card like the FAA or NZ, but that bloody great book so favoured by us and the Poms? Nah, won't work.
Anyway, how easy to get something bodged up in Thailand? While you're at it, put A380 on it willya?
Ferry pilot mate of mine flew all over the world on a Peruvian motor mechanic's card. Because it had a photo, a number and some official looking Spanish coat of arms it worked everywhere they did not speak Spanish. He did have proper i.d. but liked to jerk officialdom's chain at every opportunity simply for the sport of it.
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Old 21st Mar 2014, 01:59
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All you needed to know was clearly spelled out in the last line of Capn Bloggs' opening post. "Palmer United Party". Like Iron Bar said ," IDIOT,move on."
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Old 21st Mar 2014, 03:17
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We need a "like" button on this forum.
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Old 21st Mar 2014, 03:30
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Just another classic example of Pollywaffle...

I wonder if ol' Clive's Titanic II Captain will be forced to show his ID to the passengers?
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Old 21st Mar 2014, 03:52
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This woman is a senator-elect for Tasmania yet is unable to spell the name of a city that she represents. BURNIE dear lady, BURNIE, not Bernie. Burnie is the town, Bernie sleeps with people. God help Tasmania!
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Old 21st Mar 2014, 03:55
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LewC said it fairly well.

Whilst on the aforementioned political party; Anyone have any comments as to how long it will be before said party 'implodes?'

I give them one term in office, max!
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Old 21st Mar 2014, 04:01
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Comical part about it is she might know who her cabbie is, but the cabbie probably doesn't know who owns the cab he's driving, nor whether it's properly maintained or insured, especially here in Melbourne

If you think I'm kidding, wait till you have a collision with a errant cab and see how far you get claiming on their insurance, or even finding out who the registered owner is. I speak here from hard won experience.

Or, next time you jump in a cab, ask your driver if he knows who the registered owner is.
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Old 21st Mar 2014, 04:17
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Or, next time you jump in a cab, ask your driver if he knows who the registered owner is.
He will likely respond by saying his brother or cousin.
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Old 21st Mar 2014, 05:03
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Isn't it 'Burnie'?
Just rechecked the letter and yes, it does say "Bernie".
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Old 21st Mar 2014, 05:31
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2 pages wasted on what could only be termed an "imbecile" with the IQ of a gnat!
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Old 21st Mar 2014, 09:19
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Guilders, that's a bit harsh on gnats, isn't it?
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If I needed to make money out of aviation in Australia, I'd be extraordinarily careful not to offend the likes of Senator Elect Lambie and her colleagues, who will soon have the balance of power.

The future of aviation regulation and accident investigation in Australia is in the Senate's hands. Don't bite them.
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And to just add further fuel to the fire and to back up Creamie, I wouldn't say too much to her face. She is a former military policewoman with a ferocious reputation in that job. Have fun boys.
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