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Need to start getting my ATPL exams done, only trouble is the cash flow is a bit tight. Any ideas on if you can receive Fee Help for any ATPL courses class/distance either one.

Thank you
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Nup I dont think there is any such help unfortunately. I was lucky enough to take long service leave to get mine done.

Its a tough gig mate but doable, Routine works best!!

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ATPL vee help lol
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archangel I don't see what is so funny, after spending 2 years in Africa flying for $24,000 a year it makes it very difficult for those without financial assistance to be able to afford $3500 for a course. Not to mention 6 weeks off work without pay.

I owe no money to the Australian government yet many of my friends are loaned up to the 9s with the government for University degrees, TAFE courses and so forth. Just thought they might be able to come to my assistance.

Obviously not. But thank you for a very helpful post

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What surprises me about these forums is the fact that there seems to be no shortage of smartarses.

He didnt know so he asked the question. Whats so wrong with that ??
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Just a question

An email or phone call to AFT would also had the same outcome. It seems no one is able these days to do anything for themselves.
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Pilotchute I had already contacted AFT about the issue. That is why I am asking on a open forum to see if anyone might have been able to do it through another organization.

I have also contacted Griffith to see if they would also be able to help.

Perhaps you should get off your high horse and stop making judgements without any knowledge on what someone has or has not done.

Always a pleasure posting on PPRuNe.
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Do what everyone else has done and get a job and pay for them yourself. It takes time but will test your commitment.
Not being a smart arse...
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Ok. A more cost effective method for you may be to just buy the books from Mr Higgins (one at a time I suggest) and give the self study route a try. Much cheaper than doing the course and you still get to go to work everyday. Does take a bit of discipline though. I would suggest NAV first then maybe loading? I found these two the easiest out of the four harder one's but you may say different.

The books are expensive but you may find someone who will loan one or more to you for a fee of maybe some beer? If your mechanically minded even systems may be tackled on your own. Flight planning on the other hand was my nemesis which required some one on one help from Nathan himself for which I am very grateful (that said it cost me a lot of money).

Hope that helps.

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On a similar note, are the any VET-FEE availabilities to complete a MECIR, as a CPL holder?

Have contacted a couple of VET-FEE approved RTO's, with no success.
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The Royal Victorian Aero Club offer two diploma courses, MECIR and an instructor rating. VET FEE-HELP is available for both. Prices went up quite substantially when they became an RTO though.
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My experience is that the RVAC people are very decent. Their planes tend to be older than average, but their rates are less than average.

If the course is eligible for FEE-HELP an added bonus you probably save 10% GST.

I believe the FEE-HELP deadline for this semester is 31-Mar, so the timing may be difficult.
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As mentioned above, your best option would be to do the distance learning course from AFT and pay as you go by purchasing the course material for each subject one at a time. I did all my 7 ATPL subjects this way as passed all first go, except flight planning which required two attempts. I know of a few other people who did it this way too so this method can be done successfully. But just be aware of the 3 year time limit to complete all the subjects.
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