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Another Catalina Coming

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Fascinating. Has someone gone ahead with the purchase and the announcement without even the money to get it to Australia? What were they thinking?
Dick, probably not your ideal business model but that's how a lot of historic aircraft get saved for static display by well-meaning groups and individuals.

Here's another one:


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Tail assy and engines have arrived at Lake Macquarie.

The 14 cylinder engs have front mounted magnetos, which suggests they are Pratt & Whitney 1830-74s, very rare, perhaps the fore runner to the R2000.

Fuselage and wings soon to follow.

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Old 3rd Nov 2013, 12:57
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Sounds like VH CAT where the volunteer pilots credit card had to be used for fuel to ferry it to Australa- and now it appears to be sitting in the open and corroding at Bankstown - due to not enough money being available to support two operating Cats in Australia . At least New Zealand was astute and decided how many Cats they cold afford and cut their cloth accordingly
Dick, with Neville Kennard's passing the number of astute and sensible people involved with VH-CAT is now zero. Anyone who was even remotely living in the real world and had the most basic level of common sense has long since abandoned the project as the notions and beliefs the main personnel who are supposedly running it hold about how it's going to be based at Rathmines, take 14 or so passengers flying on 'adventure flights' and taxi in and out of the salt water of Lake Macquarie many times each weekend yet still be a sustainable and viable proposition are just so silly and far fetched it's all a bit ludicrous. There are numerous problems with finances within the organisation too and little clarity on what's happened with the money that's been raised so far and what's actually needed (funds and work) to get the aircraft airworthy.

There are however a few very diligent and earnest volunteers working on the aircraft every weekend at Bankstown, but a quick conversation with them at any time indicates that the 'management' (and one could only use that term in the loosest of loose ways) don't seem to have any real plan for how the overall objective of restoring VH-CAT to flight and facilitating any sort of sustainable operation can be achieved. All-in-all a pretty sad situation.
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From Puerto Rico on barge to Jacksonville, Florida, about 2000kms to the north.

Then, road to Savannah, Georgia, a further 500kms north.

Expects to depart Savannah for Sydney on Feb 2.

Presently in Jacksonville.

No doubt she's picked up a bit of salt along the way, but hopefully, the occasional rain shower will wash her down.

June 2014. Finally at Lake Macquarie and restoration begins.

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PBY-5A "Our Girl" Purchase

Yes Dick, "they" went ahead as what "they" were thinking of was securing an increasingly rare PBY while the opportunity existed to aid in preserving the historical signficance of the WW11 Rathmines RAAF Base and honouring the memory of the personnel who served there.

Being the child of a of 11 Catalina Squadron crew member, I commend the dedication of what is now the Rathmines Catalina Memorial Park Association Incorporated.

As such, I intend to do whatever I can to assist in the Association's goal of establishing an aviation museum, with emphasis on the PBY, Sunderland and other seaplances, with "Our Girl" as the static centrepiece.

And yes, it would be great if businesses, and not just those in the Newcastle/Hunter area, came on board with some finanical support for this unique project!
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Well done to all thus far.

Don't forget the Martin Mariners, Dornier 24, Sikorsky Kingfishers and the Walrus operations from Rathmines
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Sweet dreams and nightmares

A great tale of Catalinas
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FROM THIS . . . . .

. . . . to this. A sad and poignant tale indeed. (Thank you Aussie Bob for finding
and posting this saga.)

hasten to add - these are not the same Cats. You need to read the whole story by one Dave O'Malley.
(he denies any connection with the famous ships' cook, O'Malley, who didn't dilly dally . . .but whitewashed half the galley.)

The Catalinas in both instances were postwar conversions to a luxury flying yacht known as the Landseaire. One demonstrated the dreamlike glamour and recreational possibility of the flying yacht, while the other was a forlorn remnant, telling a story of one of those dreams wrecking on the shores of a hostile country.

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