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Newbie & Flying Training Advice (Merged)

The Pacific: General Aviation & Questions The place for students, instructors and charter guys in Oz, NZ and the rest of Oceania.

Newbie & Flying Training Advice (Merged)

Old 20th Oct 2016, 09:14
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I just wanted to get in and post before this thread gets locked :-)

They operate an RA-Aus registered Bristell and Sling that I am aware of, possibly others. They are very popular with international students.
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Old 20th Oct 2016, 09:20
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"Reach for the Stars Aviation Academy" sounds like a good theme and title for a reality TV show.
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Old 21st Oct 2016, 02:10
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RAAF Math Methods Equivalent.

Hey all, long time lurker, first time poster.

I recently completed my YOU day at DFR and went well enough to continue my application as a Pilot with the RAAF. Here is my problem though, I didn't do Math Methods in Year 12, only General Maths. If I can get an equivalent course or unit done then there will be no problems processing my application further; however right now it is on hold until I can get that done.

Does anybody know of any suitable online courses which I might be able to complete in a relatively short time span in order to make Flight Screening next year?

I saw this course https://www.open.edu.au/courses/science/murdoch-university-fundamentals-of-mathematics--mas110-2016 posted elsewhere on the forum, however I'm not 100% sure. Just after as many opinions as I can gather for now.

Thanks all for your help!
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Old 21st Oct 2016, 10:59
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Check out the Senior Maths online course run by Unilearn.
Its equivalent to the Queensland year 12 maths required by the PSA.
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Old 21st Oct 2016, 21:24
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I would of thought if you're competent at General Maths you'll be fine...
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Old 16th Dec 2016, 15:04
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I've had my FAA PPL and IR and kept flying off and on over the years. I have just about enough time to get my commercial certificate issued which Im planning to go for in March next year. Im seeking to get some info on what the environment would be like for me in Australia.

I am 30 years old and work as a university lecturer (master's degree holder) in a non aviation field and really enjoy working with students. I have worked with adult learners for over 5 years and done a fair bit of humanitarian work in asia. I do believe I will be able to enjoy being a flight instructor and make the experience enjoyable for people who want to earn their flying credentials.

I understand I would need to convert my flying licenses and get a CASA medical, for which all of the relevant info is here on PPRuNe.

My questions are:
- does a fair bit of social work experience with a flying gig in NT/WA? Are there any humanitarian flying services out there?

- is it advisable to go for an FAA instructor rating or start out with CASA altogether?

- besides AFAP and PPRuNe, any other sources for good info I can look into?

- in the US places like AllATPs run an airline pilot training program: get your instructor ratings and you can fly for them till you hit 1500 hours. Are there any such programs in Australia?

- how is the job market for flight instructors in AU/NZ?

Thanks in advance.

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Old 3rd Jan 2017, 04:36
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Flight Training in Australia

Hi Guys,

I have just completed my Year 12 and planning to accept an offer at either Swinburne Uni for the Bachelor of Aviation (CAE OAA )/Bachelor of Business or Uni South Australia for the Bachelor of Aviation (FTA) which includes flight training. appreciate if I can get a feedback on the qualities at either Uni and job opportunities thereof.

Thank You

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Old 10th Jan 2017, 02:20
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Pilot training Sydney/ATPL

Hey, everyone, I'm Levi, This is my first post so forgive me if I ask questions that have been addressed. I've had no luck with search since the search terms I need to use are more common than oxygen.

I have two questions which I'm struggling to find answers for with Google alone. My first concern is meeting education criteria because I have not finished my HSC. What should I do to meet educational standards set by most airlines? Is there a way of completing HSC through TAFE with just three subjects? Maths Extention 3, Physics & English? That would be perfect (BTW why is high school level English required if one possesses ICAO English proficiency Level 6??)

And I've noticed that every time I try to search for ATPL course providers in Sydney area, UNSW is the only one I can find. I enquired with them, and it is very expensive. $126,000 - $140,000 for Flying fees with $100,000 limit for FEE HELP. $40,000 upfront cost + HECS debt for the Bachelor Degree which includes ATPL & elective of your choice (Instructor rating for example) ... Ludacris. Totals approx $200k

So I'm leaning towards finishing my CPL with Basair instead, but they do not offer ATPL, What should I do after completing CPL @ Blair to get my ATPL? And how do you unfreeze it? Just by adding hours to your logbook?

I'm happy to work overseas in Asia or Europe, Where ever the pilot supply can't meet demand I'm going there as the expat to build hours on contract work. That's fine with me. I rather start as the second officer on a B777 overseas than flying regional in Australia.

Thanks for reading
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Old 10th Jan 2017, 10:53
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Hey Levi,

To get into an airline you will need to have at least your HSC completed. For the HSC you need to complete 10 units of study. This will be 5 subjects. The easiest way to complete this would be through TAFE. So your best bet is to call up or visit your local TAFE. Also, you wouldn't be able to get into the UNSW course or get access to the VET Fee Help at Basair without it. (Im pretty sure having a HSC is a requirement to get Vet Fee access). Again you're better off calling Basair or requesting an info pack from their website.

Once you get that done you can obtain your CPL from a number of different operators and still have access to Vet Fee Help. Basair is not the only place. The CPL is the bare license that will allow you to work in a commercial operation.

The ATPL isn't as straight forward as you may think it is. It requires an instrument rating, 7 theoretical exams, a course in multi crew cooperation, 1500 aeronautical hours & a flight test, thus "unfreezing" your ATPL. This is why its not advertised on flight schools as its not a license that they can just hand out. They can only help you complete the theory subjects which you could also choose to self study.

If you google " CASR 61.700 & CASR 61.705" you will get a breakdown of the requirments of an ATPL.

The CPL is what you will use to build the required hours for the ATPL. Their are many ways to build hours which have already been covered on this forum so I won't go into it. I don't know where you got the $200k figure from, but I don't know too much about what all these operators are charging with their VET approvals.

I also can't comment on the Asia or Europe job topic as I myself have just finished everything & am in the process of looking for work as an instructor.

Best of luck,

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Old 11th Jan 2017, 04:33
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Hi Levi,

A HSC isn't required for either training or employment in OZ apart from a few exceptions, notably the Rootailes.
As for wanting to go to a 777, hopefully you will be educated enough through your flight school as to what would best suit.
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Old 19th Jan 2017, 12:11
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Hello all,
I'm planning on getting my (RPL) within the next few months and am looking into either bendigo flight services or Melbourne flight training, i'm aware that MFT has a good reputation although ive found very little info on BAS, if someone can give me some more information on either school or even a suggested school that would be greatly appreciated!!
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Old 25th Jan 2017, 03:36
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Eagle Flight Training or Wanaka Flight Training??

I am from Hong Kong and for the reason I am going to apply the cadet program in my country, I will take a PPL course. I have picked New Zealand rather than Australia as flight training in these two places are both accepted by the companies I will apply and NZ provide lower rate for the course.

I have two schools in my choices and I would seek advices from you 

1. Eagle Flight Training
More Famous
Higher chance to provide one instructor to monitor my whole training, to better track my progress
Provide DA20, which is the aircraft used by the company I will apply for the training of their PPL(I.e. DA40)

2. Wanaka Flight Training
The Rate is around 30,000 HKD cheaper than eagle
Seems not that famous as Eagle
Not providing DA20, they provide Cessna 172, Piper PA28, or a 1941 DA82a Tiger Moth
They said they will try their best to provide same instructor to monitor the same progress
Do not provide ground school

Which one should I choose? Thanks everyone T.T
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Old 11th Feb 2017, 01:16
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LoganP - MFT have a very good reputation from what I've heard. Having said that - it literally doesn't matter at all which one you pick, they all teach the same material and go through the same processes.

Left 270 is correct regarding HSC. Not all airlines require this, but it's becoming more frequent they do. Google aviation and maths/english prerequisite courses and a bunch will come up. Yes, it's annoying to have to complete it when you've done English level 6, but it's a box ticking exercise like everything in aviation (ATPL's anyone?). Just don't complain you can't apply to airlines when they have that requirement. You're not the first person to need it (hence the 50+ institutions that provide it), and you won't be the last.

ATPL's. There's about 20 threads on where to go for the subject on PPRuNe. Use search function, it's your friend. Personally I went to Higgins on the sunny coast - he's a legend. YOU DON'T NEED TO WORRY ABOUT THIS UNTIL YOU HAVE GOT SOME HOURS!!! GA companies do not care if you don't have one. There are plenty of people flying turboprops and jets that STILL don't meet either the requirements, or hold one (cadets for one). Don't waste money on this until it's required - having said that, don't get stuck with 2000 hours or more and wish you'd done the subjects....

Lastly, jimwongcc - referring to above. It doesn't matter who you use or how famous the school is. Same content. Unless you specifically want to fly a certain aircraft ie. Cessna or DA20, it really doesn't matter.

Good luck folks - it's a tough game, but persist and it will pay off.
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Old 14th Feb 2017, 22:21
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Hi Guys,

Im planning on becoming a pilot (woohoo). I have a few questions in mind,

1. Diploma in aviation (CPL)
Diploma in aviation (instrument rating)
Advanced Diploma of Aviation (Chief Flight Instructor)
Advanced Diploma of Aviation (Pilot in Command)
Bachelors in aviation

what is the difference between this options? do i need a bachelors degree in order to get into passenger airlines. or is doing a diploma acceptable and try to build up my hours after.
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Old 24th Mar 2017, 18:06
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i'm from Chennai. i have completed my 12th standard.i wanna go for cpl.i have convinced my parents that i would like to do it in abroad.i have a doubt that if i do my pilot training in abroad can i work for Indian airlines? and suggest me the best flying schools in australia,uk.
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Old 25th Mar 2017, 04:00
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Ummm...someone's gotta say it...can't you just buy a licence and experience from DGCA?
Jokes aside, try Fiji, half the population came from India on cruise ships 100 years ago. Hindi is one of the main languages and a lot of international students train here. Cost of living cheap as well
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Old 4th Apr 2017, 00:17
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America or Australia ?

Good day !

Quite torn now if I should have my flight training in America or Australia.

I am from the Philippines, so will go back to my country after training.

I just need insights if there'll be more advantages if I choose America or Australia. Will FAA license give me more edge in employment if I plan to apply in any international airline in the future -- like Japan ? (I am half Japanese so I can get my residency there any time in the future if I decide to migrate).

I was so decided on America until yesterday when my mom and I went to the US embassy. I got my F1 visa already however my mom got denied for reasons I still don't understand. It's just gonna be easier for her to visit me in Australia as we've been there before a lot of times.

Hoping for your kind responses.

Thank you !
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Old 4th Apr 2017, 07:51
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Gday everyone, i was wondering if anyone knew the names of operators in perth/western australia region that are more likely to hire low hour pilots i.e 250 hours MEIR ect.
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Old 6th Apr 2017, 21:05
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Originally Posted by flyingrat96
Gday everyone, i was wondering if anyone knew the names of operators in perth/western australia region that are more likely to hire low hour pilots i.e 250 hours MEIR ect.
Try the links below.
You should be able to find requirements on their websites or figure it out roughly from their fleet.
Good luck with the job hunt!


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Old 16th Apr 2017, 07:56
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GA Ready Courses

Just wondering if anyone out there could give comment on GA courses.

Are they useful for experience, and are they of any help to get that elusive first job?

Courses like this one, for example: Packages - GA Ready

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