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Tropic Air PNG

Old 13th Apr 2012, 11:17
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There is also an Tropicair CP running the swamp, good onya Phil, however you are a bastard for loading my pocket up with this unwanted change.
I got a really good laugh out of that WW.
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Old 13th Apr 2012, 12:49
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Good pickup chainsaw,

Unintentional mistake SP generated dude,
Captain Phil is an EX CP AKA about 10 years !

I have no doubt that the CEO will be able to source a competent CP to move the company forward.

iTropicair is a good entry level company to join as a new pilot in PNG.

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Old 15th Apr 2012, 01:19
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Cripes looxury ! Something that flies faster than the clouds?
No battered 206 or Bongo?
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As an ex CP at TA about 5 years ago I find the comments interesting from both the positive and the not so positive, my comments below are based on my 2 years at the company with Tewson my right hand man doing the job of 10 GM.

Firstly I look back my time at TA as an amazing experience and truly unforgettable on all accounts, the days were always challenging mainly in turn from the PNG flying and living or surviving environment.

PNG is an unforgiving flying environment with rugged and high terrain, ever changing weather, one way airstrips and even the lone raskol that high jacked my plane.....but I survived.

Anyhow I'll summaries my thoughts and you can make your own conclusion if you're considering the move, remembering this is based on my experiences and not with new GM or CP but would imagine the shell is the same.

1) Close to max flying hours per year (just what a new junior pilot needs)
2) Very well maintained C208s and King Airs, gives you great confidence in your machine when you're under the pump.
3) Flying variety, VFR, IFR, day, night, regular runs and various one off charters.
4) Excellent training, minimum of 100 hours ICUS in PNG experience due insurance company requirement. Extra training provided if newbee is not meeting standards, but expect to be cut if not cutting the mustard after 150 hours.
5) Quick progression from line pilot, C208 to King Air and other opportunities like training or CP if you desire such roles.
6) Good progression to other PNG companies like PX or APNG flying Dash8 or F100.
7) Ex Drivers TA - All have gone onto great positions from airlines in Australia, Asia and Middle East or other well respected local PNG companies.
8) Accomodation provided - ok for PNG standards.
9) Planes washed, loaded, refueled, charters sourced for you and any other help is only a Wontok away. Outback OZ expect to be doing all this yourself.

1) Money is ok but don't expect to retire as in most GA jobs.
2) No Super, tried negotiating this many a times with CEO but no joy. By PNG law its not mandatory and even PX do not pay it unless you elect to salary sacrifice.
3) CEO is tough but fair long as you behave and act like a professional, some lads just always managed to find trouble.....must have been something in the water.
4) Port Morseby base is tough as its a shithole but some how we managed to have a good time on the SP and out on the boat.
5) Limited holidays but the occasional maintenance trip to Cairns help keep your sanity especially when you see the backpackers after being surrounded by the local PNG merris and SP.
6) Tax in PNG is approx 5% higher and no tax returns as the local government is not going to give away a Kina when graft and corruption is ripe.

Take it for what it is and build some rapid experience and your career will be on the way.........don't expect airline conditions and you won't be too disappointed.

Hot tip don't stay in PNG too long or your colour vision may start to fade especially with the local SP juice.

Lukim u Wontoks
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Old 5th May 2012, 23:06
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I have understood that they preferably want pilots from OZ and NZ. Any reason why? Are there any chances at all for a European based guy??
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Old 6th May 2012, 04:50
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[QUOTE]They Don't Employ Nationals as Pilots

[QUOTE][/All very well for you to dribble on mate but you should know they don't employ Nationals as Pilots!!

You have the above quotes wrong!
They have employed National Pilots....
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Old 6th May 2012, 05:18
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Thumbs up

Geeup is correct they have employed national pilots in past (a long time ago) and recently I heard that they have just hired another one as well.

New Chief Pilot on the way....
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Old 26th Nov 2012, 10:48
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tropic air

i received mail from some agents for tropic air (C-208 pay and fly Jobs for gaining flying hours ) package 26000usd line training and 500hours.

procedures are below ---

1. medical test
2. air law exam
3. flying test for getting local license
4. operator test
5. line training and gaining 500 hours.

My questions are below please reply if any body can ???????

1.I would like to know if anybody knows what type of license they allow to fly in tropic air ( JAA, FAA, DGCA or something else)
2. whats the name of the local license
2. is there any flying schools have conversion course can anybody suggest some flying schools to me
3. is there any job vacancies in tropic air for first officer position
4. is there any jobs in Caribbean for first officer position in other company's name some if its there

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Old 26th Nov 2012, 11:35
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$26000 USD for 500 hours in a Caravan. You're kidding, right?
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Old 26th Nov 2012, 13:01
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Just to echo the guy above posting about Europeans, what are the chances with Tropic Air? I had some good advice in one of the other PNG threads a while back but I am starting to seriously consider it in around 6 months (cant go sooner for personal reasons). I'll have around 800 hours and some Caravan experience, I may have over 1000tt or more by then and I'm prepared for it to be a 'go there and apply in person' kind of place.

Somebody mentioned an age limit of 25? I'll be 25 in September so it would line up nicely to wait until then. I'm Irish and just wondering about the Visa situation really.

The guy above me is nuts if he is going to pay 26,000 dollars line training on the Caravan... Not to mention that as with all line training programs the real price would undoubtably be much much more due to the travel and living costs required... but hey i'll let others express their opinion on that one.
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Different Tropic Air I guess. Looks as though the one old mate is talking about is in the W.I. PMG would have a riot on his hands if Tropic Air was only paying $26,000 pa.
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Old 26th Nov 2012, 23:05
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Re License questions for PNG, contact: [email protected]
CASA PNG is the regulatory body.
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for pilots maybe ?

tropic air in png maybe good for low time pilots looking to get fast hours !.
But they are offering engineers(lame,s) a 5months on 1 month off and working 6 days a week. That is a hard sell if i have ever seen one !!.
living in Moresby for longer then a month is not doing your psyche any good ,
especially watching all those FIFO workers jumping on and off those A/C you are diligently working on ;( .And they go back to their beautiful homes on the east coast while you are stuck 3-4 to a unit for 5 MONTHS !!!!.
Pilots can do this for a while then apply for a wide body number with free coffee and trolly dolly,s .
But what about the poor engineer stuck in port sh#t h#le moresby ???????.
Just thought some people need to know about the current Engineers wanted in seek and career one . Hey tropic air have you heard of FIFO just saying !
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Old 21st Mar 2013, 09:41
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The halcyon days of equal time tours for expats may be numbered.
Unfortunately, there is another option for companies offering worse conditions. They can get people from former Soviet Bloc countries, India, Pakistan, Philippines etc.
Yesterday I was talking to a Master Mariner who commanded large ships for 25 years of her (yes her) 45 year career at sea. She says that the shipping industry has gone the same way, with conditions now considerably eroded by those from less fortunate backgrounds who will accept less. They can get three qualified Captains from elsewhere for the cost of one from Aus, the UK or NZ.
Whatever we may privately think of relative standards, a licence is a licence, so let's not go there.....
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tropic air in png maybe good for low time pilots looking to get fast hours !.
Disagree with the above.
With B1900s, tours and good coin its more of a career choice now.
And will only get better.

Currently TropicAir is the only company that is improving conditions and moral.....
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Old 31st Jul 2013, 09:04
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Guys what are the minimums for APNG and tropic air? Are they still taking bare cpls?
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I have a seifr converting to meir in the next couple of months hopefully. 20hrs on plan atm, would they give someone like me a shot with a cpl + meir and sub 400hrs?
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Old 31st Jul 2013, 11:32
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Nope - Not likely at all...
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Thank you. That's all i wanted to know off to the outback instead.
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They are now looking for a Citation C&T Captain.
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